9 DIY Giant Games Tutorials


These DIY Giant Games Tutorials are going to knock your socks off! Everything is more fun when it’s life-sized, and these tutorials for making games that are giant are easier than you’d think. Enjoy hours of play year round with these fun oversized games that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors! Whether you are having a party or just want to do something different, these giant games are sure to bring lots of enjoyment to your family. You’ll find tutorials for giant tic tac toe, giant Yahtzee, giant four in a row, giant bowling, giant scrabble, and more!

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DIY Giant Games Tutorials

giant four in a row

1.  Giant Four in a Row ~ Home Depot really “nailed” this one. The tutorial for making this giant four in a row game is fantastic with step-by-step instructions which make planning and making the game much more do-able than you’d guess. Playing the game takes the fun factor to a whole new level!

ker plunk game

2. Ker-Plunk Game ~ If you love playing Ker-Plunk in the normal sized version, you’ll love this giant version. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be played outside! This tutorial will show you everything you need to take the fun game from the drawing board to actual play.

Yard Yahtzee

3. Oversize Yahtzee ~ If you have kids that LOVE to drop the die on the floor to play Yahtzee, you’ll love to play oversize Yahtzee. It’s all about rolling oversize dice on the ground. I’ll bet you can find other dice game to play with the oversize dice, too! Did you notice they only cost about $5 to make?

Oversized Games

indoor bowling game

4. Indoor or Outdoor Bowling Lane ~ A little disclaimer here is that this game tutorial is oversized for a child! You can make this large enough for adults though, too! Never go to the bowling alley again once you make your very own bowling lane!! Hours of fun are at your fingertips!

giant tic tac toe board

5. Giant Tic Tac Toe Board ~ This giant tic tac toe board is made on a canvas sheet so it’s sturdy! It’s also easy to fold up and store as well as transport so it’s the perfect party game. I’m just sayin’.

giant jenga

6. Giant Jenga ~ Jenga is the classic wood block stacking game, and if you think it’s fun on a small scale, it’s super exciting on a giant scale.

DIY Outdoor Yard Games

giant scrabble

7. Giant Scrabble ~ If strategy and letter manipulation is right up your alley, then you’ll want to make yourself a set of giant scrabble letters. When life gets dull, just pull out your tiles and play in a room with lots of open space or head outside! Super fun!

giant dominos

8. Giant Dominos ~ If you like woodworking, you’ll really like making these giant dominos that can be used inside or outside. You’ll need to do some sanding as well as staining.

giant dice

9. Giant Dice ~ This DIY giant dice tutorial is nice because chances are, you have everything on hand already. Using cardboard and some tape you can whip this up in no time!

9 DIY Giant Games Tutorials

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