18 Kids Activities for Leap Year


Here are 18 fun things to make to celebrate Leap Year with your kids!  These Leap Year activities include frog-themed free printables, party ideas and decorating, printable games, crafts for kids and even yummy Leap Year food.

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What Is A Leap Year?

A leap year is a year containing one additional day onto the calendar. The additional day is always February 29th and is added once every 4 years.  Why? Leap Years are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun.

Leap Year Party Ideas

Leap Year Birthday Party

1.  Leap Year Birthday Party  ~ Leap year only comes around every four years so what better way to celebrate than with a leap frog party?!  The dessert table was decorated in shades of green and of course, frogs!  There are fun food ideas you won’t want to miss.

Leap Year Party

2.  Leap Year Party ~ Whether your child was born on Leap Year or not, I just adore these color combinations as well as all the fun color patterns that Bird’s Party created.  You’ll find several great ideas for your own party.

Free Printables

Frog Party Favor Bags

3.  Frog Party Favor Bags ~ The easiest way to turn a paper bag into a darling frog printable. Perfect to hold treats from a party or just for a fun craft with the kids. 

Five Green Frogs Music Printable

4.  Five Green Frogs Music Printable ~ Several fun printables to play the five green frogs music together with your kids.

Frog Hunt

5.  Frog Hunt ~ Print out a bunch of these cute frogs and hide them around your house for the kiddos to find.

Lily Pad Hop

6.  Lily Pad Hop ~ Play this fun game with your family or at a Leap Year party. This game is the same concept as “Musical Chairs”. Cut out these lily pads and place them on the floor, for kids to stand on.

Hoppy Leap Year Bookmarks

7.  Hoppy Leap Year Bookmarks ~ Free printable bookmarks to commemorate Leap Year 2016.  Makes a great party favor.

Pin the Crown on the Frog

8.  Pin the Crown on the Frog ~ Here’’s a poster you can print out on 4 sheets of paper, glue on a green posterboard and laminate, or simply tape together for an easy and fun game!

Leap Year 2016 Coloring Page

9.  Leap Year 2016 Coloring Page ~ Two activities in one, coloring and tracing letters.

Frog Activities for Kids

Origami Frogs

10.  Origami Frogs ~ These origami frogs are super cute! Learn how to fold one using this fabulous tutorial. Looks harder than it is, try your hand at this Leap Year origami project! 

Frog Puppet {Kids Craft}

11.  Frog Puppet {Kids Craft}This fun frog puppet kids craft is cute with its tongue and is sure to provide hours of fun! Ribbet, Ribbet!

Paper Plate Frog Mask

12.  Paper Plate Frog Mask ~ This fun frog mask kids craft is cute and is sure to provide hours of fun! Ribbet, Ribbet!

Footprint Frog Craft

13.  Footprint Frog Craft ~ Turn your child’s footprint into a fun and clever frog craft.  Would be fun to add to a Leap Year time capsule.  In four years your child could see how much their foot has grown.

Leap Year Party Food

Leap Year Frog Cookies

14.  Leap Year Frog CookiesLet the kiddos help you assemble this cute little frog to celebrate Leap Day, and maybe they will let you help them eat it {wink}.  Check out the tutorial for a list of ingredients you will need.

Frog Pond Cookie Cups

15.  Frog Pond Cookie Cups ~ These fun frog pond treats make a great homemade craft with the kids.  Let kids create their own unique frog pond using gummy candies or make a couple dozen for your frog lovers next birthday.

Frog S'mores Pops

16.  Frog S’mores PopsKids will love these s’mores frog pops and you will love how easy they are to make using edible color spray!  

leap year cupcakes

17.  Frog Cupcake Recipe ~ These cute little frog treats are super simple and fun to make with the kids and perfect for a Leap Year party.

Princess and the Frog Lunch

18.  Princess and the Frog Lunch ~  Your daughters will love this fabulous princess and the frog lunch which is also a fun idea to use for Leap Year. 




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