19 Easy DIY Coffee Filter Crafts

Coffee filters are certainly a cheap crafting material, aren’t they? The best part is, there are so many kinds of projects you can use them in as they’re also highly versatile. From flowers, garlands, and wreaths to candle holders and even chandeliers, these gorgeous coffee filter crafts will surprise you and hopefully also inspire you to make some yourself!

Coffee Filter Crafts

Coffee Filter Crafts

The women I’m featuring today have mad crafting skillz! You won’t believe the cool stuff they’ve made.

19. Springtime Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet

The Happier Homemaker

This flower bouquet looks amazing and a lot harder to make than it actually is. A simple craft but also fun and super pretty!

Get tutorial here: Springtime Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet

18. DIY Spring Cabbages Made From Coffee Filters

Atta Girl Says

Can you believe these realistic-looking spring cabbages were made from coffee filters? These would make a great addition to any spring or Easter decor, don’t you think?

Get tutorial here: DIY Spring Cabbages Made From Coffee Filters

17. DIY Rustic Coffee Filter Wreath

Sincerely Jean

I’m a fan of all things rustic so I’d be proud to display this coffee filter wreath in my house. Since it’s white, it works with any other rustic or farmhouse decor items you may have and can be used all year round.

Get tutorial here: DIY Rustic Coffee Filter Wreath

Giant Coffee Filter Paintings

You don’t always have to use paper or a canvas to paint on. Coffee filters work great.

Get tutorial here: Giant Coffee Filter Paintings

16. DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags

Nellie Bellie

Ok, so this isn’t exactly a decorative item, but a useful one nonetheless. If you have some loose tea in your house you can easily make your own tea bags using coffee filters.

Get tutorial here: DIY Coffee Filter Tea Bags

15. Easy Coffee Filter Candle Holders

Muslin and Merlot

I have to admit, these pretty coffee filter candle holders would make a nice romantic decor for parties and even weddings. Don’t get stuck on the color though, feel free to stain the filters with whatever colors you like!

Get tutorial here: Easy Coffee Filter Candle Holders

How to Make Paper Flowers

Paper crafting is so in right now, and for good reason! It’s fun, engaging and fabulous. Why not make a paper flower today? Use them for centerpieces or gift them to mom, grandma, or teacher.

14. Rainbow Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet

Make and Takes

Rainbows make life better and so does this rainbow-colored flower bouquet made from coffee filters. A minimal amount of supplies and some free time on your hands is all you need to make your own.

Get tutorial here: Rainbow Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet

Coffee Filter Decorations

 Coffee filters are inexpensive to buy, which makes it a great crafting supply. There are so many things that you can make with them including wreaths, garlands, and wall decor.

13. Valentine’s Day Coffee Filter Wreath

Twelve on Main

I absolutely love how this coffee filter wreath came out and even if it’s heart-shaped, I still think it would look nice as decor even if it’s not Valentine’s Day.

Get tutorial here: Valentine’s Day Coffee Filter Wreath

12. Coffee Filter Angel Wings DIY

Thoughts from Alice

This is certainly a creative use for coffee filters. Who would have thought they can be used to make such gorgeous angel wings? You’ll have a lot of fun making this one if you like using Mod Podge when crafting!

Get tutorial here: Coffee Filter Angel Wings DIY

11. Simple Coffee Filter Garland

Mountain Modern Life

This easy coffee filter garland can be used for any occasion as the maker proves it. A quick craft that delivers beautiful results.

Get tutorial here: Simple Coffee Filter Garland

10. DIY Coffee Filter Poppies

Reality Daydream

You can make more than just generic flowers using coffee filters. You can get specific and make some stunning poppies that will impress everyone.

Get tutorial here: DIY Coffee Filter Poppies

9. DIY Leaf Pennant From Coffee Filters

Moms & Crafters

If you need to upgrade your fall decor the easy way, this coffee filter leaf pennant is the perfect project. A quick craft that even a kid can make seems like a fun way to spend some of your free time.

Get tutorial here: DIY Leaf Pennant From Coffee Filters

8. Coffee Filter Snowball Wall Light

Crafty Nest

Now, this is what I call surprising. Who would have thought you can use coffee filters to make such a pretty wall light? It looks mesmerizing! However, get ready to use a lot of filters, about 400 of them.

Get tutorial here: Coffee Filter Snowball Wall Light

7. Coffee Filter Valentine XO Decoration Craft

Schooling a Monkey

Not a lot of work goes into this XO Valentine’s decor made using coffee filters, but it sure looks amazing!

Get tutorial here: Coffee Filter Valentine XO Decoration Craft

6. DIY Coffee Filter Flower Crown

I Wear the Canvas

This feminine coffee filter flower crown will allow you to take some stunning pics of yourself that will be anything but average.

Get tutorial here: DIY Coffee Filter Flower Crown

5. Origami Butterflies From Coffee Filters

Emma Owl

This is a craft both kids and grownups will enjoy making and I think it would look great as spring or nursery decor.

Get tutorial here: Origami Butterflies From Coffee Filters

4. Spring Watercolor Coffee Filter Wreath

Hawthorne and Main

Don’t you just love the colors and lace accents of this coffee filter wreath? The way the coffee filters are wrapped and not ruffled also gives it a unique look!

Get tutorial here: Spring Watercolor Coffee Filter Wreath

3. DIY Coffee Filter Advent Calendar

Journey into Creativity

Making an advent calendar using coffee filters seems like a brilliant idea. I would have loved one of these as a kid and I’m sure everyone else would feel the same way.

Get tutorial here: DIY Coffee Filter Advent Calendar

Coffee Filter Art

Create beautiful art using coffee filters. It’s an inexpensive and versatile crafting supply. You can stain them, paint them, and fold them into almost any shape.

2. Ombre Coffee Filter Backdrop


I would have never thought of making a backdrop using coffee filters but I’m positive it played a major role in making the bridal photo shoot successful!

Get inspiration here: Ombre Coffee Filter Backdrop

1. DIY Coffee Filter Chandelier

Stephaie White

Making this gorgeous coffee filter chandelier requires some work (you’ll need to use over 500 coffee filters for this one!) but the results are definitely impressive.

Get tutorial here: DIY Coffee Filter Chandelier

Coffee Filter Crafts

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