Cookie Exchange Party


I think a Cookie Exchange party is one of the most efficient parties you can have this year. You come with a dozen of one kind of cookie and leave with a dozen different kinds of cookies and recipes on how to make them! Win/Win No to mention, it’s another excuse to see your favorite people.

How to host a Cookie Exchange Party:

Organize a group of your friends and ask each guest to bring a dozen goodies for each guest, plus a few for the party sampling. Guests should also bring a copy of the recipe card for their baked item for each person.

I’m loving this gingerbread tablescape from Miss Janice.

Madeline’s guests at her cookie exchange party are all wearing aprons which I thought was uber fab! (Aprons would make great prizes or party favors.) Her prize categories included: Best Tasting, Best Packaging, and Best Overall.

Deanna also threw a cookie exchange party with fun peppermint sugar scrub party favors.

Peppermint Snowballs

Tastefully Entertaining featured a Good Will cookie exchange party. What a wonderful idea and service for those who need it during the holidays. {{fabulous}}

Spicy Molasses Cookies

Elizabeth submitted her Candy Lass Cookies; a recipe for scrumptious molasses cookies w/ peppermint icing.

This is Kitchen Klique’s dessert table with candy cups.

Rindy’s tip so she’s not left with a bunch of plate to return: With each invitation she delivered a gold charger plate and asked each invitee to bring their cookies on this platter for the party. These can be used next year as well.

Kirsten’s cookie exchange invitation included a recipe card inside.

I’m loving Entertain Exchange Sweets & Treats invitation and decor ideas.

Caramel Turtle Bars from Cookie Baker Lynn. {{yummy}}

Donna hosted a cookie exchange and gift wrap idea party. What a great idea to combine the two.

Susan from Crash This Party has hooked us up with several Cookie Exchange ideas like invitations, decor, activities, etc.

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  1. What a great idea. My daughters Daisy Troop held a cookie exchange. The girls loved it.

  2. What an honor! Thanks so much for the “shout out”! Love the idea about the aprons! I’m going to do that next year!

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