26 Stylish DIY Headbands {free patterns}


I just adore headbands!  They can add the perfect finishing touches to any hairstyle.  So today I’m featuring 26 tutorials on how to make headbands as well as headband hairstyles and darling girl hair accessories.  I hope they inspire you to make something pretty for yourself this weekend.  {{wink}}

Stylish DIY Headbands {free patterns}

Tip Junkie Style has 78 hair tutorial ideas all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make. You can always search there if you’’re looking for more Style and Beauty tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

How To Make Headbands

DIY Jeweled Headband

1.  DIY Jeweled Headband ~ This tutorial is easy enough the kids could even help make these.  Using trimmed beads (found by the ribbon in the craft section), you can make these fabulous headbands for a birthday gift or hand them out as a favor at your next party.

Repurpose A Broken Necklace {Hair Accessory}

2.  Repurpose A Broken Necklace {Hair Accessory} ~ Bummed about a broken necklace? Here is a great tutorial on how to turn it into a stylish headband. Great for tweens to adults, easy to repurpose and turn into a statement hair accessory!

DIY Lace Headband {No-Sew Gifts}

3.  DIY Lace Headband {No-Sew Gifts} ~ Create a simple no-sew DIY lace headband in just 5 simple steps. These headbands are so darling and a perfect compliment to any holiday dress.

Felt Headband

4.  Felt Headband ~ You can throw together this quick craft in under ten minutes.  Great as a thank you gift, or even beautiful attached to the top of wrapped present.

Criss-Cross Headband {Hair Accessories}

5.  Criss-Cross Headband {Hair Accessories} ~ With the hot summer just around the corner this headband is perfection! Super easy to create and will stylishly keep your hair up! Great for both girls and women!

DIY Knotted Crochet Headband

6.  DIY Knotted Crochet Headband ~ The only crocheting required for this cute headband is a basic chain stitch – I promise!  A great gift idea for teens.  This would also make a fun party craft.

Fabric Bow Headband Tutorial

7.  Fabric Bow Headband Tutorial ~ This is a quick and easy tutorial for making a fun hair accessory.  The fabric bow is made using hot glue, and then hand stitched onto the headband.  This would be simple and fun favors for a tween party.

DIY Elastic Headbands & Hair Ties

8.  DIY Elastic Headbands & Hair Ties ~ These elastic headbands are so adorable and colorful! You will be amazed at how simple they are to make and how much money you will save doing it. If you can tie a knot and use scissors you can definitely make these. Fold over elastic, sold in fabric stores, is the secret to making your own headbands.

No Sew T-shirt Headband

9.  No Sew T-shirt Headband ~ Use old, leftover t-shirts to make some cute headbands. No sewing required, so it is fast and easy. There’s no point in throwing away tees when you can use them for adorable headbands. With a project this easy, you can make one for every outfit!

Turban Twisted Headband Scarf {Hair Accessories}

10.  Turban Twisted Headband Scarf {Hair Accessories} ~ This is an easy project for those of you who have a little bit of sewing experience under your belt. With it’s great design this headband makes a super stylish hair accessory that adult and child could both rock! Follow this great tutorial to make one or a few of your own!

DIY Nautical Headband {Easy Craft}

11.  DIY Nautical Headband {Easy Craft} ~ A simple sailor’s know turns this easy craft idea into an adorable hair accessory. This cute nautical headband can be made in any color to match any outfit. Since this easy craft is so inexpensive to make, any student can easily create one (or more) on a college budget.

How To Make Headbands12.  Free Pattern: Knit Bow Headband ~ This was a little bow that I created a while back for a friend’s birthday present.  It has a free printable pattern.

Headband Hairstyles

How to tie a head scarf13.  Head Scarf Tutorial ~ Tie a simple head scarf with this easy to follow tutorial.  Even though a scarf was used for the tutorial you could easily use a bandana.

Double Sided Fabric Headband Tutorial {Style Accessories}

14.  Double Sided Fabric Headband Tutorial {Style Accessories} ~ Check out this awesome hair accessory that thanks to this lovely tutorial you’ll be able to sew and wear! The pattern is for adults but she includes a link from a followers that resized the pattern for little girls! Makes a perfect gift for a friend or family member as well.

Ruffle Headband {Hair Accessories}

15.  Ruffle Headband {Hair Accessories} ~ This DIY ruffle headband is adorable! Great for a wide range of ages. Since you are the one making it, you can totally customize the colors and size to fit you or your girly girl!


Braided Headbands

Braided Vinyl Headband Tutorial

16.  Braided Vinyl Headband Tutorial ~ This headband is durable, easy to make, and requires no sewing – bonus!  Plus the simple, chic design would go great with almost any look.

Braided Headband

17.  Braided Headband ~ This Stylish headband is the perfect DIY for any age to create or wear! Who doesn’t have a old t-shirt laying around, so not only is this super cute but also price conscious. As an added bonus this tutorial also features this technique as other great accessories.

Braided Headband {No-Sew Tutorial}

18.  Braided Headband {No-Sew Tutorial} ~ These beautiful braided headbands are made from inexpensive jersey fabric and require no sewing.   A great gift that girls of all age would love and can create.

Girl Hair Accessories 

Rose Petal Headband

19.  Rose Petal Headband ~ Love headbands?! Create this headband with simple steps for you or your little girl. Perfect for photo-shoot props and everyday use. This Rose Petal Headband is no-sew and fast to create!

3-in1 Soft & Stretchy Headband

20.  3-in1 Soft & Stretchy Headband ~ These soft little headbands are stretchy and comfortable. But the best part is, you can change out the colored accent bows so a set will match virtually any outfit. Great as a gift topper for a baby shower.

Ruffle Headband DIY {Ruffles}

21.  Ruffle Headband DIY {Ruffles} ~ This ruffle headband is adorable, perfect for babies to preschoolers! With this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a simple ruffle technique. Great for even the sewing beginner!

Crochet Headband Tutorial {Kids}

22.  Crochet Headband Tutorial {Kids} ~ This headband is adorable, perfect for baby to toddler aged girly girls! Learn how to create this cute hair accessory with this great tutorial. She created this headband pattern to be simple enough for even the most beginner crocheter to be able to create with ease!

Duck Tape Headband Craft {how-to}

23.  Duck Tape Headband Craft {how-to} ~ How to make a duck tape headband is super easy and the perfect activity and gift for young girls!

Bridal Inspired Headband

Wedding Inspired Headband

24.  Wedding Inspired Headband ~ Though originally inspired for weddings, these headbands are becoming ever more popular for every day wear, especially for little girls. These are also darling for newborn photos, making it a great gift for a photographer.

Bridal Headband Tutorial

25.  Bridal Headband Tutorial ~ This vintage-looking hair accessory has tints of light blue and ivory. You could make this charming headband for a bride to wear on her wedding day.  Or she could wear it at the bridal shower.

DIY Bridal Headband Craft
26.  DIY Bridal Headband Craft ~ This headband is so elegant and beautiful.  It takes just minutes to create, making them the perfect accessory for your entire bridal party.  Or, even a baptismal or christening.


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