15 DIY Paper Flower Tutorials


How to make paper flower tutorials that are adorable.  These step-by-step paper craft tutorials also include crepe paper flowers, tissue paper flowers, paper roses, and more. These flower making DIY’s are going to knock your socks off! Paper crafting is an art that is timeless and for good reason! It’s fun, engaging, fabulous, and just plain gorgeous. Why not make a paper flower today?

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Tip Junkie has 41 Origami patterns all with pictured tutorials to learn how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more Paper Crafting patterns with step-by-step instructions including paper flowers, look no further!. {wink}

How to Make Paper Flowers

Flower Making

1.  Tropical Leaf Paper Garland ~ Choose fun papers for your garland and then string up your tropical leaves for a fabulous tropical leaf garland that will be perfect to celebrate summer or get ready for it if you are ready for warm weather but it’s not quite here yet! This tutorial comes with a template for the leaves!

crepe paper headband

2.  Crepe Paper Headband ~ Create a more realistic look for your petals using crepe paper for your headband! This tutorial shows you how to make several flowers that can be worn on your head or on your door as a wreath!

DIY Spring Floral Crown

3. DIY Spring Floral Crown ~ Floral crowns are a great way to craft flowers with paper and this tutorial shows you how to punch it up with acrylic paint. This crown will last a long time with proper care!

How to make a paper flower

4.  Paper Flower Backdrop ~ Here’s a tutorial on how to make giant paper flowers for a paper flower backdrop, perfect for parties or weddings. Make a few to use as decorations, or make a ton to fill an entire wall to use as a photo backdrop or as as a focal point or at an event!

giant paper flower wall decor

5.  Giant Paper Flower Wall Decor ~ Giant paper flowers are an excellent way to decorate for parties! They pop and are memorable! Here’s how to make giant paper flower wall decor for you next party or teen room! Includes video tutorial!


6. DIY Paper Flower Bells ~ You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make these fabulous flower bells. They do take some time though, because you have to spray paint the crepe paper to achieve the ombre look!

Crepe Flowers

paper peony

7. Paper Peony ~ Made out of crepe paper, these peonies are stunning. Crafting with crepe paper is advantageous because you can create the curves and cups that resemble natural peonie petals with crepe! LOVE.

spider-mum-crepe paper flower

8. Crepe Paper Templates ~  Get tons of ideas for making various crepe paper flowers!

DIY_Crepe_Paper_Hibiscus (1)-jpg

9. DIY Crepe Paper Hibiscus Bloom ~ These are easier to make than you’d think! Just use the template and tutorial provided! You’ll need crepe and tissue paper to make these gorgeous blooms!

DIY Paper Flowers


10.  Rainbow Paper Dahlia Flowers ~ The great thing about these colorful paper Dahlia’s is that they are easy enough for your kiddo’s to help you with them. You’ll need colorful paper, a paper cutter, cardboard, a glue gun and pen and scissors. That’s it!

paper hyacinth flowers

11. How to Make Paper Hyacinth Flowers ~ These may look tedious and hard to make, but they are not. They only take a few minutes to make and the results are worth it!

easy paper rose

12. Easy Paper Rose ~ Learn how to fold, cut and assemble your paper so that it is in the shape of a rose. It’ll take you about 20 minutes for your first rose!

Make Tissue Flowers

tissue paper flowers ombre

13.  How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers {ombre} ~ Making Ombre Tissue Paper Flowers as a craft are easy as 1-2-3 with this DIY tutorial! They are even easier to make than tissue paper balls, and making them in ombre colors is SO in right now!  All you need is tissue paper, scissors, pencil, plain sheet of paper and a stapler.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

14. Tissue Paper Pom Poms ~ The key to making tissue paper pom poms is higher quality tissue paper! Here are tips and tricks as well as a great tutorial!


15. Mini Pom Poms ~ In this tutorial learn how to make adorable mini pom poms perfect for decoration for baby showers, bridal showers, princess parties, Mother’s Day, gift embellishment, and more!  So adorable.

More Paper Flowers to Make:


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Paper Flower Tutorials

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