How To Build A DIY Garden Shed to Store Your Tools


Most of the modular construction materials will be inexpensive and easier to build with. Never let the size of a project intimidate you because the construction methods for this project are not difficult, and you will feel good about yourself once you have finished with it. This garden shed was designed with the idea of saving gardeners’ money on their next garden shed. The dimensions of the lumber were designed to make for the most efficient use of resources. Here are some of the ways that you will save money:

• OSB Siding

• Wood Foundation

• Custom Door

• Composite Trim

• Easy Arch-top Windows

OSB siding panels cost less than plywood panels, and they come primed ahead of time to save money on labour. With OSB panels, you will save around $500 over the price of cedar plywood siding. The wood foundation becomes another element to consider.

If you hire a concrete contractor, a small slab can cost as much as $1,000, but a wood foundation will only cost $250, and wood foundations are easier to build. The project includes a cost-cutting custom door because this only costs around $140. Considering doors of similar style can easily reach over $1,000, it’s a great choice. While it isn’t as weather tight, it is the perfect choice for a shed. The composite trim will save you money because it costs less than buying solid wood. In addition, there are knots or defects in the wood. Finally, the project involves arch-top windows, which cost around $60 each.

Getting Started

Before you begin, you will want to check with your local building department to see if a building permit will be required. You will also get the guidelines for how close to lot lines you can build. In the first step, you set two 6x6s on a gravel bed to serve as the shed’s foundation. You will have to dig two trenches that are 16 inches wide and 12 inches deep. The length will be 13 feet long, and you will need to centre the trenches at 66 inches away from each other. Once you have done this, you will fill the trenches with gravel and compact them using a hand tamper.

Cutting the 6x6s

Next, you have to cut the 6x6s to 12 feet, and put them on the gravel to be parallel. If there is sloped ground, you will raise the 6×6 on the low side to reach the same height. You can stack 2x6s, 4x6s or 6x6s on top of each other to reach that ideal height. Building the walls can be done using a flat surface. You will want to snap chalk lines on the plywood at three-and-a-half inches from the edge of the platform and measure the lines to make them parallel and 89 inches from each other. Next, you will snap the lines for a peak and cut 2x4s to fit with the inside lines. Nail on the siding or screw it on.

Building the Roof

Choosing the type of roof for your garden shed will probably be one of the most important decisions to make when erecting a garden shed so be sure to get familiar with the different types of garden shed roofs that are available. While it might seem unconventional, building the roof upside down will have its advantage. For example, you avoid doing ladder work, and you can nail the material overhead without having to work overhead. Make sure that framing is square and the 2×4 perimeters are square before you nail the soffit. After you have framed the roof, you will line up the subfascia and use toe screws to tack it in three to four different locations. This holds it straight while installing the soffit. When putting the roof on, they will be heavy and somewhat awkward, so you will want to look for three or four strong friends to move the panels into position.

Adding the Windows

The window creation will be good for a rainy day project. You can build a window using the parts in your garage or shop and assemble the window. First, draw the curves for the window pieces. Next, cut the side pieces and place them over the header. You will finish the curved trim using a jigsaw and sand them to smoothness. Finally, paint the window and let it dry.

You also want to make sure that you have the right materials for this DIY project. Once you have finished, you will have a beautiful garden shed that saved you money in the process. Here are some other ideas that you could add to garden sheds. If you’re like most homeowners, then you know that there is no such thing as too much storage space.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
Long Term

Step by Step Instructions

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