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Tip Junkie’’s Homemade Valentine Contest has officially ended and I have some fun entries to showcase as well a winner to announce! {squealing}  I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to submit your amazing tutorials and to vote.  I can’t even tell you how much fun I’ve had over the past few weeks looking at each and every one of your entries.  I’m just astounded by your talent!  {{knuckle bumps}}


Tip Junkie’s Homemade Valentine Contest Winner


My editors and I had so much fun “oohing and ahhing” over all of you Homemade Valentine Tutorials.  And the winner is {{with 21 votes}}…..

1.  Printable Mini Love Notes ~ These printable mini love notes are perfect to hide in lunch boxes or special hiding spots!  {{so cute}}

Tip Junkie Homemade Valentine Tutorials

Twirly Heart Mobile-png

Valentine’s Day Card – Twirly Heart Mobile ~ Craft a lovely card for your Valentine. Just follow the simple steps of the photo tutorial and craft it within 30 minutes.

Hot Air Love Card-png

Hot Air Love Card ~ How to Make a Valentine’s card for a friend that says, “Up in the Air over You”.  {{adorable}}

Valentine's Day card for husband-png

Valentine Blocks Card ~ Here’s a Valentine’s Day card perfect for your husband or spouse!  Here’s how to make it!

Row of Hearts Valentine-png

Row of Hearts Valentine ~ Make a Valentine’s Day card for friend using stamps, paper and punches!

Easy Valentine Toilet Paper Tube Crackers-png

Easy Valentine Toilet Paper Tube Crackers ~ Learn how to make these cute and super easy Valentine crackers with your kiddos, they will be the hit of their classroom!

Homemade Valentine Party

Puppy Valentine's Day Box-png

Puppy Valentine’s Day Box ~ I made a puppy Valentine’s Day box with my 3yr. old son. He painted the box, and added stickers. I cut a hole in the shoe box and put a plush dog in it. I then stuck a lollipop through the box. I also put a balloon on a kabob stick and inserted that into the box too. I used a Valentine cupcake wrapper as a hat and added a pom pom on it. The puppy is carrying a bone that says I ruff you that found in my scrapbook stash.

Valentine's Day Robot Cup Cake Toppers and Goody Bag Tags -png

2.  Valentine’s Day Robot Cup Cake Toppers and Goody Bag Tags ~ Adorable free printables for Valentine’s Day with Robots!  Use for gift bags and cupcake toppers!

Homemade Valentine DIY Crafts

Felt and Burlap Valentine Table Runner-png

Felt and Burlap Valentine Table Runner ~  For a quick and easy sewing project, make a cute 3D valentine table runner using felt and burlap.

DIY Wall Art - Thumbprint Heart-png

DIY Wall Art – Thumbprint Heart ~  This super easy wall art is made from thumbprints! It’s perfect for any gallery wall!

Easy, Three Step Valentine's Day Sweater Wreath-png

Easy, Three Step Valentine’s Day Sweater Wreath ~ Repurpose an old/too-small/second-hand sweater to make this pretty Valentine’s Day Wreath. Felt hearts finish it with a fast flourish. It’s an easy, three-step tutorial, so you can make this sweet Valentine’s Day Wreath in less than an hour. And you’ll have lots of sweater fabric leftover for another project.

Homemade Valentine Food

Indian Fry Bread Recipe-png

Indian Fry Bread Recipe ~ This Indian Fry Bread Recipe {how to} is inexpensive, totally versatile and it tastes amazing. Think funnel cake sweet, or chalupa savory. Plus, it makes a perfect Valentine’s Day treat!

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