12 Melted Crayon Crafts


Ever wondered what to do with that drawer full of broken crayons?  Crayon melting and making them into something else is easier than you may think!  Here are 12 things to do with melted crayons that might surprise you.  I’ve included tutorials for melting the crayons as well as crafts to make with melted crayons including melted crayon canvas art!

The Tip Junkie Creative Community has 194 Kids Crafts By Theme ideas, tutorials, and DIY ideas.  So be sure to check it out if you’re looking for more kids activity ideas. 

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How To Melt Crayons

1.  Crayon Heart Pencil ToppersThe crayon hearts make really great pencil toppers and party favors for your school Valentine’s class party.

2.  DIY Crayon Heart Garland ~ A fun and easy craft for all ages! I made as many crayon hearts as I could, using all of the festive colors (reds, purples, and pinks) that I could find in my old crayon box. Then, once my hearts were cut and ready, I strung them together with embroidery floss to be hung near windows for a stained glass effect.

3.  Heart Shaped Crayons ~ Whipperberry “whipped” up some melted heart shaped crayons in the oven with sparkle for Valentine’s day, but these beauties could be used year round.  I just adore how the glitter adds that extra pizzazz to the recycled crayons!

Crayon Color Block Candles

Melting Crayons In The Microwave

4.  Crayon Color Block Candles ~ Using melted crayons you can create a color block pattern that’s perfect for candles.

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Melting Crayons In Oven

5.  Melting Crayons ~ Read. Write. Mom!  Gives a great tutorial about melting broken crayons in the oven along with tips and tricks she learned along the way.

6.  Rainbow Toddler Crayons ~ Adult supervision is required for these, but they make a great toddler craft. These are great for a toddler to learn to hold a crayon. Plus, the layers just look bright and cheery. 

Melted Crayon Crafts-jpg

Melted Crayon Crafts

7.  Melted Crayon Abstract Art ~ Tutorial on how-to make your own abstract art using melted crayons. Come see how simple and fun creating your own art can me with this great tutorial.

8.  Melted Crayon Canvas Art ~  Melted Crayon Canvas art is all the rage right now, but actually finding a tutorial is harder than you might think.  Stephanie’s tutorial is fabulous and will walk you through each step.

9.  Butterfly Suncatchers ~  Two-Daloo provides a full tutorial on how to make fun suncatchers using wax paper and melted crayons. 

10.  Melted Crayon Watercolor Art ~ A unique way to paint with watercolors and crayons.  Heat the canvas first in the oven and then allow your child to draw on it with crayon.

11.  Crayon Wands ~ Crayon bits and pieces can be given new purpose by melting in milkshake straws.  They’re thicker than the traditional crayons so they’re perfect for toddler sized hands.

12.  Crayon Hot Rocks {Coloring} ~ Here is a fun new take on the traditional crayon! Using rocks your child collects, crayons and your oven you’ll create crayon hot rocks! 

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  1. Those are some pretty cool ideas. Once I used crayon’s and melted them and put them on wood chip hearts and added a pin to the back. I still have mine.

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