Interior Design: Decorating the Walls

Today I’m giving you some detailed tutorials on interior design – decorating your walls.  I hope they will inspire you to add some color or do something completely different in a room this week.

If you have a tutorial you’ve taken the time to make, submit it as I’d love to feature you and inspire fellow Tip Junkies!

1. How to paint horizontal stripes
2.  Wainscoting the Foyer
3.  Homemade Fabric Wallpaper
4.  Create your own affordable art by framing fabric

5.  Spring Crib Wall Decor
6.  Using plates as wall art
7.  Removable wall art using liquid starch
8.  Playroom Photo Collage

Home Decor Tips and Tutorials

9.  Santa Fe Chic Napkin Tutorial
10.  Tips for decorating shelves with style
11. Rules on matching wood tones
12.  Dollar Store large decor ball

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