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15 Fun DIY Pencil Art Ideas


The kid in me always gets excited about the thought of crafting something, and since I’ve always loved using pencils of all shapes and sizes, what could be more fun than pencil art? I’m talking about any kind of craft or DIY project that uses pencils as a material or draws inspiration from them. If you’re anything like me, check out these super fun pencil art ideas – these are creative projects full of color and you’ll have a blast making at least some of these!

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Pencil Art

Pencil Art

The women I’m featuring today have mad crafting skillz! You won’t believe the cool stuff they’ve made.

15. DIY Paper Punch Pencils

Damask Loveby @DamaskLove

Some colored cardstock and a few basic paper punches is all you need to make these cute paper punch pencils that can be used as decor or gift tags. The perfect†embellishment for back to school crafts and teacher gifts.

Get tutorial here: DIY Paper Punch Pencils

14. DIY Candy Pencil Craft

Love the Dayby @lovetheday

A wonderful gift idea for teachers, students, your own kids and back to school celebrations, these candy pencil crafts would also make awesome party favors. They’re super easy to make too!

Get tutorial here: DIY Candy Pencil Craft

13. DIY Colored Pencil Jewelry

Design Momby @designmomblog

OK, this craft seems like a lot of fun and if you have a daughter, she would probably be super excited to wear these on any school day!

Get tutorial here: DIY Colored Pencil Jewelry

Pen Holder Craft

This DIY pencil holder is a clever way to store and display your colored pencils. Great for an office or kids room. Or even for things other than colored pencils…like pens!

12. Pencil Mason Jar DIY

See Vanessa Craftby @seevanessacraft

I’m a fan of mason jar crafts and I’ve seen and tried quite a few, but this one is probably among the cutest I came across. Feel free to use your imagination and paint the mason jar in a whole new way. This way, you’ll have a unique mason jar gift teachers will adore!

Get tutorial here: Pencil Mason Jar DIY

Pencil Project

Instead of just writing with pencils you can get creative and make some pretty cool things! Here are some project ideas that you’ll love.

11. DIY Pencil Picture Frame

Grillo Designsby @grillodesigns

This project is perfect to upcycle some of your used pencils and the frame would work great not just as a school craft, but as colorful, vibrant decor in your home.

Get tutorial here: DIY Pencil Picture Frame

Colored Pencil Lamp Shade

Decorate a lampshade with colored pencils. It’s an easy hot-glue project that you can make in minutes.

10. Rolo Pencil Teacher Thank You Gifts

Skip to My Louby @Skiptomyloublog

A printable template and some packs of Rolo candy are what you need to make this fun but also thoughtful teacher gift. I think the best gifts are edible, don’t you agree?

Get printable here: Rolo Pencil Teacher Thank You Gifts

9. Pencil-Shaped Pencil Case

Cucicucicooby @cucicucicoo

What kind of case would be best to carry your pencils in than a pencil-shaped one? This one seems like a no-brainer.

Get free pattern here: Pencil-Shaped Pencil Case

8. Giant Pencil Decoration

Her Tool Beltby @hertoolbelt

This oversized pencil looks so awesome! It’s probably the perfect classroom decor but I’m sure little ones would also love to have one of these in their room.

Get free plans here: Giant Pencil Decoration

7. Colored Pencil DIY Coaster Gifts For Teachers

Consumer Craftsby @ConsumerCrafts

These coasters made of pencils make some of the most adorable teacher gifts but honestly, I wouldn’t mind having a few of them myself.

Get tutorial here: Colored Pencil DIY Coaster Gifts For Teachers

6. Easy DIY Confetti Pencils

Make & Tellby @makeandtellblog

Sometimes you just need a bit of color in your life to remain inspired and optimistic. Making your own confetti pencils is one of the solutions and most certainly an entertaining one!

Get tutorial here: Easy DIY Confetti Pencils

5. DIY Blackboard Table With Giant Pencil Legs

A Crafty Mixby @acraftymix

If I would have got this table when I was a kid I would have probably been jumping of excitement. You can draw on it and it has those cool pencil legs. Using the pencil-them just can’t get any better than this.

Get tutorial here: DIY Blackboard Table With Giant Pencil Legs

4. Craft Stick Pencil Bookmarks

Crafts by Amandaby @CraftsbyAmanda

Reading books is something all kids should do, for both learning and entertainment. Having these cute craft stick pencil bookmarks would surely keep them more excited about their books and making them is a chinch.

Get tutorial here: Craft Stick Pencil Bookmarks

3. DIY Pencil Cup

That's What Che Saidby @Thatswhatchesaid

It totally makes sense to make a pencil cup out of pencils, right? Teachers will love this gift and they†can admire it on their desk for years to come.

Get tutorial here: DIY Pencil Cup

2. Pencil Shaped Pencil Holder

Jaime Costiglioby @jaimecostiglioblog

This is a basic woodworking project that uses a bunch of 1×4 boards to make a lovely pencil shaped pencil holder any class would be proud to have!

Get instructions here: Pencil Shaped Pencil Holder

1. Easy DIY Pencil Toppers

100 Directionsby @100directions

Kids are always so excited when buying new school supplies but they’ll be even more enthusiastic if you customize them a bit. Sadly, not all of us have time to craft a lot so these cute and easy pencil toppers would make a quick and easy project that would still bring your children a lot of joy!

Get tutorial here: Easy DIY Pencil Toppers

Pencil Art Ideas

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