20 Chore Charts to Teach Responsibility


Free family chore cards and chart templates that you can use to help organize your household. These chore charts for kids will help teach responsibility and self-reliance.  These free printable chore chart templates include chores, behavior, family and reward.  Let these templates help take the work out of keeping your children and family on task so that you can enjoy more family fun time!

20 Chore Charts to Teach Responsibility on Tip Junkie

These chore charts for kids have taken away all the guess work on chore charts and lists with these incredible tutorials.

Chore Charts

DIY Chore Chart

1.  DIY Chore Chart ~  Don’t let keeping the kids on task be your most difficult task! Here is a fairly simple chore chart made from an old pallet and mason jars.

Free Printable Chore Chart

2.  Free Printable Chore Chart ~ Life seems to go a little smoother when I have a plan laid out.  That goes for kids too.  Here is a printable chore chart that is easy to customize and even easier for the kids to use.  Laminate the cards, add magnetic strips to the back and when the task is complete you can use a dry erase marker to check it off.

Vintage Library Card Chore Chart

3.  Vintage Library Card Chore Chart ~ My favorite has been the envelope chore cards, but I wanted to update them a little so I made a new tutorial.

Kids Charts

DIY Cookie Sheet Chore Chart

4.  DIY Cookie Sheet Chore Chart  ~ How fabulous is this chore chart idea!? Perfect because it will organize chore time, but also looks great on your wall! Made from cookie trays and some spray paint! Easy to make, with awesome results!

Chore Jar Printables

5.  Chore Jar Printables ~ We moms are always looking for ways to make our homes run a little smoother, this chore jar makes chore time easy! With all the chores up for grabs it’s not mean mom giving out assignments, it’s the luck of the draw! She even includes the printable so that you can make a set for your home!

Clothespin Chore Chart

6.  Clothespin Chore System ~ A very simple chore system using clothespins and a mason jar. Clothespins are decorated with washi tape and the chore is written on the clip.  Place the chores of the week on the rim of the jar and when they’re complete they can be put inside the jar.

Printable Chore Charts

Reward Chart Printable

7. Sticker Reward Chart ~ These sticker reward charts are a great way to stay organized and motivate your children.  Use them for homework, chores, or any other goals your little ones are working toward.

Good Behavior Chart Reward Chart

8. Way to Go Reward Chart ~ I formulated these charts for toddler age children, thus the minimal list for good behavior.  Available in three colors, this chart rewards good eating, good listening, picking up toys, and playing nice.

Printable Chore Chart

9. Chore Chart Printables ~ An adorable chore chart for both boys and girls.  They’ll love putting stickers on the chart when they have completed their task.

Chore Chart Printables

10. Summer Chore Chart Printable ~ “Look WHO’s helping out!”  This adorable children’s chore chart is available in three color options as well as a cowboy and princess.

Kids Chore Chart Printables

9.  Toddler Chore Chart ~ With the simple, chic design of this free printable chore chart, you will be proud to display it on your fridge.  Perfect for getting the younger kids into a helpful routine while the older ones are at school.

Printable Chore Chart

10.  Printable Chore Chart ~ This chore chart is designed to be printed, placed in a page protector (or laminated) and filled and checked off with dry erase markers so you can re-use it over and over.  A blank version is also available so that you can fill in the chore.

Printable Chore Charts

11.  Printable Chore Charts ~ Choose from eight great free printable chore charts in fun patterns. You can frame it or laminate it to reuse them.

Family Chore Chart

Family Chore Chart

12.  Family Chore Chart ~ Check out this super cute way to display chores for the entire family! So cute in fact you won’t mind it being out where everyone can see it! Make one for your family using this fabulous tutorial! Because this version uses vinyl caricatures, it perfect for all ages!

Family Chore Chart

13.  Family Chore Chart ~ After homework, hand each child their own job card.  Family rules and a points chart is also framed for easy reminding.  “If it’’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!”   {true dat!}

Chore Chart Template

Framed Chore Charts DIY

14.  Framed Chore Charts DIY ~ Getting kids to do chores is often a chore for you as well! This chore chart might just make the process a little more streamlined! Plus with it’s great design, it’ll look great on the wall as well as make your family organized!

Kids Magnetic Reward Chart

15.  Kids Magnetic Reward Chart ~ How to make Kids Magnetic Reward & Punishment Magnet Chore Charts for your family command center. Create a chore chart for each of your kids that includes their morning routine, chores, homework, band practice, baths, etc. This way the boys would be in charge of their own calendar and know what to expect each day.

Behavior Chart

Kids Chore Charts

16.  Printable Super Girl or Super Boy Charts ~ Help kids keep track of stars they earn for doing chores and project around the house or award them for good behavior.  When they fill the whole thing up, they get a prize.  You can print a boy or girl version of this chart.

Color Coded Behavior Chart {free printable}

17.  Color Coded Behavior Chart {free printable} ~ This Color Coded Behavior Chart is a perfect visual aid for your child to see what they need to work on. Use clothespins with your childs name written on it and they can easily be repositioned.

Reward Chart

Free Reward Chart Printable

18.  Free Reward Chart Printable ~ Life seems to go a little smoother when I have a plan laid out. That goes for kids too.  Here is a printable reward chart that is easy to customize and even easier for the kids to use.  You can put little checkmarks in each circle, or those tiny smily face stickers would work perfect too!

 Princess Reward Chart {free printable}

19.  Princess Reward Chart {free printable} ~ This sticker reward chart is a great way to stay organized and motivate your children.  Use them for homework, chores, or any other goals your little ones are working toward.

*Update:  The featured blogger decided to remove this from their site.  My apologies for the inconvenience.

Chore Punch Cards {free printable}

20. Chore Punch Cards {free printable} ~ Here’’s a fun chore chart idea, a punch card.  Once the chore is complete it gets a punch.  When the whole card is punched they get a special prize.

21 Chore Cards and Chore Charts to Print on Tip Junkie21 Chore Cards and Chore Charts to Print

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