How To Move Yourself: Planner & Checklist


Moving Out of your home can stressful.  I recently moved from Texas to Ohio and it was a doozy!  So if you’re looking for tips on How To Move or a quick list of Things To Do To Move Out, here is a helpful printable House Moving Planner you can easily print to help moving out of your home a smoother transition.

This house moving planner includes a moving checklist, home improvements checklist {room by room}, a place to file your estimates, moving truck rental estimates and agreemetns, and even a place for new school and new home information.

Simply print out the contents of this ‘How to Move’ file below and let me do the organizing for you! {wink}

How To Move Yourself: Free Planner & Checklist {Tip Junkie Freebie!}

EHprint   Free Printable File:
How To Move Yourself Checklist (4693 downloads)

Organize your ‘How To Move’ Binder:

1. Print out the ‘How To Move’ binder from Tip Junkie. {click link above}

2. Print out the 6 Week Moving Checklist from Tip

3. Three-hole punch them into a 1-2” binder.

4. Insert a zippered pouch to hold receipts.

5. Insert 8-10 page protectors for estimates, contracts, warrantee forms, etc.

6.  If you have a lot of home improvements to do, you might want to use Tip Junkie’s DIY Home Improvement planner which has a more detailed checklist.

Moving Out Free Planner & Checklist {Tip Junkie Freebie!}

Moving Out Tips

There are many ways to use this moving binder to help plan your move and organize your home improvement projects.   You’ll find the Tip Junkie Move Yourself Binder broken down into easy to access categories!

Six Main Categories:

  1. Moving Checklist
  2. Home Improvements ~ Room by Room Survey
  3. Estimates
  4. Movers & Truck
  5. New Home & School
  6. Receipts

 1.  Moving Checklist

  • Use the ’How To Move’ worksheets from
  • Garage Sale information and Plans
  • Moving Supplies to Buy
  • Room Color Chart
  • Movers and Truck Rental Estimates and Contracts.

 2.  Home Improvements ~ Room by Room Survey

Most moves require home improvements, and this section will help you keep track of what needs to be done.

  • Repairs needed, budget, and money spent for each room.
  • Paint colors and the formula sticker and type of finish of the paint.
    • Home staging list for furniture placement, etc.

3.  Estimates

One of the things you’ll probably dislike the most but is so important is getting multiple estimates for movers, home repair contractors, and handymen.

  • Estimates from contractors.
  • Contractor List ~ big lists of recommended contractors, landscapers, handy men, etc.

4.  Movers & Truck

Company contact information, estimates, and contracts for movers and truck rental information can be found here.  You’ll also find high-value forms, insurance, and other misc. information you’ll need!

5.  New Home & School

Keep all of your future home prospects { print outs}, school district zoning maps, new doctor referral information, and other contact information together in one section.

6.  Receipts

Keep every receipt for every item you purchase that applies to the move in one place. This will save you time if you have to return an item, if something is faulty, and {importantly} for taxes.

  • Receipts from when and where item was purchased.
  • contact information for the companies who made the items {if necessary}

Now you just need to insert sheet protectors and you are good to go! I hope that this “How to Move” Binder is as helpful to you as it’s been to me. I’m all about designing ways to make life easier and more meaningful, and certainly less stressful!  {{wink}}

How to Move Yourself {planner & checklist}

EHprint   Free Printable File:
How To Move Yourself Checklist (4693 downloads)

Things To Do To Move Out:

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How To Move Yourself: Free Planner & Checklist   {Tip Junkie Freebie!}
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  1. I LOVE the idea of this “How to Move Binder” especially since we found out yesterday that we are moving in 4 weeks. I have tried multiple times to download the printable file; however, every time I click the link to download and print it out, it takes me to a directory of other printable files. Has this file been removed? If not, how can I find it? I am in desperate need of help for this last minute move and this binder would be a LIFESAVER!

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