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8 How to Make Cheer Bows [tutorials]


Learn how to make cheer bows that are beautiful and easy to make!  These pictured cheer bow tutorials teach you how to make two-toned hair bows, embellished hair bows, and spirit hair ribbons. You can show off your team spirit and sense of personal style by accessorizing your hair with these simple cheer bows.  {wink}

8 How to Make Cheer Bows Tutorials Tip Junkie

How to Make Cheer Bows

Whether you’re making cheer bows for your cheerleader, a costume, dress up, or just for fun these pictured tutorials give you step by step instructions so you can learn how to make them too for your daughter.

Do you have a hair bow tutorial?  If so, leave a comment with your blog link and I’ll add it to this post and feature you.  I will always give proper credit as I’m all about promoting creative women!  {squeal in delight}

1. Heat and Bond Cheer Bow

May Arts Ribbon

Using strips of fabric and Heat and Bond May Arts created some gorgeous cheer bows. It’s a great way to incorporate some sparkly fabric with grosgrain ribbon.

2.  Embellished Cheer Bow


Bowdabra really nailed this embellished cheer bow. Double stick fabric tape was used making it a no-sew project and glue free. {high fives}

3. Two-Toned Bow


Cheer Bow Template

Ribbon Retreat shows you how to make a 5″ two-toned bow using two 1-1/2″ ribbon. You only need two colors of ribbon, needle and thread and a glue gun.

4.  Stiffen Quik Spray

Hair Hardware

Tip:  Do you want the hair bow to last longer and hold it’s shape better? Hair Hardware‘s step by step tutorial shows you how to use Stiffen Quik on the ribbon so the bow can hold it’s shape initially.

5. How to Make Cheerleading Hair Bows

Sweet Peas & Kisses

So if you don’t live in Texas, this may not make much sense to you, but if you understand the Homecoming Mums, then you will love these bows by Sweetpeas and Kisses.  Not only fun and festive to wear to the game, but a great way to use up your extra supplies left over from the mums!  If you don’t know that they are, google it.  Maybe you can start a new tradition at your school {wink}.

6. Spirit Hair Ribbons

Mama Momtourage

Make some fun school spirit ribbons by Mama Momtourage to accessorize your cheerleader’s hair using their school colors. You can even use iron letters to customize their ribbons.

7. Button Spirit Hair Ribbons

Uncommon Goods

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! Uncommon Goods shows you how to make some fun school spirit ribbons to accessorize your cheerleader’s hair using their school colors.

8.  How to Make Big Cheerleader Bows

If you’d rather have someone show you how to make it then check out this video on how to make cheerleader bows by Cheer Bow Supply.

Cheer Bows

8 How to Make Cheer Bows [tutorials]

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8 How to Make Cheer Bows Tutorials
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