75 DIY Jewelry Making Tutorials


DIY Jewelry that are fun things to make as home made presents.  These DIY Jewelry tutorials include pictured instructions on how to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, fabric flowers, and even jewelry holders.

DIY Jewelry Making Tutorials

Tip Junkie has 101 pictured jewelry making tutorials to learn on how to make jewelry.   You can always search there if you’re looking for more DIY jewelry pictured tutorials. {wink}

DIY Earring

DIY Jewelry 1.  Layered Earring DIY ~ The layered look of these earrings is fabulous!  Can you believe that they are felt?  Simply trace and cut the desired shape on felt and attach to fish hooks.  How simple yet elegant! Tassel Earrings 2.  DIY Tassel Earrings ~ Tassels aren’t just for curtain tie backs or lamp shades.  I think they are perfect for earrings too!  Simply use your choice of chain whether it’s gold, silver or bronze and tie it off with matching wire.  If you desire a punch of pizzazz you can add some colored thread! DIY Earring 3.  DIY Patinaed Filigree Earrings ~ These patinaed filigree earrings are absolutely fabulous!  And of course, very stylish!  Learn how to patina earrings with a technique using craft acrylic paint, distressing and clear spray paint.

Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings 4.  Vintage Inspired Earrings ~ These flower cabochon earrings are absolutely stunning!  No jewelry skills needed to make these beauties.  If you don’t have flower cabochons you could use large buttons, large beads, a pair of broken vintage earrings or pieces from a vintage bracelet.  Anything with a flat back will work. Stud Earrings 5.  DIY Colorblock Stud Earrings ~ These Kate Spade inspired color block earrings are fantastic!  You will need to purchase some wood furniture buttons (30 for under $2) and paint them with your favorite nail polish.  Easy peasy!

Big Hoop Earrings

DIY Colorblock Earrings 6.  DIY Colorblock Earrings ~ Revamp your plain hoop earrings with some embroidery thread.  All you have to do is wrap the thread around the earring and super glue your ends to keep from coming loose. Big Hoop Earrings 7.  DIY Rhinestone Earrings ~ Look at these gorgeous hoop earrings!  I love the mixtureof rhinestone chain and eye pins that hangs from the hoops.  The step by step tutorial is so easy to follow, if you have not made jewelry before this post will definitely inspire you to give it a try. {wink}

Dangle Earrings

Stella & Dot Knock-off DIY Earring 8.  Stella & Dot Rhinestone Earrings {Knock-off} ~ Diamonds are a girls best friend, right?!  We never said that they had to be the real mccoy.  These rhinestone earrings are amazing.  Two different sized rhinestone chains and different lengths of link chain were used for added dimension. Dangle Earrings 9.  DIY Fringe Earrings ~  Who would have thought that using fringe for earrings could look so beautiful?!  Genius, right?!  Alison designed these lovelies said that you can buy the fringe in an array of colors at the fabric store, or you can dye white fringe to your desired shade.

Dangle Earrings

10.  Paper Clip Earrings ~ It’s amazing what you can do with regular household items.  Using paper clips and embroidery floss you can make these lovely earrings!  Follow the step by step tutorial to learn how to wrap a paper clip in string.

Make Fabric Earrings

Make Fabric Wrapped Earrings 11.  Fabric Wrapped Earrings ~ This step-by-step picture tutorial is wonderful.  I especially love it because if I’ve done my math correctly then I believe you can make these earrings for about a buck a pair!  {{score}}! Dangle Earrings 12.  DIY Lace Earrings ~ These lovely earrings add femininity and charm to your outfit!  The desired lace pattern was cut from lace trim.  Show off how stunning they are with your hair pulled up in a bun or pony tail.

How to Make Wire Wrapped Earrings

Dangle Earrings 13.  Anthropologie Knock-off Earrings ~ These knock-off Marshmallow Puff Earrings from Anthropologie are stunning.  They are only a fraction of the cost too, around $10.  The step by step tutorial shows you how to wrap the beaded wire around the earring.  You can whip up a pair in under an hour.

How To Make Paper Earrings

DIY Confetti Earrings 14.  DIY Confetti Earrings ~ Create your own gorgeous paper confetti earrings with a few items.  All you need is a hole punch, hot glue, thin wire and earring hooks.  They are definitely delicate, but who cares when you paid next to nothing for them. Paper Earrings 15.  How to Make Paper Earrings ~ Colorful dangly earrings are a fun accent to any outfit.  They are even better when they are light weight and don’t pull on your ear lobes.  These amazing earrings are made from card stock.  You can cut your desired shape from a paper punch, Cricut or Silhouette and add a layer of crystal accents.

How To Make Crochet Earrings

How to Make Crochet Earrings 16.  Knotted, Wrapped, Trimmed & Crocheted Earrings ~ This amazing post has four tutorials to restyle plain hoop earrings into knotted, wrapped, trimmed and crocheted earrings.  Customize them with your favorite colors.  You are sure to make a statement.

How To Make A Ring

Felt Flower Rings 17.  Felt Flower Rings ~  Not only are these rings absolutely adorable, they are super easy to make and only require a quick trip to the craft store and a little hot glue.  Now that’s my kind of easy-peasy project!  {wink} Statement Ring 18.  Button Statement Ring ~ These big and bold statement rings are fantastic!  You can pick up a package of 8 ring flats at Michael’s for only $3.19.  Use your E-6000 glue to adhere the buttons to the ring flats.  That’s it!  Easy peasy. Resin Rings 19.  Resin Rings~ I adore that these rings are made with items you may  have at home already like that bottle of Mod Podge!  You’ll need Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, Mod Podge, a strong glue, ring blanks, coins, scrapbook paper of your choice and embellishments of your choosing.   Think how unique every ring will be!  Love this 10 cent ring idea! Polymer Clay Rose 20.  Polymer Clay Rose ~ This tutorial shows you how to make one of the hugely popular polymer clay roses that everyone seems to be wearing.  Instead of putting it on a necklace, however, just adhere to a ring blank!

Crochet Rings

Thread Crochet Rose Ring Pattern 21.  Thread Crochet Rose Ring Pattern ~ Topsy Turvy shows us how to make 4 different rings using thread crochet and she knows what she’s talking about!  She’s made every style in every color!

How To Make A Wire Ring

Wire Knot Ring 22.  Wire Knot Ring Tutorial ~ In this tutorial Handmadeology  demonstrates that just basic beginner tools and a wire from Michael’s can go a long way, and with those tools you can make a wire knot ring, a great present for a friend! Copper Ring Tutorial 23.  Wire Bow Ring DIY {Rings} ~ Looking for a easy DIY project with super stylish results? This bow ring is perfection! With the help of this tutorial you’ll learn how to take simple wire and turn it into this great addition to your jewelry collection.

Homemade Rings

Embellished Resin Rings 24.  Embellished Resin Rings ~ These rings are similar to the resin rings I featured above but with a bit more bling and sophistication! I think I’d better go out and buy some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic stat.  I am in LOVE with these rings! Resin Ring 25.  Resin Ring Tutorial ~  This resin ring is a bit different in that it uses photos or photo paper for the design on the ring.  I love the idea of a photo ring! Fork Ring 26.  Fork Ring Jewelry Tutorial ~ There are so many fun uses for this great tutorial.  You could use this as a craft activity for a class or youth group.  Or you could also make a sentimental gift for a new bride or parent having an anniversary using one of their wedding silverware. DIY Jewelry 27.  DIY Girl’s Flower Ring ~ This craft is easy enough the kids could make one too!  Just get  your hands on some cute buttons, and turn them into these fun rings, with the band made from a stretchy headband.  I think this would be an especially cute gift for a young teen.

Lace Ring

Lace Ring 28.  DIY Lace Ring ~ This dainty lace ring is not only pretty, but so simple to make.  Only two items are needed, ribbon lace and fabric stiffener. Lace Ring 29.  Lace Doily Ring ~ Accent any outfit with these adorable doily rings.  If you don’t want to use a doily you can use lace or crochet trim.  They would make wonderful Christmas or birthday presents for tweens, teens and women.

How to Make a Bracelet

How to Make a Bracelet 30.  Leather Wrap Bracelet {Bracelets} ~ Check out this stylish leather wrap bracelet tutorial! With great step-by-step directions you’ll be wearing this fabulous bracelet in no time! Since your making it yourself you can customize the color and size! DIY Gifts for Women 31.  Rhinestone and Rope Bracelet {Bracelets} ~ How cute is this bracelet?! Using this tutorial you’ll learn how to easily create this trendy bracelet made with rhinestones and rope. So neutral that it will go with almost anything! Sequin Crafts 32.  Safety Pin and Sequin Bracelet DIY {Bracelets} ~ This bracelet is gold and sparkle and oh so stylish! Best of all it’s easily made from safety pins, sequins and a gold chain! Follow the great tutorial to learn how to make one of your very own! Blinged Bracelets 33.  DIY Jeweled or Beaded Bracelet {Bead} ~ Need a beautiful accessory to wear with just about anything? This is a fabulous tutorial featuring two different ways to create either a beaded or jeweled or both bracelet. Easy to make and super stylish! 34.  Pressed Penny Bracelet ~ This pressed penny bracelet is such a fantastic  gift idea and amazingly cute!  It seems like our children always like to collect these from various places that we have gone to.  Since the pennies have been pressed down they are thin and easy to punch a hole in.  You don’t have to be a jewelry maker to do this one, plus you can make a gift with sentimental value.  Yay! Cuff Bracelet 35.  Easy Chunky Cuff Bracelet – Look at how fab-u-lous these chunky cuff bracelets are!  They are the perfect bracelet because they are adjustable and fit any size wrist.  The cuff bracelet and the pendant were bought at Michael’s and cost under $10.

How to Make a Bracelet

36.  Scrap Fabric Bracelets {how-to} ~ These beautiful braided bracelets are made from scraps of fabric and require no sewing. A great gift that girls of all ages would love and can create. If you want more pizzazz to your bracelet you can sew on a flashy button or keep it simple with a knot tie. 37.  Wrapped Chain Bracelets ~ Bracelets are so trendy right now and the more the merrier! So creating a few DIY bracelets might give your wallet a little relief and occupy a little time being crafty!  Using plastic bead trim, embroidery floss, dollar store bangle bracelets and this tutorial you will be able to easily make these stylish bracelets! Zipper Bracelet How-to 38.  How to Turn a Zipper into a Bracelet {5 ways}  ~ Five fabulous tutorials to turn a simple zipper into a gorgeous bracelet.  The tutorials include cuffs, bangles, wrapped bracelets and even a blinged out bangle. Colorblock Bangle 39.  DIY Colorblock Bangle ~ Restyle an old bangle bracelet with some embroidery thread and a hot glue gun.  Simply wrap the thread around the bangle in a colorblock pattern and adhering the ends with hot glue.  Wouldn’t this also be fabulous in an ombre pattern?! Art Deco Watch 40.  How to Make an Art Deco Watch – This Art Deco Watch is the perfect accessory for your Fall and Winter wardrobe!  It’s a perfect mixture of ribbon, chain link, and decorative flowers. Teenage Christmas Gifts 41.  Fabric Flower Bracelet ~ Here is a great tutorial on making a wrapped fabric flower.  You could easily attach it to a handbag, hat, brooch or do as they did in the tutorial and make a bracelet.  Attaching a little charm gives it just the right touch! 42.  DIY Friendship Bracelet ~ Friendship bracelets are all the rage these days with the kids.  Who would have thought that they would be popular again?  In case you have forgotten how to make them, this easy to follow tutorial will show you how.

Lace Bracelet

Lace Bracelet 43.  DIY Vintage Lace Bracelet ~ This Anthropologie inspired bracelet is more stunning than the original!  The lace and pearls embroidered on vintage lace is pure perfection. Lace Bracelet 44.  Victorian Cuff Bracelet ~ This is a great project to use up some of your lace and trimming scraps.  The layers of fabric, lace, ruffle trim and ribbon with a button closure is simply stunning and chic.  Plus, who wouldn’t love a cuff for Christmas? Lace Bracelet 45.  Doily Cuff Bracelet DIY ~ This is a great tutorial where you’ll learn how to take a doily and turn it into a beautiful cuff bracelet! A stylish way to accessorize your outfits!

DIY Necklace

Lovely Gifts for Women 46.  DIY Sculpey Bead Necklace ~  This Sculpey bead necklace DIY tutorial is so clever! Use this fabulous post to create a stylish necklace, perfect for gift giving that can be worn both casually or dressy! DIY Rhinestone Necklace 47.  Braided Rhinestone Necklace {Necklaces} ~ This braided rhinestone necklace is right on trend with bling plus neon! Learn how to update a classic looking rhinestone necklace with this fabulous tutorial! Perfect for daughter and mother!

Anthropology Inspired Sea Foam Necklace

48.  Anthropology Inspired Sea Foam Necklace ~ This anthropology necklace DIY tutorial is so clever! Use this fabulous post to create a stylish necklace, perfect for gift giving that can be worn both casually or dressy! Charming Necklace 49.  Charming Necklace Tutorial – Look at how lovely this necklace is!  The choice of color with the offset of yellow gives it the perfect touch.  This would make a perfect Christmas gift.  Don’t forget to make one for yourself. {wink} Patterns Geometric 50.  Geometric Wood Necklace DIY {Necklaces} ~ Looking for a simple necklace diy project that will accessorize almost outfit depending on your color choices! With a stylish modern design this could even make a lovely gift! Learn how to make one using this awesome tutorial! Geometry Pattern 51.  DIY Geometric Necklace ~ Join tubular beads to make a striking geometric necklace.

Lace Necklaces

52.  Simple Lace Necklace ~ This simple necklace is featured as a wedding necklace, but could be a lovely addition to your everyday jewelry! Easy to make using a piece of lace and a necklace chain all from your local craft store. Beautiful with a simple dress or with a top and jeans!

Lace Necklace

53.  DIY Lace Necklace ~ Make your own lace collar necklace without the hefty Anthropologie price tag of $500.  Isn’t it sweet how it ties in the front instead of the traditional back?  Some of the supplies you will need are ribbon, rhinestone trim, chain and jump rings.

Semi Precious Stones

semi precious stone necklace 54.  Semiprecious Stone Necklace ~ Semiprecious stones are gorgeous, and this tutorial shows you how to make a versatile necklace that can be worn long and lean or turned into a ribbon tied collar.

Pendant Necklace

Mini Polaroid Necklace 55.  Mini Polaroid Necklace ~ Create a personalized mini Polaroid necklace for yourself or as a gift for loved ones. This would be make a wonderful gift for mom any day of the year! Stamped Initial Necklace 56.  Initial Stamped Necklace ~ Stamped jewelry is popular for a reason.  Women love custom necklaces.  Why not learn how to make an initial necklace that you can wear close to your heart?

Branch Bird Necklace

57.  Rustic Branch Bird Necklace ~ I love the natural feel of this fun necklace.  It’s fun to make handmade jewelry, which allows you to incorporate natural elements, such as a rock or tree branch.  Check out the full tutorial to see how to make your own rustic necklace.

Make Bib Necklace

Tie Bib Necklace 58.  Tie Bib Necklace ~ Repurpose an old tie into a one of a kind necklace that is perfect for dressing up a plain t-shirt or a simple dress.  The supply list is small and no sewing machine is needed.

Fabric Necklace Tutorial

Anthropologie Necklace knockoff 59.  Anthropologie Necklace Knock-off ~ You can make this adorable knock off for a whole lot less than Anthropologies $138 price tag with a little hot glue, flower pattern a few necklace supplies and this tutorial!  {score}! Anthropologie Inspired Necklace 60.  Anthropologie Inspired Necklace ~ It’s not too early to start making your Christmas gifts.  Start with this beautiful fabric necklace.  It’s perfect for your sister, mother or even teachers. Fabric Rosettes 61.  5 Minute Fabric Rosettes ~ I love this simple and inexpensive technique for making fabric rosettes.  Courtney says, “If you can twist and roll fabric and dab some glue, you’re golden.”  They are made by using fat quarters and mod podge for adhesive.  Add these lovelies to headbands, homemade jewelry, brooches, clothing or anywhere your heart desires.

T-Shirt Necklace Tutorial

 Recycled T-Shirt Necklace 62.  Blooming Bib Recycled T-Shirt Necklace ~ All that was needed to make this adorable necklace was an irregular T-shirt, felt, scissors, thread and a glue gun! T Shirt Necklace Tutorial 63.  No Sew T Shirt Necklace Tutorial ~ A few cuts and knots and viola, you have a beautiful necklace/scarf made out of a T-shirt!

Button Necklace Tutorial

Button Necklace 64.  Button Necklace Tutorial ~ If you are looking for a great way to put all those extra buttons to use, you might try this button necklace tutorial using buttons and a bit of crochet! Button Necklace 65.  Button Bib Necklace ~  Put your vintage button collection to good use and make a new piece of gorgeous jewelry to show it off.

Crochet Necklace Patterns

Crochet Chain Necklace 66. Crochet Chain Necklace ~ Rumor has it this necklace only takes 10 minutes to make.  {score}!  It can be embellished, too. Crochet Chain Link Necklace 67.  Crochet Chain Link Necklace Tutorial ~ This crocheted Chain Link Necklace looks edgy and soft at the same time.  Plus, a baby grabbing hold of it won’t break it!  A great gift for a new mom. {Wink}

Bottle Cap Necklaces

bottle cap necklaces tutorial

68.  Bottlecap Necklaces {tutorial and free download}~ Making bottle cap necklaces never looked so easy.  All you need are bottle caps and epoxy stickers, a necklace chain, hot glue, and the fun download found at kiki creates! Bottle Cap Necklace 69.  Bottle Cap Necklace Tutorial ~   Making a  flattened bottle cap necklace is easy, cheap, and a great gift!  It only takes a few minutes, and you just need a few common tools like a hammer and needle nose pliers!

Make Your Own Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Pinboard 70.  DIY: Lovely Pinboard {Jewelry} ~ This lovely pinboard can be used as a jewelry board too. Made out of wood, cork and fabric, this simple and inexpensive gift is perfect for the jewelry lover. Earring Holder 71.   Button Earring Holder ~ Keep your earrings organized with this simple trick, buttons.  It’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep your dangling and stud earrings from getting lost.  Simply glue the buttons onto organza ribbon and pierce the backs of your earrings through the button holes.  Once you have paired your earrings together you can roll up the ribbon and you are set for traveling. Earring Holder 72.  Frame Jewelry Holder {DIY} ~ Use a little spray paint and chicken wire to turn old frames into a beautiful way to organize and display jewelry.  It can also double as a message board or a way to display your childrens art.

Lace Jewelry

73.  DIY Lace Jewelry Holder ~ Turn a thrift store frame and a lace doily into a custom, distressed jewelry holder.  A great birthday gift for a friend or a Christmas gift for a jewelry lover, especially if you attach some new jewelry to hang on it as well.

Lace Jewelry

74.  Framed Lace Jewelry Display ~ We women like our babbles, this is a great way to display them when they aren’t around our neck or in our ears! Using frames and lace you can create a fun way to organize your necklaces and earrings! Don’t you love it when being stylish and being organized are one in the same!?! Jewelry Organization 75.  DIY Ring Storage {Jewelry Storage and Display} ~ This post features a great diy project where you’ll learn how to take an inexpensive divider tray and make it into a chic place to store and display your rings. Easy on the eyes and because it was made for a couple bucks it’s also easy on the wallet.

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