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34 Cool Clothespin Crafts to Make


Crafty things to make out of clothespins make for easy DIY decorating and kids crafts.  Here are pictured tutorials on how to make clothespin dolls, clothespin wreaths and decor, homemade gifts and even some educational clothespin games for kids.

We’ve taken away all the guess work on clothespin crafts with these incredible tutorials. For even more ways to use clothespins Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 50 craft ideas.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more craft ideas with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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Crafty Things To Make

Clothespin Starburst Wall Hanging

1.  Clothespin Starburst Wall Hanging ~ The starburst wall hanging is so trendy right now, and this is a new and fresh spin on that idea! Using clothespins, glue and stain you will be able to create a statement wall hanging for you home!

DIY Clothespin Planter and Candle Holder

2.  DIY Clothespin Planter and Candle Holder ~ Here is a really smart idea for making stylish planters and candle holders from very simple things. Besides it’’s also a recycling project.

DIY Clothespin Magnets

3.  DIY Clothespin Magnets ~ An easy and cheap gift that’s perfect as a party favor or small gift idea for teachers, friends, and neighbors.

Clothespin Art

4.  Clothespin Art ~ A quick and easy way to make wall art for your laundry room using canvas, clothespins and a hot glue gun.

DIY Clothespin Scarf Holder

5.  DIY Clothespin Scarf Holder ~ Keep scarves organized and neat with this scarf holder idea.  

Clothespin Backdrop

6.  How to make a Clothespin Backdrop ~ All you’ll need is 4 colors of spray paint, wood clothespins, a clothesline and push pins.

DIY End Table Clothespin Detail7.  DIY End Table Clothespin Detail ~  To attach clothespins along a tabletop edge, dab wood glue on the back of each clothespin, press against the table’s edge, then nail into place at its chubbiest part using a pneumatic pin nailer.

DIY Clothespin Chandelier for the Laundry Room

8.  DIY Clothespin Chandelier for the Laundry Room ~ Made out of a $4 light kit from Ikea, part of a roll of hardware cloth (aka: wire fencing) from Lowe’s, white gloss spray paint, some old wire from our craft drawer, gloves & metal snips for handling/cutting the wire fencing, and eight bags of clothespins.

DIY Dyed Clothespins

9.  DIY Dyed Clothespins ~ Learn how to dye clothespins using RIT dye.  The color choices are endless.

DIY Headphone Clips

10.  DIY Headphone Clips ~ Put a dollar store clothespin to good use and keep headphones tangle free with this organization idea.

Clothespin Collage Frame

11.  Clothespin Collage Frame ~ Here is a great idea for all of the pictures you have but no frames to put them in!  Attach to the clothespins to display your photos.

Organization: Ribbon Clothespins

12.  Organization: Ribbon Clothespins ~ Wrap ribbon around a clothespin for easy organization.

How To Make a Clothespin Wreath

DIY Clothespin Mirror Tutorial

13.  DIY Clothespin Mirror Tutorial ~ Learn how to create a starburst mirror using just clothespins, a craft store mirror, and hot glue!

Clothespin Card Holder Wreath

14.  Clothespin Card Holder Wreath ~ I simply adore this creative way to display Christmas cards! A wire hanger and clothespins were kept in a neutral tone to be later used for displaying post cards or family photos.

Monogram Clothespin Wreath

15.  Monogram Clothespin Wreath ~ Create a monogram wreath with this simple clothespin how to. Monogramed wreaths make a great personalized gift or decoration for your house or a shower! 

Clothespin Heart Wreath16.  Clothespin Heart Wreath ~ This is a wonderful project for children – it is super easy. You can pick up bags of clothespins at your local home improvement store, dollar store or supermarket.  

Clothespin Dolls & People

Kissing Clothespin Couple

17.  Kissing Clothespin Couple ~ They’re so quick and easy to make that you could even make a bunch of them and clip them to brown paper bags as favors for your guests.

 Superhero Clothespin Wrap Dolls

18.  Clothespin Wrap Dolls ~ How to turn plane round clothespins into a darling wrapped dolls for your little ones to play with.

 Superhero Clothespin Wrap Dolls

19.  Superhero Clothespin Wrap Dolls ~ Superhero dolls complete with capes, clothes and even hair.

How to Make Clothespin Dolls and fairies

20.  How to Make Clothespin People and Fairies ~  This little project can be done with the help of little kiddos by letting them pick out their favorite colors, etc.  Of course older kids can do this project on their own, or you can make them as a special surprise to take along on a road trip or to give as a gift.

DIY Clothespin Animals

Clothespin Caterpillars

21.  Clothespin Caterpillars ~ Pom pom’s and googley eyes quickly transform a plain clothespin into a colorful caterpillar.  Would be a fun craft to go with the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Clothespin Animal Puppets {free printable}

22.  Clothespin Animal Puppets {free printable} ~ Holy smokes these clothespin animals are adorable and hysterical.  They aren’t tutorials on how to make but I couldn’t help show you how creative and fun they are.

Clothespin Butterfly Craft

23.  Clothespin Butterfly Craft ~ Insert cupcake liners for instant butterfly wings.

Bird Clothespins

glittery bird clothespins to make

24.  Glittery Clothespin Song Birds ~ Add a little Cinderella moment to your clothes line with these adorable paper song birds.

Reindeer Clothespin

Reindeer Clothespin 25.  Clothespin Reindeer ~ Paint the bottom clothespin brown (for the body) and paint the top clothespin half brown for the face and half white for the antlers (see photo). Glue the clothespins together as shown in photo above.  Glue the googly eyes and red pom-pom onto the reindeer’s face.

Clothespin Games for Kids

Clothespin Drop Toddler Activity

26.  Clothespin Drop Toddler Activity ~ This simple activity for toddlers provides great practice with fine motor control and spatial awareness.

Mini Foosball Table

27.  Mini Foosball Table ~ Give an old shoe box new meaning with this fun mini foosball table kids are sure to love.

Clothespin Airplane

28.  Clothespin Airplane ~ Clothespins and tongue depressors are put to use when making these zip zooming airplanes.  Makes a fun party craft or party favor.

Clothespin Race Cars

29.  Clothespin Race Cars ~ How to make a fun boredom buster race car out of clothespins.

DIY Paintbrush

30.  DIY Paintbrush ~ A clothespin can easy grip any textured object for an instant paintbrush.

Educational Clothespin Activities

Clothespin Color Wheel

31.  Clothespin Color Wheel ~ This is a great activity for eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and cognitive development.  Match the color on the wheel with the colored clothespin.

Name Recognition Activity

32.  Name Recognition Activity ~ A great learning tool that will aid your child in learning their name as well as letter recognition.

DIY Number Line

33.  DIY Number Line ~ This number line was designed to help children learn the teen numbers, but you could use it for any series of numbers.

Clothespin Bag Pattern

Clothespin Apron Pattern

34.  Clothespin Apron Pattern ~ How to make an adorable dress clothespin apron with downloadable pattern pieces.


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