Tips for Planning the Ultimate Pool Party


It does not matter how old you are – a pool party is never going to lose its fun factor. Whether you just want to get a couple of friends together or if you are trying to beat the heat, there is no better idea than a pool party. Of course, when planning this type of event, there are a few things that you are going to have to think about. As it is not like other parties, you will need to make several special arrangements. Here are some tips for throwing a truly memorable pool party:

Have Pool Friendly Food

At a pool party, it can be difficult to get everyone to sit down and eat all together. Depending on the number of people that you have invited and due to the circumstances, it is best not to have a proper meal. Instead, have plenty of finger foods that people can happily dip into and enjoy. Remember the best foods are the ones that leave behind a minimal amount of mess. It is also best to set up a long table with all of the food on it. It is probably not a good idea to try and act as a waiter without so many slippery surfaces around.

Keep the Drinks Ice Cold

The one thing you will notice at a pool party is that a lot of people will be heading to the drinks table. This is because it is hot out and swimming can make you feel that much thirstier. Of course, no one wants to be sipping on warm drinks. A great idea to keep all of the drinks cold is to get a large metal tub and fill it with bags of ice. Then put bottles of drinks, water, and juice boxes in the tub. This way, it will remain cold. You should keep several bags of ice in the fridge. This way, once the bags in the tub have melted you will have more on hand. Simply pop the melted bags into the freezer to freeze back up again.

Have Supplies Ready

One thing that is going to be requested a lot is towels. This is why you should have plenty of Turkish towels to offer everyone. To make sure that people do not misplace them, have a small name tag on each person’s towel. This way, there will be no mix up among the guests. Another thing that you should do is to set up a basket or container with all of the essential items. Make sure to put lots of sunscreen, tanning oil, and maybe even some hats in there. This way, your guests can make sure that they do not overheat or suffer from sunburn.

Settle in For the Night

Once the suns starts to set, people are going to head out of the pool. This does not mean that the pool cannot be the centre of attention anymore. What you should do is blow up white balloons and pop a glow stick in. Then you can place them on the water for everyone to admire. If you don’t want to blow up balloons and do not mind collecting all those sticks, you can simply put the sticks in the water.

These are some fun and interesting ways that you can take your pool party to the next level. It will be one that people will be talking about for a long time.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$0 or Free
30 Minutes
-- -- --

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Have Pool Friendly Food

  • Step 2

    Have Supplies Ready

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