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Not only are we hooking you up with some darling free printable counting cards, but also 25 games to use them with your kids!  I just adore free printable games that also help educate.  So enjoy!

Ok, we covered letters and the alphabet.  Did you print yours?  If not, they are still available to grab.  Naturally, I thought the next step would be numbers.  I’ve included the digits 0-9, as well as some labeling cards, number symbols, and even a blank card.  Just print and cut apart. These number cards are so versatile!  Even more so when you print multiple copies. They can be used in any number (ha!) of ways to help a kiddo better understand concepts, from preschool through middle school.  I’ve tried to come up with the 25 best ways to effectively utilize the cards.  Once again, these activities are suggestions.  You know your student best.  Please feel free to modify these activities to suit your needs.  Oh, and have fun!

Counting Cards

Free Printable Counting Cards

EHprint Print Free File Here:
Printable Number Cards (7345 downloads)

Click the link above to print out your free counting cards or number cards?  After you download your number cards, here are some great ways to use them!

25 Counting Card Games

1.  Laminate or insert cards into plastic badge protectors.  Trace the numbers with write-on/wipe-off crayons or wet erase markers.

2.  Don’t want to laminate?  Use your magic pointer finger to invisibly trace the numbers. Now write them really big in the air with your pointer finger.

3.  Order the number cards from 0 to 9. Can you do it backwards? (Pretend you’re launching into space!)

4. Sort the cards into even and odd numbers.  Even on the longest number you can make…the ones digit tells whether the whole number is even or odd!

5. Print more copies of the digit cards and make bigger numbers. Practice saying the numbers.  486…four hundred eighty-six.  Remember there’s no ‘and’ in numbers unless you’re talking about decimals. Use the comma cards to make even bigger numbers in the thousands and millions!

6. Talk about place value.  In the number 783, how much is the 8 worth? Label each place value with the ones, tens, and hundreds cards.

7.  Glue a number card on a piece of paper.  Then draw or cut out that many things on the paper.  If it’s 5, then draw 5 cars on the paper.  Do this for each number and put the pages together to make a book.

8. Using the number and the symbol cards to make number sentences.  3+4=7

9. Get moving!  Shuffle all the number cards.  Name an activity such as hopping on one foot.  Pick a number card and then do that activity that number of times, counting aloud as you complete the activity. Be silly!

10. Using the number card as your guide, build the number.  Arrange blocks, cars, dough, or food in the shape of each number.

11.  Race to the number.  Shuffle the cards.  Pick a card and race to find that many items.  8…go find 8 stuffed animals and bring them to the sofa…go!

12. Which is more?  Make two numbers (bigger numbers for older students).  Use the < (less than) and > (greater than) symbols correctly between the numbers.  Remember the open alligator mouth always eats the bigger number!

13. Using the card as your guide and your pointer finger, trace a number on a friend’s back.  Can they guess the number?  Once again, bigger numbers for older students.

14. Lunch with a special guest.  Invite a number to lunch…eat that number of everything. 5 grapes, 5 crackers, 5 bits of cheese, 5 brownies (that one’s for Mom!)

15. Number Towers…using small building block (or something similar) stack 1 block.  Right next to it, stack 2 blocks.  Next to it, stack 3 blocks.  How high can you go?

16. Practice making numbers with the decimal point.  38.25 becomes thirty-eight AND twenty-five hundredths. Practice saying the numbers aloud.  Practice saying the decimals as dollars and cents.

17. Build multiplication arrays. Use the number and number symbol cards to make a multiplication sentence…3×4=? To find the answer, use sticky notes (or something else) to build an array.  Put three sticky notes in a row.  Now make each of those sticky notes into a column of four.  Now you can count the sticky notes.  There should be 12 in all.

18. Divvy it up.  Make a division sentence with your number and symbols cards. 12 divided by 3 is how much?  Take 12 of some item and 3 people.  Pass out the items like you’re dealing cards.  Everyone gets the same amount.  What’s the answer? Finish your number sentence.

19. Using your cards as guides, take a walk around the neighborhood, grocery store, park. Start with 1…find 1 of something.  Easy.  Next find 2 of the same thing as so on.  The park has 2 water fountains.  The park has 3 slides .  The park has 4 swings.

20. Number Hunt.  Take your number cards with you as you look for numbers all around the community.  On street signs, house numbers, billboards, etc.

21. It’s a war!  Classic number card game.  Each of two players has number cards face down.  Each one flips his top card.  Bigger card wins both cards.  Print multiple copies of the number cards for this one.

22. bADDle.  Just like the game above, except each player turns over two cards and adds them together.  Highest addend wins!  This would work for multiplication, too…subtraction and division with a little modification.

23. Draw Four.  Using a set of number cards for each player, pick four cards from your face down pile.  The player who can order the cards from least to greatest (or greatest to least) fastest wins!

24. Gimme 10.  Use your number cards to find all the different ways to make 10…2 and 8, 3 and 7, etc.  Extend this activity by playing Gimme 20 or even Gimme 100.

25. Sum of the Digits. (A little game I made up years while teaching fourth grade) To play, you’ll need a Keeper and the Players.  The Keeper picks a number from 1 to 100.  He adds the digits together to get a sum (example: 63, 6+3=9). The Keeper then shows the Players the sum of the digits using the number cards, in this case the Keeper would show the 9 card.  The Players then take turns trying to guess the Keeper’s original number (63) using the 9 as their clue.  Some guesses might include 81, 72, 54, 45, 36, 27, 18, or even 9 or 90.  The Player that guesses correctly is the next Keeper!

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About the Author….I am Mel Wilson, a SAHM to two great elementary aged kiddos, a proud Army wife, and a ‘retired’ elementary school teacher. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share with you! I love combining my education background, my love of cute printables, and my crafty side to build FUNctional learning activities. When I’m not sitting in front of the Mac, I also enjoy family time, baking (but not cooking), and Dr Pepper.  I share all of my crafty adventures on my blog, Domesticated Lady and have even more to offer in my Etsy store!

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