24 Things to Make with Mason Jars


Jar Crafts can be made into almost anything!  You’re going to love these jar projects that include Mason Jar Lights DIY, chandeliers, organizers, pincushions, herb garden, and even gifts!

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Create Jar Crafts

Create Jar Crafts 1.  Mason Jar Photos ~ Use this method for a unique way to display a photo, or make a whole collection of them to use as centerpieces at a wedding or anniversary party.  Would also be a fun grandparents gift. Create Jar Crafts

2.  Mason Jar BBQ SundaeDish up this BBQ Sundae for your next dinner party! It’s layered with pork, slaw and baked beans in a jar – use your own favorite recipes or Dixie’s easy favorites.  This would also make fun little appetizers.

3.  FIZZ Blender Drinks – These FIZZ drinks not only look adorable in the mason jars, but also refreshing!  Guess what?  They are guiltless and lo cal.  You even attach the mason jars to your blender to individually blend the drinks.

Cake in a Jar

4.   Cake in A Jar Tutorial {Recipe} ~ Yummy red velvet cake in a jar.  Bake it in the jar and eat it from the jar!  See the tutorial on how to make your own and even dress it up as a Teacher Appreciation gift, neighbor gift or party favor.

Mason Jar Lights DIY

Mason Jar Lantern

5.  Mason Jar Lantern Tutorial ~ Add some beautiful ambiance to your backyard with these beautiful Mason Jar Lanterns.  Simply download the tutorial pdf file to make your own. Mason Jar Lights

6.  Mason Jar Lights {DIY Lights} ~ I absolutely love the aqua Ball Jars and I have just about a million of them. I know that I saw the jars as pendant lights in a magazine once but I can’t remember where….they gave the source to buy them, but I think they were around $175 for a pair. Too rich for my blood! So…I made them. And it took NO time at all.

DIY Mason Jar Candles

Mason Jar Votives

7.  DIY Fabric Jar Votives ~ A fun homemade gift thats perfect for your friend who loves to entertain.  Use fabrics that would match her dining decor and using a basic craft glue, turn an empty jar into a thing of beauty.

Jar Centerpiece

8.  Mason Jar Centerpiece ~ These festive sand layered July 4th centerpieces are absolutely darling!  Mason jars were layered with sand, baker’s twine was tied around the lip of the jar, and the free printables were attached to paper straws.  Just by changing the colors and theme you could incorporate this idea for any occasion or season.

Jar Candles

9.  DIY Mason Jar Candles ~ A Mason Jar was used as a ‘mold’ to make these fabulous beeswax candles.  After the wax sets in the jar you break the ‘mold’ and you have yourself a beautiful candle.  Did you notice the intention of ‘Ball’ was preserved on the candle?  Amazing!

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason Jar Chandelier

10.  DIY Mason Jar Chandelier ~ Follow this tutorial to turn a vintage pulley, crystals, wire, tea lights, and mason jars into a beautiful and unique chandelier!

Create Jar Organizers

Create Jar Organizers

11.  Mason Jar Organizer {step by step} ~ One of my favorite elements for interior design costs less than two dollars at your local grocery store. That’s right, Mason Jars.  Now, you can find some antique mason jars that cost more & some in different styles, but for this DIY project I used four simple wide mouth Mason Jars.

12.  Mason Jar Makeovers {accessorize}Accessorize and organize your home with these made over mason jars.  From glitter to tape to puffy paint, these jars will inspire you to be creative with your organizers.  Mason jars aren’t just for canning, anymore! Pantry Storage

13.  Mason Jar Storage for the Pantry ~ Just by simply covering the jar lids with chalk paint you have the cheapest and simplest storage organization for your pantry.  Fill your jars and label the lid.  They are perfect for storing spices, pasta, rice and beans.

Mason Jar Crafts

Salt & Pepper Shakers

14.   DIY Salt & Pepper Shakers ~ Make your own Salt & Pepper Shakers with just 3 items, 6-8 oz. mason jars, hammer and a nail.  You can literally make these cuties in under 5 minutes.

Soap Dispenser

15.   How To Make a Mason Jar Soap Dispenser ~ Look at this clever way to easily make a soap dispenser!  A great way to rehab your old soap pump.  You can add color to the clear jar by adding decorative beads.

Mason Jar Pincushion Tutorial

Sewing Kit in a Jar

16.  Mason Jar Pincushion Tutorial ~ This easy handmade Sewing Kit in a Jar is the perfect gift for the sewer in your life. Easily personalize your gift with the recipients favorite colors by altering the fabric on the lid.

DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason Jar Terrarium

17.  DIY Mason Jar Terrarium ~ Add some sunshine to your day with these terrarium jars!  It’s a great project for the kids to help with.  They will have fun layering the moss, rocks and dirt in the jars.  Display them in a kitchen window or even your desk at work. How to Make a Mason Jar Herb Garden

18.  How to Make a Mason Jar Herb Garden ~ Using mason jars, an old board, and pipe clamps, learn how to create an adorable indoor or outdoor planter. I think these would look so cute on a kitchen wall filled with herbs!

Jar Projects

Jar Projects

19.  Lettered Mason Jars ~ Here is a fabulous tip for repurposing mason jars. Write a word or design on the outside of your jar using puffy paint or hot glue and then spray paint over your design to create a unique vase!

Mason jar Mercury Glass

20.  Mason Jar Mercury Glass ~ A super easy way to take a simple jar or vase and give it an antiqued look.  All you need is Krylon Looking Glass Spray and vinegar.  A fab housewarming or wedding gift.  Don’t forget to fill it with flowers before you give it away.

Tinted Mason Jars

21.  Blue Tinted Mason Jars ~ This tutorial for tinting Mason Jars is great because it shows how anyone can tint Mason jars any color they chose.  It’s a great way to up cycle all the jars you probably have sitting in your cupboard!

Fancy Mason Jar Cups

22.  Fancy Party Cups ~ These pink lemonade fancy mason cups are simply adorable!  Adding pretty lace and ribbon does wonders to mason jars.  They would be a perfect drink addition to almost any party.  Just change the ribbon and lace colors.

Mason Jar Christmas Crafts

Mason Jar Christmas Crafts

23.  Mason Jar Snow Globes {Christmas Gifts}Give a handmade, vintage mason jar snow globe or terrarium as a Christmas gift this holiday season. This gift is easy for kids to make for parents and grandparents, and they’ll love being able to pick out their own decorations for the globes. Christmas Lanterns

24.  Mason Jar Christmas Lanterns ~ Get a head start on your Christmas projects.  These frosted Christmas lanterns are perfect for  gift giving.  Gift them to your neighbors, co-workers, friends or teachers.  Add some jingle bells, holly, a pinecone or an ornament to dress it up.

24 Things to Make with Mason Jars

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