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21 Chore Cards and Chore Charts to Print


Free family chore cards and chart templates that you can use to help organize your household.  These chore charts for kids will help teach responsibility and self-reliance.  These free printable chore chart templates include chores, behavior, family and reward.  Let these templates help take the work out of keeping your children and family on task so that you can enjoy more family fun time!

Chore Charts to Teach Responsibility

Tip Junkie printables has 71 chore charts and lists all with pictured instructions to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’ re looking for more chore charts with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Chore Charts

Drake Summer Chore Chart Schedule Tip Junkie

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Editable Summer Chore Chart for Boys (5464 downloads)

Chore Charts

Chore Chart

1.  Chore Chart System ~ Don’t let keeping the kids on task be your most difficult task! Here is an easy chore system that includes free printable chore charts, as well as work for hire & chores of the week sheets!

Printable Chore Chart

2.  Chore Chart Printables ~ An adorable chore chart for both boys and girls.  They’ll love putting stickers on the chart when they have completed their task.

Kids Charts

Printable Worksheets for Kids

3.  Free Printable: Kawaii Organization Kit for Kids ~ Here’s a fun organization kit to help! Use a cork board, fridge, or other visible place to keep these items where the kids can easily use them.

Kids Chore Charts

4.  Printable Super Girl or Super Boy Charts ~ Help kids keep track of stars they earn for doing chores and project around the house or award them for good behavior.  When they fill the whole thing up, they get a prize.  You can print a boy or girl version of this chart. Printable Chore Chart

5.  Ice Cream Chore Trainer ~ Learning to do chores couldn’t be more fun with this interactive ice cream cone chore chart.  As the child completes a simple task they get to put another scoop of ice cream on the cone.  It’s perfect for preschool aged children.

Chore Chart

6.  Printable Chore Chart ~ This chore chart is designed to be printed, placed in a page protector (or laminated) and filled and and checked off with dry erase markers so you can re-use it over and over. Kids Chore Chart Printables

7.  Toddler Chore Chart ~ With the simple, chic design of this free printable chore chart, you will be proud to display it on your fridge.  Perfect for getting the younger kids into a helpful routine while the older ones are at school.

Printable Chore Charts

Chore Chart Printables

8.  Summer Chore Chart Printable ~ “Look WHO’s helping out!”  This adorable children’s chore chart is available in three color options as well as a cowboy and princess.

Printable Chore Charts

9.  Kids Printable Chore Chart ~ Life seems to go a little smoother when I have a plan laid out.  That goes for kids too.  Here is a printable chore chart that is easy to customize and even easier for the kids to use.  You can put little checkmarks in each circle, or those tiny smily face stickers would work perfect too!

Kids Chore Chart

10.  Printable Chore Chart & Ticket System ~ This colorful chore chart is a perfect visual reminder. The use of tickets helps the kids see what needs to be done, and helps mom keep track of who did what and needs to be paid.

Kids Chore Charts

11.  Printable Chore Chart Tags ~ Print these colorful chore tags to hang on hooks on an over the cabinet rod. Easy for kids to manage and follow.  They simply flip them over when the chore is completed.

Printable Chore Chart

12.  Printable Chore Chart ~ Choose from two great free printable chore chart.  One you can print, laminate and add magnetic strips to be moved over when the chore is completed or laminate the other and use a dry-erase marker to check off each chore as it’s completed.

Family Chore Chart

Family Chore Chart

13.  Room-By-Room Printable Checklist ~ After homework, hand each child their own job card.  They check off the jobs throughout the week and at the end of seven days you will have a relatively clean house.  Each card has a reminder at the bottom, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!”   {true dat!}

Family Chore Chart

14.  Mom On The Go To Do List {Printable Chore Chart} ~ This great to do list is a chore chart for any mom on the go.  A great way to keep track of each of the tasks and errands you need to complete by day.

Chore Chart Template

Chore Chart Template

15.  Homeschool Planning Pages {Free Printables} ~ Download these free printable checklists to help organize and encourage your homeschool planning. Included in these downloads are 2 Styles of Student Weekly Scheduling Pages, Student Checklist, and Chore Chart Checklist in Color and Black and White Options.

Chore Chart Template

16.  Customized Chore Charts {Free Template} ~ For those of you who are familiar with digital scrapbooking, you can use this free template to print out customized chore charts for the kids.  You can even add your own digital photos of each chore so that the kids have a visual of what they need to do.  There is a boy or girl version available.

Behavior Chart

Behavior Chart

17.  Printable Children Chart – Chore Ticket System {Behaviors} ~ This is a weekly schedule that is fun with a printable children chart or chore ticket system which can be redeemed for store items or activity rewards. Tickets are given as rewards for chores and good behaviors. Tickets are taken away as consequences. The store contains items to purchase as well as fun activities to do.

Reward Chart

DIY Child's Chore Chart

18.  DIY Child’s Chore Chart ~ This fun child’s chore chart combines cutesy images depicting “chores” and fun “payment” coins {both on pretty wooden magnets}. The board is a chalkboard {for easy changes} and a small container that acts as the earnings box to hold coins each time your little one does his or her chore. Reward Chart

19.  Way to Go Reward Chart ~ I formulated these charts for toddler age children, thus the minimal list for good behavior.  Available in three colors, this chart rewards good eating, good listening, picking up toys, and playing nice.

Reward Chart Printable

20.  Sticker Reward Chart ~ These sticker reward charts are a great way to stay organized and motivate your children.  Use them for homework, chores, or any other goals your little ones are working toward.

Reward Chart Printable

21.  Kids Reward Charts {Free Childrens Printables} ~ Use these free childrens printables charts to help encourage specific behaviors or arrange daily routines. Let your child help choose the final reward, and make sure she receives it promptly so she remembers just what she was working for. Reward charts are an aid to encourage specific behaviors or arrange daily routines, remember to give your child clear boundaries and goals for his/her behavior.

20 Chore Charts to Teach Responsibility on Tip Junkie20 Chore Charts to Teach Responsibility

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