9 DIY Boot Cuffs Tutorials to Try [free patterns]


How to make DIY Boot Cuffs, are easier than you’d think, especially if you upcycle! Did you know those old sweaters are a great resource for making DIY boot socks? Use these free patterns to create your own DIY boot cuffs in a fun trendy style.  These designs include upcycled, lacy, crocheted, and knitted boot cuffs. You’ll love to wear them because they look so darn adorable! {{knuckle bumps}}

You’ll find so many easy to make DIY boot cuffs! You can also test your skills with the knitted boot cuffs or the crochet cuffs. You can wear chic cuffs made of lace or even boot toppers on your rain boots! Fool everyone with your hunting boot sock knock offs!

DIY Boot cuff tutorials


9 DIY Boot Cuffs Tutorials


diy boot cuffs

1. Easiest DIY Boot Cuffs ~ Get the look of socks with the chunky sweater look at the top, without all the bulk around your toes at the bottom! Smart, right? Plus, these are so easy to make. Grab your old sweater and head on over to see how to make them!!


upcycled boot cuffs

2. Easy to Make Boot Cuffs ~ Don’t throw out those old socks! Just add a few buttons, and sew up the bottom edge to make fabulous boot cuffs. These would make a really inexpensive last-minute Christmas gift!


chic cuffs

3. Chic Cuffs ~ For about $5 and a few minutes you can make these super chic boot cuffs that integrate all the elements of a fabulous pair of cuffs….sweater, lace, and buttons!



Knitted Boot Cuffs


Knitted boot cuffs

4. Knitted Boot Cuffs ~ Calling all knitters! This free pattern is perfect for all the knitters out there. We just love the beautiful lines found in the knitted pattern that makes for some gorgeous cuffs!


boot topper

5. Feather Lace Boot Topper ~ This free pattern makes a lovely boot topper that folds down over the boot for a nice feminine look!



Crochet Boot Cuffs


crochet boot cuff

6. Free Crochet Boot Cuff ~ If you are a crocheter, you’ll love this site which provides 26 free patterns to make boot cuffs. Seriously some of the cutest ideas around!



Boot Cuffs


lace boot cuffs

7. DIY Lace Boot Cuffs ~ Get the look of lacy boot cuffs without the bulk of a sock. Stretch lace was used for an easy cuff that can be pulled over the pant legs.


Hunting boots with boot cuffs

8. Hunter Boot Sock Knock-offs ~ Want the look of the pricey Hunter boot socks without the hefty price tag? Here’s a tutorial for making your own using up-cycled materials.


rain boot cuffs

9. Rain Boot Cuffs ~ Aren’t these rain boot cuffs adorable? Made with an up-cycled rain coat, this tutorial shows how you can use items that you already have at home or that can be found at a thrift store to make a pattern that really pops!



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