20+ Backyard Outdoor Games


How to play cool activities, games for kids, and make fun summer relay games using the outdoors and simple items you can pick up for about a dollar.  You and your kids will have so much fun with these 21 Backyard Outdoor Games, which include relay races, kids games, outdoor activities, outdoor party games, and more!

We’ve taken away all the guess work on outdoor activities with these incredible tutorials. For even more backyard activities and traditions Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 160 tutorials. You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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Games for Kids

Outdoor Dominoes

1.  Outdoor Dominoes ~ These outdoor dominoes are a fun boredom buster for adults and children! They’re made with wood so they can be used over and over!

DIY Yard Yahtzee

2.  DIY Yard Yahtzee ~ Four by four cubes of wood are used to make this giant-sized game of Yahtzee.  You can use a sharpie or wood burner to make the dots on the dice.

DIY Giant Jenga

3.  DIY Giant Jenga ~ Use scrap pieces of wood to create a giant Jenga game to play with friends and family.

Make Your Own Koob

4.  Make Your Own Koob ~ This game is perfect for up to 12 players from ages 5 on up.  The main goal of this game is to knock the pieces of wood over by throwing the sticks at them.

DIY Cornhole Game Set

5.  DIY Cornhole Game Set ~ Cornhole is such a fun game that the whole family can play and enjoy! Here is a great tutorial where you’ll learn how to make a set yourself! A great way to put your building skills to work all while saving your wallet!

Activities with Kids

Water Balloon Painting

6.  Water Balloon Painting ~ Paint and water balloons together are sure to be tons of fun!  You can contain the mess by using kiddie pool.  {{wink}}

Balloon Dart Game

7.  Balloon Dart Game ~ This Balloon Dart Game will make everyone pop with laughter! It’s adorable as a wreath yet it’s a super fun game. Each balloon has a piece of paper with a number on it. That number indicates how many pieces of candy they will get. How creative!

How to Make Bubble Wands
8.  How to Make Bubble Wands ~ Fun outdoor activities with kids that include bubbles. You can play with bubble wands outside with kids either during a party, play date, family reunion, or just for a family activity evening.
How to Make Human Bubbles
9.  How to Make Human Bubbles ~ Create a human bubble outdoor party game with the kids. You can make this strong homemade bubble solution quickly with distilled water and Dawn dish-washing soap.  {{score}}
Water Knee Hockey Rink {Outdoor Activities}
10.  Water Knee Hockey Rink {Outdoor Activities} ~ Check out this DIY water hockey rink you can build in your yard! A great way to entertain your kids on a hot Summer day. Perfect for kids of all ages to play and enjoy!

Relay Races

Water Balloon Spoon Race

11.  Water Balloon Spoon Race ~ This Water Balloon Spoon Race is fun for any type of children’s party. The wooden spoons were purchased from the dollar store, painted and decorated with washi tape. You could of course leave yours plain.

Hula Hoop Relay Race
12.  Hula Hoop Relay Race ~ Here’s how to play a hula hoop relay race which is a fun game to play and an easy outdoor party game to organize. Relay games like this hula hoop relay race is a great team building activity and SO much fun for kids to play.
beach ball relay race
13.  Beach Ball Relay Race ~ Relay games like beach ball relay race are good games to play outside. Beach ball relay is a great outdoor game for kids that’s quick to put together and so much fun to play.

Relay Games

water bucket relay game for kids14.  Water Bucket Relay Game for Kids ~ How to play water bucket relay games for kids which make such fun outside activities and summer party games. These relay races are easy to play and quick to organize, plus as you can see, kids LOVE them.

Games to Play

Backyard Bowling

15.  Backyard Bowling ~ Recycled soda bottles are used to make a set of bowling pins and a tennis ball is used to knock the pins over.

Outdoor Lawn Twister

16.  Outdoor Lawn Twister ~ Here’s how to make an outdoor twister game board on your lawn for a fun adult and/or kid party game.  {{hit of the party}} This is a fun outdoor game that’s easy to play and quick to make.

how to play badminton

17.  How to Play Badminton ~ I got the badminton rackets and birdies at the Dollar Store and used my PVC pipe photo booth as the court net. However, you can hang a rope as the net or purchase a volleyball net to use as well.  It’s super easy to set up a badminton court and game! 

Outdoor Party Games

Outdoor Kerplunk

18.  Outdoor Kerplunk ~ Bring the indoor game outdoors with this fun giant-sized game of Kerplunk.  Make from tomato cages and pvc pipe.

Outdoor Hopscotch

19.  Outdoor Hopscotch

javelin throw with pool noodles
20.  Javelin Throw with Pool Noodles ~ Create a fun outdoor game for kids like this javelin throw game out of pool noodles! First you make the rings and then use duct tape to secure together. You can hang them from trees as a Javelin throw or lay on the ground as an agility course.
DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game
21.  DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game {free printable} ~ Corkboard squares are quickly spray painted with the free printable summer-themed stencils. 


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