26 Brilliant Nerf War Party Ideas for the Ultimate Battle


Nerf War is such a great party theme for both boys and girls of almost any age.  So if your birthday child is considering a Nerf birthday party then you’ve just saved tons of time researching Nerf party ideas, party food, printable decorations, party favors and Nerf games to play cuz I’ve got cha covered.

I have 3 boys and we probably own almost every Nerf gun known to man.  Thanks to birthday gift card from grandparents {giggle}  My boys love to gift nerf guns and love to get them.  So you can imagine our epic Nerf wars with friends as they have so much fun indoor and outside.  If you have hosted a Nerf war and have some tips and tricks to share feel free to do so in the comments. I am always looking for new ideas and will feature them in this post when appropriate.

Nerf War Party Ideas for Boys Birthdays on Tip Junkie

Most of the Nerf birthday party ideas featured are free and printable but a few contain affiliate links for your convenience. Click here for disclosure policy.  Those links help support the site as I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Nerf War Party Food

Nerf birthday party food can be as simple or over the top {OTT} as you want.  For some simple ideas you can use a variety of orange and yellow foods.  For healthy orange and yellow fruit and vegetables you can serve carrots, oranges, cantaloupe, and yellow and orange bell pepper slices.  Then there’s other foods like pizza, cheese puffs, of course and birthday cake.
Cheese puffs and baby carrots loosely resemble Nerf bullets so they make great additions to a Nerf birthday party table.

25. Easy Bullet Cake

Top Shot Style Nerf Gun Party

Based on the popular TV show. Amazing cake and she made her own printable decorations.  One thing that most of the Nerf gun wars have in common is that they had a “Don’t Poke Your Eyes Out” sign and safety glasses with a bandanna to cover their face like a bandit.  Such cute pictures.

Get ideas here: Top Shot Style Nerf Gun Party

24. Nerf Dart Push Pop Dessert

Nerf Dart Party Food

Using Blue Raspberry Jello, vanilla pudding, frosting, and blue tinted mini pie cakes layered into Push Pop Containers these Nerf birthday party food is a dessert that looks just like the Nerf Elite Darts.

Get tutorial here: Nerf Dart Push Pops Party Food

23. Epic Nerf War Birthday Party Table

Epic Nerf War Birthday Party

If you’re looking for more party food ideas then check out the pictures of this incredible party table and decorations.  I really like how the party food table was set up with a blue backdrop and orange twisted crepe paper streamers and balloons.

Get ideas here: Epic Nerf War Birthday Party

22. Soldier Nerf Birthday Party

Soldier Nerf Birthday Party

This soldier Nerf Battle party has awesome props, party food and other details such as costumes and camouflage face paint!  It’s a great twist on a traditional Nerf gun party theme.

Get ideas here: Soldier Nerf Birthday Party

Nerf Birthday Party Printables

There are so many amazing Nerf party prinables that I could do an entire post on just those. However, ideally I would like this post to help you plan the entire part.  So here’s a quick taste of some Nerf birthday party printables that you can buy or download for free.

21.  Green and Black Nerf Party Printables

Green & Black Nerf Birthday Party Free Printables

Shut the front door.  I am blown away at this amazing green, black, and yellow party printables.  The black cabinet door target backdrop is rocking my world.  Obviously, every party doesn’t need to be so over the top but I love looking at these parties to get some awesome party inspiration.  The TNT red licorice bundles cracked me up!  Love all of the fun party food ideas as well.

Get the printables here:  Green and Black Nerf Birthday Party Printables

20. Nerf War Birrthday Party Printables

Nerf War Birrthday Party Printables

Anders Ruff is crazy talented and their parties just make me smile as they are always so pretty.  Love is certainly in the details and you can purchase their Nerf party printables directly on their site.  I love the yellow Gatorade bottle wrappers and the suction nerf bullets on the glass cracked me up!

Get the party printables here:  Nerf War Birthday Party Printables

Nerf Birthday Party Supplies

I realize all birthday party supplies can’t be made or printed.  I know, it’s such a shame.  To save you some time I’ve included party supply necessities that you’ll need for your Nerf gun party.

19.  Large Nerf War Banner

Nerf War Custom Vinyl Party Banner

If you like the birthday party above and want to decorate with a huge vinyl banner then you are in luck because there are several great options for you to customize on Etsy.  A large banner is a great way to make a “wow” impression and also doubles as a photo op when blurred in the background for food tables and selfies.

Buy birthday party supplies here:  Nerf War Vinyl Party Banner

18.  Paper Party Supplies

Nerf War Paper Party Supplies

I prefer to use themed paper party supplies for my parties as it’s such an easy way to bring color and the theme into the decorations as I need to get paper goods anyway.  Obviously you can do printed or plain part supplies but don’t forget to add to your party decor list things like plastic table covers, paper plates, napkins, plasticwear, and plastic cups.

Buy birthday party supplies here:  Nerf War Paper Party Supplies

17.  Birthday Balloon Decorations

Nerf Party Supplies Birthday Balloon Decorations

Another easy way to incorprate a theme is with balloons.  Oh boy how I love a bouquet of balloons.  {cheesy grin} Now they come in all shapes and sizes and make a great photo op with the birthday child.  They don’t have to be printed or themed like these Nerf War Birthday Party Balloons as they can be solid in the colors of your choice like orange, blue, and black

Buy birthday party supplies here:  Nerf Birthday Balloon Decorations

Nerf Accessories and Bullet Holders

Gearing up for an epic Nerf battle can be easy like a grab and go or more Rambo elaborate.  The following are some accessories to make your Nerf fight extra easy and super fun.

16. Brilliant Nerf War Belt Hack

Brilliant Nerf War Belt Hack

Dude…. I haven’t tried this but I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself.  Use duct tape to make a dart belt in an instant.  Simply brilliant.

Get details here: Nerf War Dart Belt Hack

15.  Ammo Storage Tactical Weapon Gear

Nerf Accessories and Bullet Holders and Storage

Move over Rambo… thanks to this tactical shoulder strap and bullet hat holder any Nerf gun fight can be taken to the next level.  Wow.  Also check out her wrist bullet holders which you could make or buy for party favors.

Buy the Nerf holders here:  Rambo Tactical Weapon Gear

14.  Nerf Gun Bullet Holder Tutorial

Nerf Gun Bullet Holder Tutorial

If you prefer to make your own bullet holders then check out this super simple sewing tutorial that requires some simple straight stitches so even if you “don’t sew” this is an easy place to start. You will need some scraps of fabric, the stiffer the better, and some fold over elastic.

Get the pictured instructions here:  Nerf Gun Bullet Holder

13. Nerf Battle Wall Pegboard Storage

Nerf Battle Wall Pegboard Storage

If you’re looking for a Nerf gun storage solution or a way to display the guns for your party then consider this simple project with great looking results for Nerf gun storage using pegboard.

Get tutorial here: Nerf Battle Wall Pegboard Storage

nerf war on Tip Junkie

Nerf Games To Play

Obviously any Nerf birthday party need to include a Nerf fight with some super fun Nerf games to play.  The following party games can help you decide on what Nerf games to play at your birthday party.

12. Easy DIY Nerf Games

Easy DIY Nerf Games

An easy nerf gun fight party game suitable for both kids and adults using paper cups and a free printable.

Get tutorial here: Easy DIY Nerf Games

11. DIY Spinning Target

DIY Spinning Nerf Games Target

Fun and frugal Nerf game for kids made from cardboard.  Also be sure to check out her target Nerf games with prizes.  I’ve made these before and they’re pretty easy to make and really fun to play.

Get tutorial here: DIY Spinning Nerf Games Target

10. Nerf Gun Party For Boys

Nerf Gun Party For Boys

This birthday party also include food ideas, a Nerf gun cake, balloon targets, and card box battlefield.  There’s so much to enjoy but I just love a PVC pipe project and thought this one was great and my boys would love it.

Get tutorial here: Nerf Gun Party For Boys

9.  Nerf  War Battle Stations

Nerf  War Battle Stations

Gina out did herself once again.  Man, this girl is crazy talented.  For her Nerf gun party, Gina has several stations like a face paint station, ammunition depot, target practice, and Nerf themed party food table.

See all Nerf games here:   Nerf War Battle Stations

8.  Nerf Games Obstacle Course

Nerf Games Obstacle Course using Cardboard

Having an obstacle course using your backyard playground is such a fun idea for nerf games to play during a birthday party.  The great thing about an obstacle course is that you can do as much or as little as you want.  During this party, the party guests played Capture the Flag, two on two, as thier Nerf party game.  I am blown away at the cardboard barricades supported by wooden stakes put together with a staple gun.  So cool!

See all the obstacle course here:  Nerf Games Obstacle Course

7. Nerf Birthday Party With Pallet Battlefield

Nerf Birthday Party With Pallet Battlefield

If you have access to wood pallets then here’s a frugal way to make a challenging battlefield using pallets and targets made from pizza pans.  My boys would LOVE this.

Get ideas here: Nerf Birthday Party With Pallet Battlefield

Thank You Party Favors

DIY party favors are such a great way to allow your guests to take the party home with them and give a little memorabilia for them to remember your child’s special day.  If any of the kids love language is “gifts” then it becomes extra special to friends.

6.  Nerf Slime Activity

Slime Recipe and Party Game

Have fun making slime with your party guests and allowing them to hide the darts and play with this stretchy ooey gooey slime.

I love combining a party game with a party favor.  If you do too, what about making Nerf slime and then having each child add it to a cute plastic container to take home. Heads up, this DIY slime recipe uses clear glue instead of white glue.

Get the recipe here:  Nerf Slime

5.  Nerf Gun Party Favor Apron

Nerf Gun Party Favor Apron

Marsha used Home Depot nail pouches to hold bullets, safety glasses (thank you Dollar General) and a small little Elite Jolt Nerf gun. She gave it to all her guests midway through the party so they could enjoy the party games.  Also be sure to check out her Ultimate Nerf Freeze Tag game.  We’ve played that several times in my house and it’s a fan favorite for sure.

See all the party games here:  Nerf Gun Party Favor Apron

4.  Let The Battle Continue

Let the Battle Continue Nerf Party Favor Printable Tag

Personally I think whoever invented these auto-tying water balloons should be rich.  They are a life saver, time saver, and make a great outdoor party game in seconds instead of minutes.  What a fun idea to send them home as a party favor.

See the free printable party favor here:  Let the Battle Continue Printable Tag

3.  Mini M&M Tube Wrapper

Nerf Party Favor Mini M&M Tube Wrapper

LTA Prints on Etsy has several great printables that will be perfect for your Nerf party.  My favorite is their Mini M&M Tube Wrapper cuz typically you can’t go wrong with mini M&M as it’s a fav favorite where I live.  If you’re not into M&M’s then you can also use their Nerf party ziplock bag toppers and pop any treat, candy, or toy like a dart into the bag.

Buy the instant download here:  Mini M&M Tube Wrapper

2.  Bullet Party Favor

Nerf War Party Favor Mini Pizza Boxes

Mini pizza boxes are the perfect size to house 14 Nerf bullets and make an ideal party favor since they can’t seem to have enough when they are playing Nerf battles.  Also be sure to check out her version of the spinning targets.

Get the tutorial here:  Nerf War Party Favor

1. Nerf Birthday Party For Girls

Nerf Birthday Party For Girls

Of course any of the above parties can be for girls! However, here’s a purple themed Nerf gun party that’s super cute and girly.  It also includes easy ideas and target practice games using the Nerf “Rebelle” line.

Get ideas here: Nerf Birthday Party For Girls

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13 Brilliant Nerf War Party Ideas on Tip Junkie

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