15 Cutest DIY Tooth Fairy Pillows to Make


This year National tooth fairy day is February 28th.  To honor it, here 15 cutest diy tooth fairy pillows for kids. These tooth fairy ideas include pictured tutorials for tooth fairy pillow, tooth fairy money, letter from the tooth fairy and even fairy dust.

15 DIY Tooth Fairy Pillows to Make

Tip Junkie has many kids activities all with pictured tutorials to help you keep your kids occupied.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more ideas. {wink}

Fairy Tooth

Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern and Tutorial

1.  Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern and Tutorial ~ These cute personalized tooth fairy pillows make the cutest pillow complete with a pocket for your kiddo’s lost tooth and money from the tooth fairy. Print the free PDF file for the applique and make you own.

Fairy Dust Pendant

2.  Fairy Dust Pendant ~ These fairy dust pendants are a cute alternative to money.  You can make these fairy dust pendants using jewelry vials, glitter and a few other items.  Perfect for the girly girl who loves sparkle.

Tooth Fairy Door

3.  Tooth Fairy Door ~ Create a Tooth Fairy door to let the Tooth Fairy come visit at night with this memorable family craft. Children will love to help paint and build their door, and you’ll love the memories from this new family tradition.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

 Tooth Pillow Pattern and Tutorial

4.  Tooth Pillow Pattern and Tutorial ~ This is a clever way to avoid the under the sleeping pillow swap the tooth fairy traditional struggles through! This adorable tooth pillow hangs on the door or on a knob around the bedroom so all the tooth fairy has to do is grab the tooth from the build in pocket and leave money instead! Use this great pattern and tutorial to make one for your little guy or girl!

Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

5.  Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow This little monster pillow will gobble up your child’s baby teeth and spit out money — what could be better?  Measuring about 6″ x 6″, this little pillow is a cinch to make and I’’ve given you the full tutorial with templates; just click on the image below.

Crochet Tooth Fairy Pillow {free pattern}

6.  Crochet Tooth Fairy Pillow {free pattern} ~ Crochet an adorable tooth shaped fairy pillow perfect for storing your child’s tooth.

How to Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow

7.  How to Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow ~ This tooth fairy pillow is a creative alternative for parents worried about having their cover blown when the Tooth Fairy comes at night. It’s not too girly so it’s perfect for boys and girls.

Tooth Fairy Pocket {Appliqué}

8.  Tooth Fairy Pocket {Appliqué} ~ Loosing those baby teeth is important business! If you can sew at all, these little tooth fairy pockets will be a cinch to whip up for this special occasion! With a tooth applique on the front of each pocket these are both functional and adorable all at the same time!

Tooth Fairy Pouch

9.  Tooth Fairy Pouch ~ Keep those precious loose teeth safe for the tooth fairy and put together this super simple tooth fairy pouch for your little one. It’s also an easy family fun crafts project for the kids.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

10.  Tooth Fairy Pillow ~ If you have a child ready to lose some baby teeth, then this tutorial is a must see! You’ll learn how to make a super cute tooth fairy pillow using felt. Great because it can be used over and over!

Letter from the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Receipt

11.  Tooth Fairy Receipt ~ Make loosing the first baby tooth extra special for your child with this adorable Tooth Fairy Receipt.  It’s a receipt that tells your child what day it was collected, what tooth and what special notes.  Leave the receipt with some money under your child’s pillow for a surprise they’ll never forget.

Tooth Fairy Receipt {free printable}

12.  Tooth Fairy Receipt {free printable} ~ An adorable receipt from the tooth fairy complete with a tooth rating.  Simply download, print and fill out.

Tooth Fairy Printables

13.  Tooth Fairy Printables {note & envelope} ~ These tooth fairy printables will make the transaction between tooth fairy and child seamless! {wink} With one for the child to leave for the tooth fairy and one for the tooth fairy to leave in turn for your child. Super cute and all you have to do is print, fold and glue!

Tooth Fairy Money

Tooth Fairy Money Box

14.  Tooth Fairy Money Box ~ Children can keep their tooth and receive some cash from the tooth fairy with his easy money box idea.  Learn how to fold money into a box which will actually store the tooth.  How cool is that?

Tooth Fairy Money

15.  Tooth Fairy Money ~ Check out this fun way to create money that really looks like it had to have come from the tooth fairy herself! All you need is the dollar bill(s) and a can spray adhesive and glitter.  A fun easy way to get your tooth fairy on!

Crochet Tooth for a Lost Tooth Pillow

16.  Crochet Tooth for a Lost Tooth Pillow

This adorable single crochet tooth makes the perfect fairy pillow as it hangs happily on the door handle awaiting her visit with the tooth fairy.  This free crochet pattern makes me smile tutorials that you are looking for. I’ll be happy to find them for ya.

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