32 Handmade Gifts for Gardeners


We’re continuing our DIY Gifts by featuring handmade gifts for gardeners.  These gifts for gardeners include flower themed gifts, diy gift baskets, gardening presents, plant gifts, and cool garden ideas.  Just for fun, I’ve also included a few larger DIY Gifts like DIY backyard ideas and DIY yard projects.

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So if you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves gardening or you have a garden yourself ~ check out these DIY garden ideas from creative women who are passionate gardeners.



1.  Garden Tool Belt Tutorial ~ This apron is just perfect for the garden…er. Lots of pockets to store seed packets and garden tools.

Kitchen Cart to Gardening Station

2.  Kitchen Cart to Gardening Station ~ Come check out how I turned a regular old thrift store kitchen cart into a useful gardening station. You will definitely want to check out how I was able to add a ton more storage to it. {favorite in Craft Room}

 DIY Garden Markers

3.  DIY Garden Markers ~ Made with polymer clay and stamps, this diy gifts idea is perfect for the gardener. They can be used with indoor or outdoor gardening.

Birdseed Wreath

4. Birdseed WreathMake a birdseed wreath for your outdoors. Spring and summer are brought to life when birds come into your yard.  Bring the birds with this wreath!

DIY Orange Glove Gardener's Soap

5.  DIY Orange Glove Gardener’s Soap ~ A wonderful orange scented soap that works wonders on soil stained hands. Makes a great handmade gift idea.

Gardening Presents

Gardening Presents

6.  How To Make A Garden Kneeling Cushion ~ How to make a beautiful kneeling cushion that can be used indoors and out in the garden. Perfect for a Christmas gift or for guests to sit on at a family gathering, this kneeling cushion is cheap to make and looks fantastic too. {favorite in Craft Room}

How to Sew a Garden Kneeling Pad

7.  How to Sew a Garden Kneeling Pad ~ Give your knees a break with this handy homemade kneeling pad. It’s quick and easy to make, and makes a great gift!

DIY Gardening Gloves

8.  DIY Gardening Gloves ~ This is a great DIY spring and summer project! While she used an old sweatshirt and repurposed it, the great part of creating your own is that you can pick out any material you wish! Stylish even while playing in the dirt!

Gardener's Hand Scrub

9.  Gardener’s Hand Scrub ~ This is a perfect gift for gardening moms, sisters, teachers, friends and neighbors. This gift would be a wonderful thank you gift for a gardener who shares their harvest.

Flower Themed Gifts

Flower Themed Gifts

10.  Color Dipped Planting Pots ~ Are you ready for spring and gardening season?! This post features a stylish way to spruce up some plain terracotta pots! An easy and inexpensive project that will look fabulous displaying springs finest flowers!

Vintage Tea Tin Succulents

11.  Vintage Tea Tin Succulents ~ Create beautiful planters for your succulents from recycled tin cans!

DIY Gift Baskets

DIY Gift Baskets

12.  DIY Gift Baskets ~ Include gardening essentials like gloves, seeds, shovel and even garden markers and place in a carrying basket.

DIY Gardening Gift Basket

13.  DIY Gardening Gift Basket ~ All the essentials necessary for the beginner gardener. Makes a great welcome to the neighborhood gift.

Garden Gift Card

Garden Gift Card

14.  Best Gift Card Holders ~ These gift card holders are fantastic because they are easy and can be made into tags. Talk about a super cute way to give a gift card!

DIY Garden Ideas

DIY Garden Ideas

15.  Mason Jar Wall Planter ~ Using mason jars, an old board, and pipe clamps, learn how to create an adorable indoor or outdoor planter. I think these would look so cute on a kitchen wall filled with herbs!

 DIY Zen Garden

16.  DIY Zen Garden ~ Here is a fun gift for men or for a co-worker.  Perfect for a birthday or Father’s Day gift, it might be fun to also accompany it with some new desk supplies.

DIY Stepping Stones

17.  DIY Stepping Stones ~ The garden stone is a great way to personalize your back or front yard and it’’s also a simple, enjoyable weekend project. Make your own garden stones using a cake pan, cement and crushed china!

DIY Backyard Ideas

DIY Backyard Ideas

18.   Pallet Gardening Table ~ Check out this super clever way to make a gardening station out of a couple of discarded pallets! A functional cool space to use in your outdoor space. Grab your pallets, some screws, chains and this tutorial to get started!

DIY Bird House Craft

19.  DIY Bird House Craft ~ Bird houses are always a fun project to make, especially for kids.  This would make a great gift for the grandparents, or be a fun party or youth activity.  It is made from two half pieces of molding, affordable and easy to find at your local hardware store.

plant gifts

Plant Gifts

20.  Herb Garden in a Tin Can ~ Turn a can of veggies into an herb garden! It’s a wonderful gift idea for housewarming, birthday or bridal shower. All the recipient has to do is “pop the top, add water and let it grow”.

Wrapping with Herbs

21.  Wrapping with Herbs ~ Incorporate garden herbs or flowers when you wrap gifts. It adds a beautiful touch when wrapping with brown paper.

Garden Markers

Garden Markers

22.  Easy DIY Garden Markers ~ Turn inexpensive tongue depressors into impressive garden markers to note where your herbs and veggies are planted. {favorite in Craft Room}

DIY Yard Projects

DIY Yard Projects

23.  DIY Monogram Planter ~ Here is a fabulous DIY project to make a wall mounted letter a little bit more stylish! Completely customizable because you make the planter. Then plant your flowers to finish the look! Great for indoors as well as outdoors!

Hanging Succulent Centerpiece

24.  Hanging Succulent Centerpiece ~ Transform a simple metal tray into a beautiful hanging natural display of candles and succulents.

yard tool organizer

25. How to Create a Garden Tool Organizer ~ Organize your garden tools by creating your own garden shed tool organizer!

how to make seed bombs

26.  How to Make Your Own Seed Bombs ~ A perfect gift for the gardener. Seed balls, or seed bombs, a little earthen truffle, are perfect treats for anyone who appreciates a beautiful flower.

DIY Seed Tape

27.  DIY Seed Tape ~ Planting just got a lot easier when you have a seed tape. Just pull the tape and tear off the amount you want to use.

Printable Seed Packets

Printable Seed Packets

28.  Printable Seed Packet Envelopes ~ Although small, these printable envelopes are very versatile. You can use them for giving notes, jewelry, money cards, etc. She even used one for carrying her sewing needles! You can choose from over a dozen fabulous designs.

Seed Packet Wraps

29. Seed Packet Wraps {Free Printable Cards} ~ These beautiful seed packet wraps turn an ordinary envelope of seeds into a cute party favor for your Spring get together.  They also make a great “just thinking about you” card.

Free Printables

Free Printables

30.  Printable Planting Calendar ~ Use this free printable calendar in 3 ways, as a reminder to plant, a record of harvesting time vs planting time, and as a journal to record best times to plant.

Fresh from the Garden Gift Tag

31.  Fresh from the Garden Gift Tag ~ A fun tag for sharing your garden goodies! {favorite in Craft Room}

Cool Garden Ideas

Cool Garden Ideas

32.  DIY Terrarium Kit {free printable} ~ This helpful tutorial will show you step by step how to make a terrarium kit in a jar that’s perfect for gift giving.

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