16 Best Flowers to Plant for Summer

Are you thinking of planting flowers in your garden this summer? The first step is finding the right flowers to plant. The months of June, July and August are the hottest so planting low care flowers that can tolerate the heat are key. These tutorials for your summer flower beds are super helpful and will help you

Raised Garden How-to

Are you thinking of making a raised garden in your yard? Raised garden beds make gardening easier for planting, weed control and harvesting than traditional garden beds. These tutorials for making a raised garden are super helpful and will help you decide what to plan, when to plant and how to make your raised beds! Making a raised

32 Handmade Gifts for Gardeners

We’re continuing our DIY Gifts by featuring handmade gifts for gardeners.  These gifts for gardeners include flower themed gifts, diy gift baskets, gardening presents, plant gifts, and cool garden ideas.  Just for fun, I’ve also included a few larger DIY Gifts like DIY backyard ideas and DIY yard projects. So if you’re looking for a gift

How to Care for Outdoor furniture

Nothing beats sitting around outside with family and friends on a warm summer’s night. Outdoor furniture makes it possible to relax in comfort, and when taken care of properly, it can last for many years and provide the perfect setting for hundreds of memorable gatherings. The only downside to outdoor furniture is that it’s often

Tips and Advice for Planting Flower Bulbs

Before getting started with the planting, you should make a plan or a schedule for flower gardening. The perfect schedule includes all the important dates, such as the dates for buying the bulbs and the seeds, the preferred dates for sowing starting plants indoors and for transplanting outdoors, the days for watering and garden spraying,

How to care for a new lawn

Caring for new grass requires some simple steps from watering to feeding and mowing! Here you’ll find some basic but very important tips on how to care for a new lawn for a healthy grass.

How To Build A DIY Garden Shed to Store Your Tools

Most of the modular construction materials will be inexpensive and easier to build with. Never let the size of a project intimidate you because the construction methods for this project are not difficult, and you will feel good about yourself once you have finished with it. This garden shed was designed with the idea of

Tips for Planning the Ultimate Pool Party

It does not matter how old you are – a pool party is never going to lose its fun factor. Whether you just want to get a couple of friends together or if you are trying to beat the heat, there is no better idea than a pool party. Of course, when planning this type

Homemade herbicide alternatives

Swap the commercial herbicides that are toxic and expensive for a homemade herbicide that is a safer and healthier alternative. These are affordable and less toxic and you probably have them on hand.

How to plant a lawn from seeds

Starting a lawn from scratch using seed is the least expensive way to transform your home or garden. Here’s how to plant a lawn from seeds.

How to Grow the Perfect Roses

Growing roses is something which everyone should do at some point of their life. Many people are reluctant to the idea, because they think it’s difficult, time consuming and completely unpredictable. And they are partially right, because unless you research the topic thoroughly and you find out all the specifics when it comes to growing

How to plan the Perfect Hot Tub Party

Summer is finally here, so let’s make the most of it starting with the most amazing garden hot tub party. Discover what you’ll need and how to set about planning a hot tub party. This guide is brought to you by Hot Tub Hire Sheffield, a leading spa rental company in the UK. Happy hot-tubbing.

How to prepare soil for grass seed

Growing a healthy lawn from scratch requires a healthy soil. Success or failure is strongly tied to the way you get the soil ready for seeding. Here’s how to prepare soil for grass seed.

How to Prevent Wasp Nests in Your Garden

Our homes and gardens are the places where we spend most of our free time, so it’s understandable we want to make them safer for us and our families. This is why we install expensive alarm systems, we buy strong doors and windows, we build high fences, and we do everything else possible to protect

DIY Succulent Gumball Planter

The craft only requires a few simple items and the end product is super cute and makes a great gift. It’s also pretty on-trend, given how popular succulents are these days. It’s a great family craft because it’s pretty straight forward, you’ll just want to have an adult around to help out with the hot