A Beautiful Way to Organize Your Closet

closetOne of my favorite things to do is organize a closet.  I know, I’m a complete dork!  {{wink}} I also am a huge bin fan and love to use the colors, shapes, and sizes to bring the fun into something that’s usually boring.

Organize Your Closet

Emily submitted her beautiful coat closet turned into a storage closet!

I had Home Depot cut a long 1×2 into 6, 14inch pieces and used those as my braces.  Then I bought a sheet of some 3/4 inch particle board with a melamine finish, and had them cut 3 pieces for me the length that I needed (28 1/2 inches).

That’s right, she turned her junky coat closet into storage closet by adding her own shelves and storage bins.  It’s fabulous and I can only imagine the smile it brings to her face every time she opens it up.  {{just lovely}}


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  1. I was so proud of myself for recently organizing my linen closet – until I saw this! Where did you get those adorable bins?

  2. Your are not a dork by any means!! I LOVE to organize anything and everything. I love the way your have done the bins. It really makes me want to go home and do it also.

  3. I am soo jealous! I love an organized anything-especially closets-I’ve got alot of work ahead of me-I don’t even like looking inside- can’t imagine on my blog! Yikes!

  4. You are not a dork. It’s one of my favorite pass times too! Haha!
    I’m addicted to organizing! Love it!

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