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31 Cool Games and Crafts Using Pool Noodles


How to play cool games and make fun summer crafts using foam pool noodles.  You and your kids will have so much fun with these pool noodle activities, decorating, preschool learning tools, and all of the amazing pool noodle games you can play!

Pool noodles can be purchased at the Dollar Store and therefore are a really cheap way to entertain your kids and the neighbor kids this summer!

pool noodle games and activities
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Summer Pool Noodle Wreath Tutorial

DIY Decorating

1.  How to make an adorable summer wreath out of a pool noodle, fabric, and some felt by Fox Hollow Cottage.

Make a Pool Noodle Garland

2.  This project by Dollar Store Mom is so simple, and really adds such a bright and playful element to your outdoor decor- plus it’s weather-proof!

How to make a Pool Noodle Flower Garland

3.  How to turn a pair of noodles into some nifty room decor by Makezine and make these darling pool noodle wall flower garland.

Pool Noodle Flower Straws

4. Cut pool noodles into flowers with a kitchen knife and then attach to some straws for a fun little table decor, preschool play group snack, or just for fun by Obsessively Stitching.

Pool Noodle Bouquet

5.  Create a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day, or any occasion with this tutorial by No Time for Flash Cards. Write on each leaf something your child says they like about mom.

How to make a Pool Noodle Headboard

6.  This headboard by Design Dazzle was created using several of them stacked on top of one another. Check out the dollar stores during the summer and you can create this headboard for cheap.

chair and ottoman made entirely of foam noodle-like tubes

7.  A chair and ottoman by Design Milk  is made entirely of foam noodle-like tubes, like the ones kids play with in a pool.

Pool Noodle Candy Canes

8. You can easily transform round pool noodles into mint decorations with just some fishing line and ribbon. *Update: blog link is no longer available. Here’s another tutorial from WikiHow to make the candy canes.

Pool Noodle Backyard Games

Cool Games & Backyard Sports

9.  How to make a target station from Parents by joining rings into colorful targets for  flying disks, soccer balls, and more. Stakes keep the target upright.

Agility Tire Jump Game

10.  Duct-tape six rings to one another, then tape them to thicker (3 1/2-inch-wide) hollow pool noodle posts to make this agility jump by Parents.

Pool Noodle Soccer


11. How to make a fun outdoor game using pool noodles, like this fun noodle course hoop jump by Tip Junkie. You can use them to jump over, crawl under, or as wickets for crochet or soccer games.

Summer Noodle Game

12.  Cut a few swimming noodles in two, so that you have one half for each player. Scatter 20 or so blown-up balloons on the ground around a laundry basket for a fun summer game by Parents.

Pool Noodle Lacing and Counting

Pool Noodle Activities

13. How to create a number game for preschoolers by Planet of the Apels. It works on number recognition and one-to-one correspondence!

Water Noodle Lacing & Pattern Practice

14. This is a great activity by My Little Gems that’s perfect for pre-schoolers and even kindergarteners. In fact, it is going to be one of my centers in pre-school this year.  It is a great way to practice patterns.

Pool Noodle Activities

15.  Depending on the skills you’d like to work on with your tot, use a permanent marker to write on the pieces. Totally Tots made an ABC set and Numbers 1-20 set. You could also leave some blank and use them for patterns.

Games to play:

  • Lace the “giant” beads on a piece of the clothesline or rope. (Motor Skills)
  • Lace the beads in ABC order. (Motor skills & Literacy)
  • Lace the beads in Number order. (Motor skills & Math)
  • Lace the beads to spell words or names. (Motor skills & Literacy)

Pool Noodle Chain Links

16.  Make noodle chain links by Teach Preschool. The children made long and short chains and one little boy put his together to make a motorcycle.

Pool Noodle Marble Racetrack

17.  My kids love this activity. They will race marbles for hours. It’s a perfect indoor activity for a rainy day or can be taken outside so you can enjoy some sunshine. I hope you’ll give it a try and have as much fun with it as we have!  *Update: blog link is no longer available.

Pool Noodle Race Track

Here’s another pool noodle race track tutorial from Ramblings from Utopia.

How To Make Pool Noodle Lances

Summer Fun

18.  The pool noodles by Heather Sitarzewski were decorated with crepe streamers (it’s what I had on hand, although in hind sight I wish I had used the colored duct tape.

How to make a Backyard Goalpost

19.  Kids can practice their placekicking — and increase the challenge as their aim improves — with this adjustable goalpost made from pool noodles. *Update: blog link is no longer available.

Real-life quidditch tournament

20.  This real-life Harry Potter Quidditch tournament by Savage Earth is made with pool noodles as the broomsticks, the orange nerf ball is the quaffle, and the two small red ones are bludgers, and hula hoops for the goals.

No-Sew Felt Cupcakes Tutorial

Pool Noodle Crafts

21.  Easy-to-make no sew felt cupcakes by Frugally Blonde that can be made for pennies each out of pool noodles, pom poms, and felt.

Pool Noodle Activities

22.  How to make a sculpture that floats by The Chocolate Muffin Tree. This a great activity that you can bring outside or in the bathtub too.  All you need is some cut up pool noodles and toothpicks.

Pool Noodles and Golf Tees Figures

23.  How to make fun figures and sculptures out of cut up pool noodles and golf tees. *Update: blog link is no longer available.

Pool Noodle Painting Activity
24. Simply put some tempera paint in some recycled lids and put a cut noodle in each one and we were ready to print/paint. *Update: blog link is no longer available. Here is another pool noodle painting tutorial from Fun a Day.

How to Make Star Wars lightsabers out of pool noodle

25.  How to Make Star Wars lightsabers out of pool noodles for a birthday party or just for fun by Muddy Boots.

DIY Pool Noodle Spider Halloween Costume

26. Quickly craft a creepy, crawly spider costume for your little one by using old pool noodles and a bathmat to create the effect of spider legs by Woman’s Day.

Pool Noodle Home Tips

Pool Noodle Shopping Cart Safety

27.  How to cover the metal handle of a shopping cart to protect your baby while shopping by Living My Life on Purpose.

Cheap and Easy, Travel Bed Rail

28.  Do you have a toddler who doesn’t fit in a play yard anymore? Or perhaps you co sleep and can’t bring all the comforts of home on your trip.  Well I found a solution by Andy-Pandy, Jacky-Dandy.

Pool Noodle Baby Shade

29.  With some PVC pipe, some connectors, a tarp, zip ties and voila!  The Made In The Shade pool shade was invented. *Update: blog link is no longer available.

30. Cool pool noodle hacks from 5 Minute Crafts that you’ll love.

super sprinkler games with pool noodles

Backyard Wet & Wild

30.  How to turn one into a super squirter that can be used to launch all sorts of fun and games, such as the High Water Jump shown here. *Update: blog link is no longer available. Here is another tutorial by Make it & Love it that you may like.

The Deluxe Kid Wash
31.  The Kid Wash is crafted almost entirely from PVC pipe, a material we love not just for its low cost (about $30 for all the pieces shown here) and durability, but also for its ease of use (with all those interconnecting pieces — it’s like Tinkertoys for grown-ups). *Update: blog link is no longer available.

31 Cool Games and Crafts Using Pool Noodles

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  2. Laurie,

    Just had to pop over and say you put a HUGE smile on my face by featuring my Pool Noodle wreath. I sure appreciate being included. It was fun and easy to make, I hope everyone tries it. Mine makes me happy just to look at it 😉

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