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63 Popular Cartoon Character Birthday Party Themes!


Happy Birthday!!  Here’s a mega list of the best cartoon characters which feature birthday party themes from PBS Kids, Nick Jr, and other popular cartoon characters on TV shows.  These birthday party ideas are so creative and include cakes, clever food ideas, free printables, party favors, and party games for kids.

Popular Cartoon Character Party Themes for Kids

Here’s the easiest way to host a popular cartoon character birthday for your kids!  As always, Tip Junkie Party blog has thousands of creative DIY party ideas so you can always search there if you’re looking for specific party ideas,

Angelina Ballerina Tea Birthday Party

Cartoon Characters

Abby Party

1.  Abby’s Friends on Nick Jr ~ Abby’s Friends Party ~ Abby’s friends are going to need fairy wands, so here’s how to make them so that they stand up to the vigorous play of a party!

Allegra's Window Party

2.  Allegra’s Window a Nick Jr Show ~ Allegra’s Window Party ~ You will probably have to create your own as we couldn’t find any ideas online. We did find this great idea for using disposable tablecloths to add color and mixing flowers in a glass jar for easy centerpieces, though!

3.  Angelina Ballerina ~ Angelina Ballerina Tea Birthday Party ~ This party has it all with beautiful details like Invites, mouse ears, pennant banner and tea set, cupcake toppers, and an impressive Maypole.  The Tip Junkie Community has almost 50 Ballerina tutorials, crafts, and party ideas if you’re  looking for more ballerina ideas and activities.

Arthur Birthday Party
4.  Arthur ~ Arthur Birthday Party ~ In honor the Arthur’s 15th Season they had a party where everyone dressed up as characters in the cartoon.

Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Party for Twins
5.  Baby Einstein ~ Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Party for Twins ~ A colorful Baby Einstein party she threw for her twin boys turning one years old.  With a rainbow of colors, drink station, Caterpillars, cake walk, and party favors.

Barney Birthday Party
6.  Barney ~ Barney Birthday Party ~  This purple and green party is just so chic with a  fabulous dessert table and beautiful flowers.  The Tip Junkie Community has several dinosaur crafts that would be great additions to a Barney Birthday party.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom

7.  Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom on Nick Jr Shows ~ If your little one is a lover of the Nick Jr shows Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, this party idea will give you tons of ideas with lots of details to make it spectacular!

Berenstain Bears Birthday Party
8.  Berenstain Bears ~ Berenstain Bears Birthday Cake ~ I couldn’t find a fun birthday party but I did find this amazing Berenstain Bears cake that was so amazing I just had to show it to you.

I’ve also found 15 Best Bernstain Bears Activities for Kids to help plan your party games.

Beyblade Birthday Party
9.  Beyblade ~ Beyblade Birthday Party ~ Decorated with wire cube things around the stadiums to make it look like the cage fighting arenas from MMA and a list of tournament rules for a more authentic feel.  The link to the Beyblade Cake.

Blaze and the Monster Machines

10.  Blaze and the Monster Machines a Nick Jr. Show ~ Throwing a party to entertain your Blaze and the Monster Machines fan? Here is a great quick idea for the on-the-fly party planner! Don’t forget the racing games!

Blues Clues Birthday Party
11.  Blues Clues ~ Blues Clues Birthday Party ~ With adorable DIY mailboxes that she made to hide some clues in for a game but also served dual purpose as decor for the sweets table and an impressive Blues Clues cake.  I threw my own Blues Clues party years ago and here’s the link to some free printable games, if you’re in need of them.

Bob the Builder Birthday Party
12.  Bob the Builder ~ Bob the Builder Birthday Party ~ This outdoor construction themed party featuring Bob the Builder has some crazy cool details my favorite of which is the place setting for each guest.  The Tip Junkie Community has tons of amazing construction crafts, parties, and activities for kids as well.

Bubble Guppies

13.  Bubble Guppies a Nick Jr TV Show ~ The food ideas for a Bubble Guppies party created by Brownie Bites are amazing.  If you want the party theme very clear and the focal point, these ideas are ON POINT!

Bratz Birthday Party
14.  Bratz ~ Bratz Birthday Party ~ How cute is this pin the lips on the Bratz party game.  Be sure to also check out the cake.  If you’re looking for more doll crafts, I have almost 80 tutorials for you over on the Tip Junkie Community.

Bubble Guppies Birthday Party
15.  Bubble Guppies ~ Bubble Guppies Birthday Party ~ Make your own Bubble Wand, bubble refill station, human-sized bubbles, and darling “thanks for popping by” party favors.  The Tip Junkie Community has many Bubble tutorials for crafts, parties, and activities for kids.  So be sure to check it out if you’re looking for more bubble ideas.

Caillou Birthday Party
16.  Caillou ~ Caillou Birthday Party ~ An adorable red, blue, and yellow Caillou party with the cake decorated with m&m’s and jaffas. The Caillou on the top is a bath toy.

Care Bears Birthday Party
17.  Care Bear ~ Care Bears Birthday Party ~ Such a delightful rainbow party with white balloons and paper balls, milk cups with sprinkles on the rim, and even a cloud banner.

Charlie and Lola Birthday Party
18.  Charlie and Lola ~ Charlie and Lola Birthday Party ~ A darling banner made from some scrapbook paper taped directly to the wall with a couple “Lola butterflies”.  They weren’t strung on anything, just taped in a draped pattern with colored cartoons to accent the dessert table.

Chuck the Truck Birthday Party
19.  Chuck the Truck ~ Chuck the Truck Birthday Cake ~ This is such a fun dump truck cake and would work for any construction, truck, or change the colors for a John Deere party.  Tip Junkie has tons of Construction Birthday Parties for even more ideas, crafts, and DIY party decor.

Charlie Brown Birthday Party
20.  Charlie Brown ~ Charlie Brown Birthday Party ~ This is a Thanksgiving party but would work for any time of the year.  I love all of the activities for kids, crafts, and little details that make this party so much fun.

Chuggington Birthday Party
21.  Chuggington ~ Chuggington Birthday Party ~The colors for this train party are so fresh and fun with great little details like cupcake toppers in ribbon in teal, blue, red, and white.  There are tons of train crafts and tutorials over on the Tip Junkie Community, so if you’re looking for little details for your party check over there too.

Dino Dan Birthday Party
22.  Dino Dan ~ Dino Dan Birthday Party ~ How cute are these dino dig dirt cups with wooden spoons.  This home made dinosaur party has several fun ideas so you can host your own party.

Dino Dig party printables

If  you’re looking for Dino Dig party printables, these ones are amazing!  {not free, sorry}  There are several more Dinosaur crafts and tutorials over on the Tip Junkie community as well.

A Sweet Dora Birthday Party
23.  Dora the Explorer ~ A Sweet Dora Birthday Party ~ Use streamers to create the ruffles you see on the bottles stand, the treat bags, and the ruffle banner.  Tissue paper flowers for the popcorn boxes and the backdrop.

Dragon Ball Z Birthday Party
24.  Dragon Ball Z ~ Dragon Ball Z Birthday Party ~ With spray painted 7 foam balls and attached red stars to represent the famous Dragon Balls in the show. Goku Super Saiyan food name cards were used to identify each topping. Then wrap custom made character wrappers around blue cups for an added touch.

Frog and Turtle Birthday Party
25.  Franklin and Friends ~ Frog  and Turtle Birthday Party ~ This green frog and turtle party is fantastic!  Every detail was in green.  Decorations. Cupcakes.  Green jell-0 and water.  Wait until you see the homemade turtle cake.  It is hands down AMAZING!  Ribbit ribbit, hop on over to see for yourself!  There are several adorable turtle crafts complete with pictured instructions over on the Tip Junkie Community.

Fresh Beat Band Birthday Party
26.  Fresh Beat Band ~Fresh Beat Band Dessert Table ~ This is a great color scheme that could work for any party theme.  All of the bubbles, suckers, and cookies tie in the theme so well.

Diego Jungle Birthday Party

27.  Go, Diego, Go! ~ Diego Jungle Birthday Party ~ This is not your primary color orange and blue Diego party, it’s chic but all-boy!  Take a look at these Rescue Packs, they’re fantastic.  Tip Junkie has a few other Diego craft links for ya as well.

Gullah Gullah Island

28. Gullah Gullah Island on Nick Jr ~ Gullah Gullah Island party ~ Pull out all of your luau or island party items for your Gullah Gullah Island party bash! Here are some exceptional themed ideas to consider for your party!

Handy Manny Birthday Party
29.  Handy Manny ~ Handy Manny Birthday Party ~ There are only a few shots to grab inspiration from, but there’s plenty of details with paper tools and polka dots on the wall, to beautifully wrapped and labeled candy and party food.

Hey Duggee party

30.  Hey DuggeeHey Duggee party ~ With ideas for party favors, food, activities and games, this party for Hey Duggee has it all!

Jay Jay the Jet Plane Birthday Party
31.  Jay Jay the Jet Plane ~ Jay Jay the Jet Plane Birthday Party ~ This party is so adorable with airplane ticket invitations, cookies, party favors in the baggage claim, and lots of airplanes.


32. Kipper a Nick Jr TV Show ~ Kipper party activity ~ Here’s a great activity for your Kipper party! Pin the Tail on Kipper!

lazytown party

33.  LazyTown on Nick Jr ~ LazyTown ~ If your child loves Sportacus, then you’ll love the ideas for this LazyTown party! Based on one of their favorite shows, the color scheme and candy bar will be a huge hit!

little charmers

34.  Little Charmers ~ Little Charmers Party food ~ If you are going to throw a Little Charmers party, don’t forget the puppy chow. Here’s a great recipe!

Lilo & Stitch Birthday Party
35.  Lilo & Stitch ~ Lilo & Stitch Birthday Party Cake ~ This cake is so impressive and all of the cool Stitch animals make this party festive and fun for the kids.

Little Bear Birthday Party
36.  Little Bear ~ Little Bear Birthday Party ~ Please forgive me as this isn’t an entire party and these printables aren’t free… BUT how stinking adorable is this Little Bear party! This was my favorite and so much easier to re-create for us busy moms.

Little Bill Birthday Party
37.  Little Bill ~ Little Bill Birthday Party ~ If you can’t find a specific party theme, look for one that incorporates the colors of the TV character.  This crayon party in primary colors would be so fun as a Little Bill Art Party!

Little House on the Prairie Birthday Party
38.  Little House on the Prairie ~ Little House on the Prairie Birthday Party ~ On the menu, Buttercream Icing Cake, Homemade Molasses Cookies, Old Fashioned Candy & Suckers, Watermelon, Caramel Corn, Roasted Peanuts, and Root Beer. For activities, Rebecca set up a table of Lincoln Logs, a rocking  and horse stick horses for the smaller children to play with. And for a parting gift, homemade strawberry jam  and a c.d. of the music playing during the party.
Madeline Birthday Party
39.  Madeline ~ Madeline Birthday Party ~ Grab your passport {invitation} and head on over to the customs station for entrance to France where a gorgeous buffet is awaiting.

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

40.  Maggie and the Ferocious Beast a Nick Jr TV Show ~ Maggie and the Ferocious Beast cake ~ Remember Maggie and the Ferocious Beast? You can make a cake for the party that’s out of the box! {get it?}

magic school bus birthday party
41.  Magic School Bus ~ Magic School Bus Birthday Party ~ How cute is school bus party with tons of cute party details like paper “lunch” sacks filled with treats, lunch trays complete with a wooden bus and fruits and veggies sweet enough to eat.

Maisy party

42.  Maisy from Nick Jr ~ Maisy party ~ A Maisy party isn’t complete without a rainbow layer cake. Here’s how to make one! Don’t forget to play lots of games for hours of entertainment!

Make Way for Noddy Birthday Party
43.  Make Way for Noddy ~ Make Way for Noddy Birthday Party ~ A colorful party in primary colors filled with paper crafts, balloons, racing games, and lots of  Noddy.

Grey Elephant Birthday Party
44.  Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies ~ Grey Elephant Party ~ This is a baby naming party but the light grey and blue would also work out great for a Mama Mirabelle’s birthday party.

Martha Speaks Birthday Party
45.  Martha Speaks ~ Martha Speaks Birthday Party ~ An adorable home party with games like Put The Tail On The Martha, Passing the Martha, and a scavenger hunt.

M.A.S.H. green army man birthday party
46.  M.A.S.H. ~ Green Army Man Birthday Party ~ A fantastic party army party full of green cameo and army men and with the cutest brown popcorn paper sacks with tags.

Max & Ruby Birthday Party
47.  Max & Ruby ~ Max & Ruby Birthday Party ~ I had to giggle when I saw this birthday party with chocolate cake and gummy worms, perfect for a Max & Ruby party.

Knight and Princess Birthday Party
48.  Mike the Knight ~ Knight and Princess Birthday Party ~ This isn’t exactly a Mike the Knight party but you could easily adapt this party by adding a little blue.  I thought the shields were such a cool touch.  Here’s a darling Mike the Knight Birthday cake that I had to show you because it’s so cute.

Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Birthday Patch
49.  Miss Spiders Sunny Patch ~ Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Birthday Patch ~ I adore this balloon tree as the centerpiece of this Miss Spiders Sunny Patch party.  It’s so cool.

muppet show party

50.  The Muppet Show on Nick ~ The Muppet Show party ~ If you love the Muppets and you are throwing a party for many people (at least 50), then these ideas will be right up your alley. From food to decorations to activities, this party has it all.

Mutt & Stuff

51.  Mutt & Stuff on Nick Jr ~ Mutt & Stuff Party ~ This party is perfect for a Mutt & Stuff theme party, or you can use the ideas for welcoming a new mutt to your home, or a puppy party!

Ni Hao Kai-lan Birthday Party
52.  Ni Hao Kai-lan ~ Ni Hao Kai-lan Birthday Party ~ If your kiddo is a Ni Ho Kai-lan fan, they will love this incredible birthday party.  I adore the banner.

Olivia Birthday Party
53.  Olivia ~ Olivia Birthday Party ~ This is a Valentine’s Day Olivia Party but I really love the red, white, and black as a different touch to a pig party.  It’s so elegant and fun!

Oswald Birthday Party
54.  Oswald ~ Purple Octopus Birthday Party ~ As a paper crafter myself I could really appreciate the time and effort that went into making this huge purple octopus game.  Any kid would love it.  Tip Junkie has several really cute octopus crafts if you”re looking for some cool party details.

Paw Patrol Party

55.  Nick Jr PAW Patrol ~ This Paw Patrol Party has all of the elements you’ll need to throw the best Paw Patrol Party on the block!

Rusty Rivets

56.  Rusty Rivets ~ Create a Rusty Rivets tool belt as a fun activity at your Rusty Rivets party. It makes a great activity that the kids can take home as a party favor!


57. Rubbadubbers on Nick Jr ~ Make Finbar the Shark Mittens for your Rubbadubbers party! They’ll love the mittens that they can take home and keep!


58. Rugrats a Nick Jr Show ~ A staple at our Rugrats party should definitely be Dirt cupcakes!

Peanuts Birthday Party
59.  Peanuts ~ Peanuts Birthday Party ~ Snoopy and the gang are ready to party in this really cool Peanuts birthday party.

Peppa Pig Birthday Party
60.  Peppa Pig a Nick Jr. TV Show ~ Peppa Pig Birthday Party ~ Peppa had a great time in the birthday party with pink watering cans, pink juice, and incredible dessert table.

How To Make Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch ~ Kids will love making this DIY Easy Smart storage craft idea where in they can keep their pens, pencils and other stationery items in a smart and proper way.

Muddy Puddles Pig Party ~ The rain boots and clouds are too cute in this Muddy Puddles and Peppa Pig party. It would also be adorable for a Toot and Puddle party!

Popeye Birthday Party
61.  Popeye ~ Popeye Birthday Party ~ WOW!  This cake and all of the desserts are over-the-top amazing.  This party is on another level and incredible.

Rainbow Bright Birthday Party
62.  Rainbow Bright ~ Rainbow Bright Birthday Party ~ I could not stop looking at the rainbow cubes in this picture, they are so incredibly cool and unexpected.

Scooby Doo Birthday Party
63.  Scooby Doo ~ Scooby Doo Birthday Party ~ These paper accordion flowers are such a cool accent to the Scooby Doo posters they make retro look incredible.

Sesame Street Birthday Party
64.  Sesame StreetSesame Street Birthday Party ~ How cool is this snack table decorated in Sesame Street characters!  They are so creative and the perfect touch to a Sesame Street party.

Shimmer and Shine party

65.  Shimmer and ShineShimmer and Shine partyTrying to throw your child a Shimmer-and-Shine-themed party?  Here’s tons of inspiration!

Snoopy Birthday Party
66.  Snoopy ~ Snoopy Birthday Party ~ If you’re hosting a Peanuts or Snoopy party, this is the one for you.  It’s bright, cheery, and uber cool.

Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party
67.  Sonic the Hedgehog ~ Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party ~ This party could be tailored into anything theme with the bold primary colors.  I really like the big Happy Birthday wood signs as well.

SpongeBob Square Pants Party
67.  SpongeBob Square Pants ~ SpongeBob Square Pants Party ~ Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?  This dessert table is so impressive and the perfect backdrop for a SpongeBob party.

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party
68.  Strawberry Shortcake ~ Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party ~ A darling home party that’s filled with strawberries.  I just adore these monogrammed strawberry aprons.

Super Why Birthday Party
69.  Super Why! ~ Super Why Birthday Party ~ Each guest received a monogrammed cape and mask and the decorations are adorable in blue, green, and yellow bursts and balloons.

Team Umizoomi Birthday Cake
70.  Team Umizoomi ~ Team Umizoomi Birthday Cake ~ Check out this Umizoomi cake and adorable cookies.  I love how the cartoon characters are layered on top of each other.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party
71.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ~ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party ~ This is such an amazing Ninja Turtle cake and the party favors are t-shirts inside of pizza boxes.  Fantastic.

Teletubbies party

72.  Teletubbies on Nick Jr ~ Teletubbies Party ~ Remember the Teletubbies? Now you can throw the cutest party around with these adorable ideas! Read on!

The Backyardigans Birthday Party
73.  The Backyardigans ~ The Backyardigans Birthday Party ~ With adorable party details like confectioners, centerpieces, and lots of balloon flowers this party is adorable.

The Wiggles Birthday Party
74.  The Wiggles ~ The Wiggles Birthday Party ~ Looking for a wiggly party to throw a super fan?  Here’s a cute homemade one that is sure to delight them.

ThunderCats Birthday Cake and Cupcakes
75.  ThunderCats ~ ThunderCats Birthday Cake and Cupcakes ~ A really cool ThunderCats cake and cupcakes for a themed birthday party.

Tom and Jerry Birthday Party Theme
76.  Tom and Jerry ~ Tom and Jerry Birthday Party Theme ~ This is such a cute home party with name tag pins, favor boxes, and crepe paper ceiling decor.

Muddy Puddles Pig Party
77.  Toot and Puddle ~ Muddy Puddles Pig Party ~ The rain boots and clouds are too cute in this pig party.  It’s not an actual Toot and Puddle party but it’s the closest I could find and completely adorable!

Wallykazam party

78.  Wallykazam! a Nick Jr Show ~ Wallykazam Party ~ It’s all in the details! Throw a Wallykazam party which mixes dragon and magic elements. Get some great inspiration here!

Wonder Pets Birthday Party
79.  Wonder Pets ~ Wonder Pets Birthday Party ~ Fun details make this party darling like applique of Ming Ming shirt,  wonderpets cape party favors, games like find an animal and cute decorations.

How To Host A Word World Birthday Party
80.  WordWorld ~ How To Host A Word World Birthday Party ~ With yummy alphabet sandwiches and games like  letter scavenger hunt, musical letters, and name that letter, this party is full of WordWorld.

Wow Wow Wubbzy Birthday Party
81.  Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! ~ Wow Wow Wubbzy Birthday Party ~ This party is so cute with a Kickity Kickball Pinata, kick them can, Pin the Tail on Wubbzy and darling Wubbzy bags.

82.  The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss from Nick Jr ~ If you have a Nick shows party idea, we’d love to see it!

Tip Junkie has some of the most creative Dr. Suess ideas for parties, printables, and decor ideas like 42 Seussical Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday.

Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party
83.  Yo Gabba Gabba ~ Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party ~ With amazing cake, cupcakes, cake pops, and candy covered pretzels this party is so fun and seriously sweet!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Birthday Party

84.  Yu-Gi-Oh! ~  I couldn’t find a Yu-Gi-Oh! party but it would be really fun to re-create it like this Yellow and Blue party which is gorgeous and one of my favorites.

Zack and Quack party

85.  Zack and Quack from Nick Jr ~ Zack and Quack craft party ~ Here’s a fun craft party idea that boys and girls will love.

P.S.  Join the conversations over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page.  It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials you need.

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