19 Homemade Christmas Ornaments {tutorial}


I adore homemade ornaments. I think they bring warmth and meaning to any Christmas tree. I’ve received tons of tutorials from Tip Junkie readers and also found a couple keepers that I’d like to feature. Enjoy!

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

I found this handmade pine cone Christmas ornament over at Ashley’s Creative Corner. Amazing!

Dannie designed this beautiful tutorial on how to make this paper cone ornament.

Jessica has hooked us up with several links on how to make a paper 3-D holiday ornaments.

Marilyn made these Trinket Ornament Trees. She used a kit from Stampin Up to make the ornaments for her tree – all the paper is pre-cut and all you have to do is punch and glue – enough material in kit to make 40 ornaments. Simple dimple and too cute to boot!

Janie submitted her super cool snowflake tutorial; make an awesome twisted paper snowflake.

In My Stamp Room hooked us up with a tutorial on how to decorate a ceramic ornament for her tree.

Jeannine submitted her ornaments decorated with fabric. Vintage fabric covered Christmas ornaments – not just for Christmas anymore!

Katie submitted her 3-D Christmas Ornaments.

Here’s Laura’s Sweetgum Ornaments; how to make ornaments using the spiky fruit of the Sweetgum tree.

Shauna made a Snowman Ornament out of limited edition Round Coca Cola Bottles.

Satsuki submitted her tutorial on how to recycle any old/junk mail/scratched CDs by turning them into Peppermint Ornaments!

Here is Stef’s Melted Snowman Ornament tutorial.

Elizabeth submitted her patchwork ornaments tutorial; an easy decoupaged tree ornaments using fabric & Styrofoam balls.

Christian submitted a tutorial on how to make her alphabet block Christmas ornaments made from alphabet blocks toys.

Julie submitted a simple fun activity you can do with your kiddos make these Christmas Ornaments.

Becky submitted her acorn gift container tutorial. Make your own holiday gift containers that double as ornaments!

Laryssa submitted her tip on how to keep your Christmas tree ornaments from falling off: When you’re decorating your tree hang your ornament like normal, but then take the tip of the branch and fold it up and over the hanger.

Candy Cane Holder Tutorials

Elizabeth submitted her Santa Candy Cane Holder tutorial. Make a cute felt Santa with 2 candy canes for arms and legs. This would be a fun activity to do with the kiddos.

Elizabeth made these animal candy cane holders; photos, patterns, & directions for making horse & mouse felt holders to hang on the tree.


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  1. i tried to bring up the directions and information on the decorations/ornaments with no success. please help.

  2. All of these ornaments are beautiful, but my favorite are the Sweetgum ornaments. So very Shabby Chic!

  3. So fun! I was wondering where my new comments and followers were coming from! I knew that having “friends in high places” {{wink, wink}} could get me my 15 minutes of fame!

    Hope your Cortizone is kicking in about now! Thanks for the Shout-out! Merry Christmas!

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