16 Creative Change of Address Cards


I just love these 16 creative change of address cards!  These are the best way to announce to your friends and family that “we are moving” or have just moved!

16 Creative Change of Address Cards for Moving Tip Junkie

Please note that most of these are not tutorials but announcements that you can order.  I don’t get anything in return for featuring them I just I think they are completely brilliant and I couldn’t help but show you all the fun ideas for change of address or moving announcements.

Change Of Address

Just Moved Paint Chip Cards

1.  Just Moved Paint Chip Cards – Postcard-size paint chip sam­ples that she ran through her home printer to make a per­fect and totally budget-friendly mov­ing announcement.

Modern fabric custom moving announcements

2.  Modern fabric custom moving announcements -This is such an elegant moving notice and enclos­ed in each announce­ment is a sim­ple linen pocket, which was then placed inside the mail­ing enve­lope.

We Are Moving

Interactive Moving Truck ~ we are moving

3.  Interactive Moving Truck – I would LOVE to get this fabulous change of address post card in the main.  Grab your exacto knife and create this darling mini moving truck for your kiddo to play with. {snicker}

Paper Airplane Just Moved Announcement

4.  Paper Airplane Just Moved Announcement – Let the news soar – you’ve moved! These unique moving announcements are shaped like paper airplanes, offering a fun and creative way to share your big news that your loved ones are sure to remember.

change of address

5.  “Where in the World…is the Family” – This is such a fun way to not only announce your change of address but also give friends and family a little more information about what’s new with each person.

Just Moved

Paint Chip Moving Notice

6.  Paint Chip Moving Notice – A creative way to use up your old stash of paint chips.  These Behr brand paint chips fit perfectly into my 5×7 envelopes.

we are moving announcements

7.  We are moving letterpress new address announcements – Living out of boxes. These cute letterpress cards are the perfect way to get your new address out to friends and family.

"Living out of Boxes" sample moving announcement

8.  “Living out of Boxes” sample moving announcement – Just moved and living out of boxes? Congratulations! It’s super exciting to find a new home and get it all set up! Don’t forget to share the big news with friends and family.

Crazy Car Card

9.  Crazy Car Card – This is a spinner card as the cute red car is attached to two pennies with a dimensional square sandwiched in between them, and then slid into the slot/road.

We're Moving!" Photo Card

10.  “We’re Moving!” Photo Card – Armed with a camera and a sense of humor, you can create fun custom cards for any recipient and every occasion.

map moving notice

11.  Show your journey of where you were and where you are going. The map can be customized to be within a single state, or show more states, etc.

Were moving postcard

12.  Its not that far really postcard SET – this postcard is for that far away friend to let them know that really, they are only inches away.

Change of Address ~ Free Printables

Change of Address ~ Free Printables

13. FREE Welcome to the Neighborhood Printables – FREE “Welcome to the Neighborhood” printables. It’s always a good thing to start off on the right foot with your neighbors

14.  Free Moving Cards – Print these out to give all of your friends your new address.  These would also make a fun set of these as housewarming gifts.  Print several out and tie together with darling ribbon.

15.  Change of Address Postcards – Notify friends and family of your latest move and change of address with these whimsical and fun change of address cards!

16.  We Moo-ved Free Postcard Printable – Here is a fun way to announce your move to friends and it’s a free printable!

Aren’t these change of address cards darling!  If you have a fun card idea over on your blog, we’d love to see it! Feel free to leave the link in the blog link in the comments.

How To Move Checklist For Moving OutHow To Move: Checklist For Moving Out!

How To Move Yourself: Planner & ChecklistHow To Move Yourself: Planner & Checklist

I hope this helps you plan your move and make this hectic time in your life a little more organized. I’ve moved so many times these printables have come in so handy!

Property Binder Free Printable Organizer by Tip JunkieProperty Binder {free printable}

I also created a planner to help organize the entire move into our new house. Print of the worksheets and pop into a clipboard or hole punch into a 3 ring binder. Voila!  You’re off to a great start in your new life and your new home.

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  1. From one blogger to another. I love what you’ve done. Going through a move ourselves and having ideas ahead of time helps make the process easier. I’m all about the free printables. Thanks for the ideas, links, and inspiration!

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