12 Chinese New Year Activities for Kids


Celebrate Chinese New Year with these festive Chinese New Year children’s activities. These Chinese New Year activities for kids include paper lanterns, chinese new year dragon, chinese drums, dragon masks, paper plate fan, diy red envelope, and paper fortune cookies.

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Chinese New Year

chinese paper lanterns

1. Chinese Paper Lanterns ~ One of the most recognized symbols of China is the red lantern. These lanterns would be perfect for Chinese New Year.  Create them in different colors and they would be adorable for any other type of party!

DIY Red Envelopes

2. DIY Red Envelopes ~ Make your own Chinese New Year lucky money envelopes using a die cut machine.

Chinese New Year Children’s Activities

Paper Plate Hand Fans

3. Paper Plate Hand Fans ~ A fun paper plate project that kids can design and decorate on their own. Add some tongue depressors for a cool fan handle.

chinese noisemakers

4. Chinese Noisemakers ~ Make some noise with these fun Chinese drums.  They’re a simple craft to make using ribbon spools, beads, string and card stock.  A great project to make with your children!

 Chinese New Year Activity Pages

5. Chinese New Year Activity Pages ~ These printable activity pages is a great way to teach kids about the Chinese New Year celebration.  Free pages include a ‘hidden rooster’ coloring page and card making activity.

chinese new year coloring pages

6. Chinese New Year Coloring Pages ~ These printable coloring pages are a great way to teach kids about the Chinese New Year celebration. The free coloring pages include the zodiac animal coloring pages, great wall of China, the Kitchen God, custom dress dolls, the Chinese flag and more.

paper fortune cookies

7. Paper Fortune Cookies ~ Easy and fun paper fortune cookies craft – great to ring in a family night or celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Dragon

Dancing Dragon Puppet

8.  Dancing Dragon Puppet ~ Chinese New Year wouldn’t be the same without a brightly colored dancing dragon puppet.  You can make this adorable puppet from paper tubes, egg cartons, plastic fruit basket and decorative embellishments.

cupcake liner dragon craft

9. Cupcake Liner Dragon Art ~ Make fun dragon art for Chinese New Year using cupcake liners. Very clever!

Chinese Dragon Mask

10. Chinese Dragon Mask ~ A free mask to download, print and color.  Kid’s will enjoy decorating their own mask.

dragon paper plate puppet

11. Dragon Paper Plate Puppet ~ A terrific way to make a Chinese dragon by using paper plates.  Kid’s can paint and decorate the puppet and mom can attach the felt pieces.

how to make a chinese dragon puppet

12. Chinese Dragon Puppet ~ Another fun way to make a Chinese Dragon puppet using straws, crepe paper and dragon template. You’ll have the dragon dancing in no time.
12 Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

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