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Prom? 21 Crazy and Creative Ways to Ask


Cute ways how to ask a girl to prom!  These promposal ideas are so clever, fun and creative your date will have to say YES!  {wink}   These creative ideas are great to use if you’re looking how to ask a girl to prom or a guy.  So good luck and enjoy these prom ideas!

Prom? 21 Crazy and Creative Ways to Ask

If you’re looking for cute ways to ask someone out to Prom, Homecoming Dance, or just on a date night then look no further.  Just like my 20 Creative Ways To Ask Someone Out, these are the most memorable and unforgettable ways how to ask someone out on a date night!



1.  Prom? ~ A clever way to ask a tennis player to prom.  Promposal ideas, anyone? Spell out PROM in a fence with tennis balls.  You could also use plastic cups.

How to Ask to Prom

2.  How to Ask to Prom ~ How adorable is this invitation to prom?!  Enlist help from friends to ask her out for a public display. Great idea for how to ask a girl to prom!

Use Post-Its

3.  Use Post-Its ~ Here’s another really easy way to ask someone out.  Simply write little notes on some post-its and place them on her car.  Who doesn’t love some affirmations. Way to go for an awesome prom ideas submission!

Snow Sculpture

4.  Snow Sculpture ~ If you are lucky enough to have snow, then this is a super creative way to ask someone to prom!

ask to prom with puppy

5. Use a Puppy ~ You can’t go wrong with a puppy. Ask a girl to prom using the cutest prop of all. A puppy!

How to Ask a Girl Out

Giant Surprise Balls

5.  Giant Surprise Balls ~ Customize a beach ball with an invitation to prom inside. This tutorial for a promposal ideas is one of my favorite. Once it’s unwrapped the message will be revealed.

Mini Balloon-in-a-Box Invitation

6.  Mini Balloon-in-a-Box Invitation ~ This Mini Balloon-in-a-Box is not only budget friendly, but will excite the recipient.  Simply add a small helium filled balloon to a box with an attached tag that pops the question. This is sure to be a no-fail for how to ask a girl to prom!

ask a girl to prom

7. Ask a Girl to Prom Using a Scan Tron ~ Do they still use scantrons? If so, this idea is inexpensive and adorable. Love.

How To Ask a Girl To Prom

Ask Your Date to Prom with These 23 Fun Ideas

Just like my 23 Creative How to Ask a Girl to Prom, these are the most memorable and unforgettable ways how to ask someone out on a date night! Calling all high schoolers for this prom promprosal!

Balloon Promposal

7.  Balloon Promposal ~ Fill a bunch of pink balloons with helium and draw the words PROM on white balloons.  You can even attach photos at the bottom of the strings. This would be a cute hoco proposals , too. (Homecoming)

Ask Girl Out Using Sidewalk Chalk

8.  Ask Girl Out Using Sidewalk Chalk ~ What an cheap and unexpected way to ask a girl out on a date, using chalk.

Candlelight Promprosal

9.  Ignite the Flame ~ Set out a bunch of candles that light up on her driveway that spell out “Prom” or “Homecoming”.

10.  Make it Puzzling ~ Write your date night question onto any type of board and then cut it out into puzzle pieces.  When your date finds it, they can put it together and enjoy the surprise. Now she just has go shopping with her friends for prom dresses!

Cute Ways to Ask a Guy to Prom

Ask in a Photo Collage

11.  Ask in a Photo Collage ~ Photograph yourself with different words.  Then put it all together in a photo collage or hide it around his room. Talk about cute ways to ask a girl (or guy) to school dances!

Signs & Balloons Promposal

12.  Signs & Balloons Promposal ~ Display signs and balloons along the path to school or even on the way to the recipients home. * Update:  this idea wasa taken down so I don’t have a link credit any longer but the idea was so fun I wanted to keep it here to show you.

Personalized Fortune Cookies 

13.  Personalized Fortune Cookies ~ Add a personalized message that asks someone to prom with store bought cookies. Microwave them and remove the old fortune to replace it with your personalized one.  Who would have thought?! If you know the prom theme you could use that too!

Hershey Kisses

14.  Hershey Kisses ~ Arrange Hershey’s Kisses to read PROM.  In their bedroom leave a big sign that says, “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you’ve walked on, will you go to Prom with me?”  * Update:  the blogger also decided to take down this site but I kept the idea here in case it’s a ‘how to ask a girl to prom’ idea you would like.

ask prom pizza

15.  Prom Pizza! ~ I’m sure your local pizza joint would be happy to spell out anything you’d like using their pepperoni.

Promposal Ideas

App Promposal

16.  App Promposal ~ This App Promposal is so perfect for today’s generation.  App’s are carefully arranged to spell out the proposal.


17.  Prom? Bullseye ~ A unique and fun way to ask out the hunting enthusiast.  They can respond with an arrow to the yes or no bull’s-eye.

Crime Scene

18.  Crime Scene ~ “It would be a crime if you didn’t go to PROM with me!” Set up a crime scene with chalk and yellow tape.

If you are looking for the ultimate prom promposal, and can get your parents approval, why not skydive???? {bawahhh!!1}

Answer Your Date

How To Ask to Prom Cookies

19.  How To Ask to Prom Cookies ~ Oh my gosh how adorable are these “Will you go to Prom with me” cookies.  I just adore how all the answers are there as well.  {my fav!}

Cookie Invitation

20.  Cookie Check the Box ~ This is such a sweet promposal idea!  {{snicker}}  I love how there’s not an option to say no.

How to Answer Your Date

21.  How to Answer Your Date ~ Answer your date with Scrabble tiles.  So creative and clever! I just adore these prom ideas, don’t you?
You could ask or answer your date by stuffing their locker, old school style!!! So cute!
20 Creative Ways To Ask Someone Out {Prom, Dance, Date}
Also, be sure to check out my 20 Creative Ways To Ask Someone Out {Prom, Dance, Date}.  Yes, this is a topic that I really enjoy talking about. {giggle}

Prom? Crazy and Creative Ways to Ask

I guess if you enjoy these ideas… and you’re of age… you could also tweak these cute homecoming proposals as marriage proposals.  {gulp!}  I have a 19 year old and that scares me just to type. HA!

More Prom Ideas:

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