38 How to Make Paper Flower Tutorials [so pretty!]


How to make paper flower tutorials that are adorable.  These step-by-step paper craft tutorials also include crepe paper flowers, napkin flowers, tissue paper flowers, paper anemone’s, giant paper flowers, paper sack flowers, origami flowers, paper lilies, paper daffodils and duct tape flowers.   Paper crafting is so in right now, and for good reason!  It’s fun, engaging and fabulous.  Why not make a paper flower today?

how to make paper flowers

Tip Junkie has 41 Origami patterns all with pictured tutorials to learn how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more  Paper Crafting patterns with step-by-step instructions including paper flowers. {wink}

How to Make a Paper Flower

How to Make a Paper Flower

1.  Paper Anemone Flower ~ These gorgeous delicate flower leaves are perfect for spring bouquets, weddings or party favors.  Download the free pdf template and paper to make a beautiful bouquet.

How to Make a Paper Flower

2.  Crepe Paper Flowers {Paper Design Ideas} ~ This beautiful Crepe Paper Flower tutorial is a paper design idea perfect for a centerpiece or a lovely little bouquet for a wedding or Mother’s Day bouquet.

How to Make Paper Flowers

3.  Giant Paper Flower Bouquet Centerpiece ~ Giant paper flower bouquets are a perfect centerpiece ideas for every occasion, and they’re so simple to make! Paper flowers are essential centerpiece ideas for multi-day events, where warm rooms can wilt real flowers over time.

How to Make a Paper Flower

4.  Wallflowers {Fun Paper Crafts} ~ Use paper napkins, instead of tissue paper, to make this fun paper craft have a more structured hold. These gorgeous flowers will brighten any room as decoration on a wall. How to Make a Paper Flower

5.  Fairy Tale Paper Flowers ~ These paper flowers are some of the simplest décor items I’ve ever made, yet they wow every person who sees them. Not only are they beautiful, they are also inexpensive. These décor pieces will impress guests at any wedding, engagement party, kitchen tea or bachelorette. They can also be used for many other celebrations.

DIY Paper Flowers

6.  Paper Sack Flowers ~ Here is an incredibly inventive and inexpensive way to update your bedroom for less. Add paper sack flowers to the wall, and if you’re really daring, add chicken wire to your walls for easy wall decor change-ups!

How to Make an Origami Flower

How to Make an Origami Flower

7.  6 Petal Lotus Flower {Origami Directions} ~ Learn to fold your own 6 Petal Lotus Flower with this instructional video of simple origami directions. You’re sure to brighten someone’s day if you give them this beautiful paper flower as a gift.

How to Make an Origami Flower

8.  Folded Paper Flowers ~ Have you ever tried paper folding?  It’s really fun and nothing beats the feeling when you make that last fold and it all comes together and you think “I made that?!”  These paper flower will do just that.

Origami Flower

9.  Origami Roses Tutorial {Flower Origami} ~ This detailed tutorial will teach you how to make three different flower origami roses. These roses are so beautiful they’re prefect for any occasion.

How to Make Paper Roses

DIY Wrap

10.  Tissue Paper Roses ~ Add a handmade touch to your gift packing with this tissue paper roses papercraft tutorial. These beautiful and delicate paper roses will add a thoughtful and personal touch to any gift wrapping. Group a set of paper roses together for a great alternative to a bow.

How to Make a Paper Rose

11.  DIY Free Paper Rose Templates ~ Paper flowers are so popular right now, and with this free paper rose template you can be creating beautiful paper craft flowers at home in no time. Paper flowers are perfect for a variety of crafts, including accents on gifts, as hair accents, broaches, or you can scatter a few on table for an easy centerpiece idea. DIY Paper Roses

12.  How To Make Newspaper Roses {Easy Paper Craft} ~ If you love the newest trend of making paper flowers then you’ll want to learn how to make these recycled newspaper roses. This easy paper craft will have you making your own beautiful flowers for all your projects and gifts. Book Page Roses

13.  Book Page Roses {Papercraft} ~ These book page roses make a beautiful accent for gift wrap or a beautiful addition to your papercraft. So simple and easy to make, you will want to add these to all your projects.

Making Paper Daffodils

Spring Paper Flowers

14.  DIY Springtime Tablescape {Table Decorations} ~ These gorgeous table decoration are the perfect additional to a springtime tablescape. Create these table decorations in soft pastels for a beautiful and festive Easter tablescape. Spring Daffodils

15.  Book Page Daffodils ~ These adorable book page daffodils would be a fun craft to welcome Spring.  Only minimal supplies are needed to make these pretties.  Just book pages, tape, straws and a hot glue gun.

Paper Lilies

Paper Lily

16.  How To Fold A Paper Lily {Flower Origami} ~ This is the perfect tutorial if you love lilies and paper. With just a few simple steps you too can make your own flower origami paper lily. These would also make a beautiful bouquet. Paper Lily

17.  DIY Paper Calla Lilies ~ These elegant Paper Calla Lilies are the perfect way to dress up your Mother’s Day (or wedding, bridal, baby shower, and birthday) gifts.

Create Paper Flowers

18.  Cupcake Liner Paper Flowers {Simple Paper Craft}Gorgeous simple paper craft flowers made out of everyday cupcake liners. These paper flowers are so versatile they can be used as a bouquet, on a gift or you can even wear them as an accessory.

Create Paper Flowers

19.  DIY Paper Flower ~ Create a large paper flower for an Alice in Wonderland effect for your next garden reception with this simple paper craft. Scatter a bunch of paper flowers throughout your garden, or use one flower as a beautiful table centerpiece. The colors of the flowers can be adapted to fit any color scheme.

20.  Coffee Filter Flower Decoration ~  This coffee filter flower decoration was used for a bridal shower  using a hoola hoop (it’s huge), but it can be used for regular decoration and it’s just plain gorgeous!

How to Make a Paper Daisy

21.  Paper Gerbera Daisies ~ Gerbera Daisies come in such bright and fun colors. Here is a tutorial for making Gerbera Daisies papercraft, including a free template for you to use, so you can make your own flowers to last a long time. The beautiful flower will also give gifts that extra wow factor when used as accents on gifts. Creative Wrap

22.  Wax Paper Bow ~ Believe it or not, these pom pom flowers are made from wax paper!  Great for a last-minute add on to a gift, or make several for table decorations at your next party.

Book Page Flowers

23.  Book Page Flowers {tutorial} ~ These whimsical flowers are adorable!  The added vintage button is perfect for adding a punch of color.  You can put them in a vase or wrap them on a package.

How to Make Paper Flowers

24.  Butcher Paper Flowers ~ Can you believe this gorgeous wreath is made out of simple butcher paper? Come learn how to make your own!

DIY Paper Flowers

25.  Punched Paper Flowers ~ These punched paper flowers are easy to make, inexpensive, and can be used for  a wide variety of Spring projects.  Make a wreath to welcome Spring to your front door or napkin rings for Easter brunch.

How to Make a Paper Flower

26.  Paper Flowers {Crafts with Paper} ~ If you like to create homemade crafts with paper, you will definitely want to give these paper flowers a try. Embellish your finished flower for a simple and beautiful addition to homemade crafts and gifts.

make paper flowers

Make Tissue Flowers

27.  DIY Festive Mexican Paper Flowers ~ Bring some flair and joy to your party with these festive flowers.  You can make them with tissue paper or recycled newspaper.  Use the popular ‘poof’ method to create these flowers and adding extra colors.

Tissue Paper Flowers

28.  Flower Wrapped Favors ~ These colorful flower wrapped candy party favors are fabulous!  Using tissue paper you can follow the tutorial to make a flower wrapped party favor.  They would be a fun and inexpensive thank you treat for a bridal shower, baby shower or birthday party.  Wouldn’t these flowers be adorable wrapped on a bottle of bubbles for a wedding favor?

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

29.  Tissue Paper Flowers ~ Here is another great simple paper craft on how to make tissue paper flower. These flower would look wonderful on a variety of crafts, home decoration projects, or as a centerpiece or table decoration.

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

30.  How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers {ombre} ~ Making Ombre Tissue Paper Flowers as a craft are easy as 1-2-3 with this DIY tutorial! They are even easier to make than tissue paper balls, and making them in ombre colors is SO in right now!  All you need is tissue paper, scissors, pencil, plain sheet of paper and a stapler.

Make Tissue Flowers

31.  Paper Flowers Birthday Number {birthday decorations} ~ It doesn’t matter if the birthday boy or girl is 1 or 3, you can make a custom birthday age decoration as big as them! They are inexpensive to make, doesn’t require a lot of time and gives the “WOW” factor. They are so versatile you could use it as a table backdrop, photo booth prop, adult party, weddings, showers and anniversaries as well.

Rolled Flowers Out of Paper

Rolled Flowers out of Paper

32.  Paper Flower Backdrop Tutorial ~ Looking for a lovely diy backdrop idea? Here is a great one for a baby shower or girl birthday party. All you need is paper, scissors and glue. Shown in all white but if you’re looking for something a bit more colorful just use colored paper! Perfect backdrop for your food or dessert party table!

Rolled Paper Flowers

33.  Watercolor Paper Flowers ~ Create you own table decorations for any engagement with this easy to follow paper flower tutorial. The vase is removable making it perfect for transporting.

Rolled Paper Flowers

34.  Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial {paper craft} ~ My wreaths are fairly large and require twenty-five to thirty flowers. Yes, it does take me forever. But. It lasts forever. The flowers never die and it’s gorgeous! Rosewood Wreath from Recycled Book Pages {paper craft}

35. Rolled Flower Wreath from Recycled Book Pages ~ Basically you layer three book pages together and draw a spiral circle. Following the guidelines, cut along the spiral shape.

Rolled Paper Flower

36.  Handmade Dahlia ~ Create your own one-of-a-kind handmade flower origami embellishments for your craft projects with this handmade dahlia tutorial.

Duct Tape Flower Tutorials

How to Make a Duct Tape Flower

37.  Duct Tape Flower {free pattern} ~ Download the free file pattern to make a pretty duct tape flower.  Attach a paper clip to the back of the flower to decorate your office or you can turn it into a gorgeous hair accessory. Duct Tape Flower

38.  DIY Duct Tape Flower ~ Making duct tape flowers is such a fun and easy craft.  Kid’s love to make them too!  Add them to the end of a pencil or pen for a fun and festive pen. Thanks Ladies! I just adore these ideas! Feel free to grab my “I was featured on Tip Junkie” blog button. You earned it! {knuckle bumps}

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