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19 Creative Curtains and Drapes to Make


Curtains and drapes are such a great way to transform or make over a room quickly and can be done inexpensively as well.  These are all DIY curtains and drapes with pictured tutorials and free patterns that you can make yourself at home.

These creative curtain and drapes include blackout curtains, kitchen curtains, window shades and bedroom coverings you can make for any room in your house!  Yep, these unique window treatment ideas are better than pretty as they are functional too.  {high fives}

19 Creative Curtains and Drapes to Make

19 Creative Window Treatment Ideas

I’ve made sure that all of these do-it-yourself curtains and drapes patterns are easy, unique, and different from each other to help you decorate your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms in your house  So weather you have a sewing machine and love to sew or you’d rather not and prefer to iron-on I’ve got curtains and drapes, valances, and even alternate window coverings that might help solve some decorating issues or other privacy issues in your home.

How to Make Curtains and Drapes on Tip Junkie

Thanks to more moves than we’ve planned on, I’m on my fourth home and years later it’s still in desperate need of some drapes and window coverings.  Usually I start in the boys rooms as it’s super easy for me to throw up bedroom curtains in whatever theme I decorated their room.   Their room are all done and it’s time that I move on to my master bedroom and then the dining room.  So I created this round up of creative curtains and drapes to make to help me finally decide what to to and finish up the house once.  {crossing fingers}  Hopefully it helps you too!

19. Super Simple Cafe Curtains

Super Simple Cafe Curtains

Easy sewing project even beginners can make as it’s sewing straight lines.  Abby loved how cafe curtains looked when the curtain rod sat above the window’s meeting rails and shows you how to measure your fabric and sew accordingly.  You can also use iron-on hem tape too for a no-sew option.

Get free pattern here: Simple Cafe DIY Curtains

18. How To Pinch Pleat IKEA Curtains

How To Pinch Pleat IKEA Curtains

Take some cheap IKEA curtains and make them look more expensive with an easy hack. Linda started with the Lenda Curtains from Ikea and used 4″ buckram, drapery hooks, drapery weights, and stitch witchery to create this amazing sleek look for her living room curtains.

Get free pattern here: How To Pinch Pleat IKEA Curtains

17. How To Sew Lined Back-Tab Curtains

How To Sew Lined Back-Tab Curtains

Try this simple tutorial if you like how back tabs look on curtains.  Kelly loves how the back-tabs look hanging up and created this room using fabric, bias tape, and a lot of patience. {giggle} I really like all her extra tips as she really walks you through the process to help make sewing your own curtains easier for you.

Get free pattern here: How To Sew Lined Back-Tab Curtains

16. No-Sew Grommet Drapes

No-Sew Grommet Drapes

Stefanie simple no-sew grommet drapes is for those who don’t want to sew or don’t have a sewing machine.  She says it’s a very easy yet tedious project but she loves the end result and said it’s worth it. The tools Stefanie use are fabric, scissors, fabric glue, tape measure, an iron and some curtain grommets.  Her big tip is to use an even number of grommets.

Get tutorial here: No Sew Grommet Drapes

15. No-Sew Blackout Curtains For the Bedroom

No-Sew Blackout Curtains For the Bedroom

Perfect project for privacy and blocking light on a minimal budget.  Casey & Bridget suggest starting with the Ikea Ritva curtains because they have a nice linen texture and a good weight. But alone they allow way too much light to pass through. So she also added the I also picked up the Ikea Glasnava blackout curtain liners to create the blackout curtains.

Get tutorial here: No Sew Blackout Curtains For The Bedroom

14. DIY Master Bedroom Curtains

DIY Master Bedroom Curtains

Customize plain drapes and add a pop of color or texture by adding a print on them.  Keeping with the Ikea theme, Courtney started with a white drapery panel from Ikea and added another fabric with a fun pattern. Her take away tip is to use panels {or fabric} with the same width so it’s super quick.

Get free pattern here: Master Bedroom Curtains

13. Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Sliding Glass Door Curtains

A detailed tutorial on making curtains for sliding glass doors. Kelly used fabric by Amy Butler to create her sliding glass door curtains as she wanted a fun pop of color. She hung the curtains on a rod and curtain clips behind the wood cornice box above her glass door.

Get free pattern here: Sliding Glass Door Curtains

12. Pom Pom Trimmed Drapes

DIY Pom Pom Trimmed Drapes

Add a bit of pizzaz to any drapes by adding some cheerful pom poms.  Kristi made these DIY Pom Pom Trimmed Drapes make brighten up her breakfast area.. They were made from four tablecloths and were super easy on the budget.

Get tutorial here: DIY Pom Pom Trimmed Drapes

11. No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

DIY No-Sew Dropcloth Curtains

Drop cloth is a cheap and sturdy fabric, perfect for budget-friendly, and great looking drapes.  Aimee shares her pictured tutorial on how to make these no-sew family room curtains out of drop cloths.  She first shows you how to make the DIY wood curtain rod and then gives pictured instructions on how to dye and hang the drop cloth curtains.

Get tutorial here: No-Sew Drop cloth Curtains

10. No-Sew Relaxed Roman Shades

No-Sew Relaxed Roman Shades

A gorgeous window treatment that partially filters the light while still keeping a room bright.  Inspired by Restoration Hardware, Diane made her $15 no-sew version using a vinyl roller shade as the base.

Get tutorial here: No-Sew Relaxed Roman Shades

9. Pleated Small Window Curtains

Pleated Small Window Curtains

Easy Pleated Curtain Panels.  Perfect for making small windows look bigger, adding a color accent and blocking light.  Sherry pinched the fabric in ten equal increments and secured the clips to the back of the top hem, about 2.5″ from the top of the panel to create this look.

Get free pattern here: Pleated Small Window Curtains

8. DIY Front Door Curtains

DIY Front Door Curtains

An easy way to cover front door glass and get privacy.  Charlotte simply stuck some adhesive velcro along the top edge of each panel and used that to affix it to the door.

Get free pattern here: DIY Front Door Curtains

7. No-Sew DIY Burlap Window Valance

No-Sew DIY Burlap Window Valance

Give the rustic vibe to any room with this Fixer Upper inspired window valance.  Christy used 4 yards of burlap and used thumbtacks, spaced about 6″ apart, to pin the burlap to the bottom of the window casing, and then started folding the burlap from the bottom like a fan or accordion, then finished with tying twine.

Get tutorial here: No-Sew DIY Burlap Window Valance

6. DIY Pelmet Box

DIY Pelmet Box

Another creative window treatment, perfect if you don’t want to block light or on a tight budget.  Nikkala used minimal supplied of batting, duct tape, stapler, foam board, and fabric.  Yep, foam board!  I’ve done this in my home as well and it’s super quick and easy.

Get free pattern here: DIY Pelmet Box

5. No-Sew, Double Sided, Roll Up Window Shade

No-Sew, Double Sided, Roll Up Window Shade

Practical window shades that can be rolled up as needed.  Brilliant!  Angelica shares her pictured tutorial for those who need to cover a window with a roll-up shade, and you want something fast and inexpensive.  The dowel rod helps the fabric roll nicely around it and keeps it in place.

Get the tutorial here: No-Sew, Double Sided, Roll Up Window Shade

4. DIY Thermal Insulated Blackout Shades

DIY Thermal Insulated Blackout Shades

Block light and heat with these pretty and functional thermal shades.  Brittany came up with these thermal, insulated blackout shade that lined the entire window to not only keep out the light but also make her poorly insulated windows more energy efficient.

Get free pattern here: DIY Thermal Insulated Blackout Shades

3. DIY Ruffled Curtains

DIY Ruffled Curtains

Ruffles can make short curtains look gorgeous and embellish any window.  Debbie sewed these ruffled curtains without a fancy ruffler foot for her sewing machine and she shows how you can do it too.  This is an older tutorial but a good one that you can use to learn how to sew ruffles for anything.

Get free pattern here: DIY Ruffled Curtains

2. DIY Ombre Curtains

DIY Ombre Curtains

Get the ombre look for any plain curtains turning them into a fun color accent.  Carrie also used the Lenda curtains from Ikea, cut off the tab tops and used the curtain rings. She didn’t dip dye but brushed it on as she felt that was less messy.

Get free pattern here: DIY Ombre Curtains

1. DIY Window Privacy Screen

DIY Window Privacy Screen

Plywood, sheer fabric, and a few more inexpensive materials are needed to make this gorgeous privacy screen.  Serena wanted to create an alternative window treatment idea which doubles as a window privacy screen that can easily be removed or moved up and down.  She also shares some “lessons learned” when you’re ready to make your own DIY window privacy screen.

Get tutorial here: DIY Window Privacy Screen

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19 Creative Curtains and Drapes to Make

What Did I Miss?

I’d love to know what curtains and drapes you are looking for and want to make.  Leave a comment below. I also take requests, so if you’re looking for a specific pattern or window treatment for a specific room let me know in the comments.

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