20 Fun Ways To Celebrate Christmas! [free printable] by Tip Junkie

Wondering how to celebrate Christmas? There are so many fun Christmas activities, crafts, memories to make, and “joy” filled moments to enjoy together for a memorable and beautiful Christmas! I’ve put a few into a cute printable for ya. Here are 20 fun things to do to celebrate Christmas!

Simply print out this free printable that is sure to keep you entertained and tuck it into a frame as a Christmas countdown, To Do List, homemade gift, craft idea list or just as cute decor!

20 Fun Things to do for Christmas! {free printable} by Tip Junkie

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When Is Christmas?

When is Christmas? December 25! Are you ready for Christmas?

How to Make: For the best results, click the link above to print this Christmas activities list onto matte photo paper. Any paper will do, but matte photo paper works best. {wink} Next, slip the list into a frame that you already have displayed in your home and you are set!

20 Fun Ways To Celebrate Christmas! {free printable} by Tip Junkie

Merry Christmas!

How to Use: The glass in the frame serves as a wipe-on/wipe-off board. Isn’t that incredibly clever? Simply print out the contents of this file, tuck it into any frame {provided that it’s the right size}, then use a marker to check off the boxes on what activities you’ve already done. When you are done with the list, simple wipe the marker off the glass!

More Free Printable Lists

I highly recommend going the frame route because I’m creating a list for almost every holiday and each month you can simply trade the printable out for the newest one. So find a great spot in your home to showcase your fun printable lists and each month I’ll provide you with a new list of amazing memories to create as a family!

tip junkie home made christmas patterns

I’m trying really hard this year to create lasting and loving memories with my boys. This is one of the tools I’ve been using to make it happen. You can find even more free printables and Christmas Activities over on the Tip Junkie Christmas site.

More Christmas Craft Activities

P.S.  Join the conversations over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page.  It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials you need.

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20 Fun Things to do for Christmas! {free printable} by Tip Junkie
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