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Now that kids are back in school, it’s time for high school dances like Homecoming, Winter Formal, and Prom! Now is the perfect time to learn how to make a boutonniere! Making your own boutonniere is a great way to show your own creativity and save some cash! I just adore an original boutonniere! They add the perfect finishing touch to a suit or tux. So, today I’m featuring 10 tutorials on how to make boutonniere’s.  I hope they inspire you to make one for your child’s next big dance (or even wedding!) {{wink}}

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Make Your Own Boutonniere

1. DIY Autumn Inspired Boutonniere ~ Can you believe that you can make these boutonniere’s for about $3 a piece? WOW. By using a combination of flowers from the grocery store and a few silk leaves, you can get this look for way less than you’d have imagined.


2. Baby’s Breath Boutonniere ~ This tutorial shows just how easy making Baby’s Breath Boutonniere’s can be. In under 15 minutes you can have a stunning boutonniere perfect for a wedding or dance. Baby’s breath is super on trend right now, too.

Wedding Boutonniere


3. DIY Wedding Boutonniere ~ Here’s a great tutorial for making a wedding boutonniere, keeping in mind the aesthetic of the wedding.


4.  DIY Boutonniere ~ Here’s how to make DIY boutonnieres or buttonholes for your groom and his groomsmen, or your child for a big dance. You can make a boutonniere easier than you’d think and you can customize with whatever flowers you’d like.

 DIY Boutonniere


5. Hand-tied Flower Boutonniere’s ~ This tutorial is a great example of a hand-tied boutonniere mixing different flowers, both dried and fresh. Lovely.


6.  How to Make Your Own Boutonniere ~ This tutorial is one of our favorites because it talks about using three different floral elements to get the best result.

Boutonnieres and Corsages


7.  Pink and Yellow Boutonniere ~ Love  color and texture?! These pink and yellow boutonniere’s are perfect for that guy who likes his boutonniere to make a statement. The leaf in the back is one of our favorite parts!

DIY Felt Flower Boutonniere

8.  DIY Felt Flower Boutonniere ~ This is the ultimate boutonniere for the crafter and best of all, you don’t have to worry about the flowers wilting because it’s made out of felt!

DIY Wrist Corsage

9.  DIY Wrist Corsage ~ With this DIY wrist corsage tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a corsage that’s easy and inexpensive.


10.  Corsage How-to ~ You can make your corsage modern using bright and elegant flowers! Don’t let the idea of corsages being old-fashioned hold you back from making one that is fabulous!

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