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14 Ways to Ask Your Date to Winter Formal


Wondering how to ask someone out for winter formal, prom or just on a date night? Well, I’ve hooked you up with 14 ways to ask someone out!  You can tweak these ideas for either a girl or guy and use your own style to pull off a memorable dance invite. They’re so fun and creative your date will have to say YES!  {wink}

14 Ways to Ask Your Date to Winter Formal Date


Winter Formal?

Hay Winter Formal Invite

1.  Hay Winter Formal Invite ~ Arrange bales of hay to spell out “formal”.

How to ask to a winter formal with donuts

2.  Box of Donuts ~ “I donut know if you’ll go to Winter Formal with me but it’d be really Sweet if you did”.

It Would be Treemendous

3.  Treeing “It Would be Treemendous” ~ Gather up your neighbors discarded trees to place on doorstep with a sign that says, “it would be treemendous if you’d go to the dance with me”.  There are also two more invite ideas that you might like.

Photo Booth

4.  Photo Booth ~ Photograph yourself with different words. Then put it all together in a photo collage or hide it around his room. *Update:  this person removed their content from the web so the link is no longer available.

How to Ask to Winter Formal

4.  Disney Winter Formal Invite ~ How darling is this Mickey Mouse invite poster idea?  “Make me the happiest girl on earth.”

DIY Balloon Surprise

5.  DIY Balloon Surprise ~ This box of balloons is not only budget friendly, but will excite any recipient. Simply add a bouquet of balloons to a box, add a message and deliver. Wait until you see the surprise on their face. Instant gratification!

I'm "posting" a Question

6.  I’m “posting” a Question ~ Ask your date out and get a bunch of questions answered at the same time. SO clever.

How to Ask a Girl Out

Frozen Invite

7.  Frozen Invite ~ The ever so popular Frozen movie has taken storm with cute little sayings like this one, “You’re worth melting for, don’t leave me frozen”.  *Update:  This content has been removed from it’s original source.

DIY Date Idea Arrows

8.  DIY Date Idea Arrows ~ Send your girl these diy arrows full of date ideas. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to make them and add tags with fun date ideas on them that you know she’ll adore!

Secret Message in a Bottle {free printable}

9.  Secret Message in a Bottle {free printable} ~ What a romantic way to ask a girl out on a date by putting the message in a bottle.  The back of the wood coins reveals the message.

How to Ask Someone Out

Icing on the Cake

10.  Icing on the Cake ~ Food is always a great option to ask guys out.  Whether you bake a pie/cake or purchase one simply add the words with store bought piping gel.

Cookie Invite

11.  Cookie Invite ~ Here’s a sweet way to ask a guy to prom and get his attention.

Candy Bar Story

12.  Candy Bar Story ~ What guy doesn’’t love a little bit of sweet and funny? This is a cute way to ask him out and satisfy his sweet tooth!

ding dong

13.  Ding Dong ~ A box of Ding Dong’s and a note that says, “I’d be a ding dong if I didn’t ask you to the dance”.

Answer Your Date

Will You go to Winter Formal with Me?

14.  Will You go to Winter Formal with Me? ~ Oh my gosh how adorable are these “Will you go to Winter Formal with me” cookies.  I just adore how the recipient can answer via cookie as well.  They were customized by the recipients likes and dislikes. {my fav!}  * Update: Sorry, the blogger took this off their site which is why a link isn’t available.

Other Creative Ways to Ask Out:

  • Red Solo Cups ~ “I hope you don’t turn red but I don’t want to go SOLO so let’s be CUPple to winter ball?

14 Ways to Ask Your Date to Winter Formal


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