DIY Organizing Inspiration

Yesterdays post really inspired me and made me want to show off the rest of the ideas that have been submitted as well as those I’ve had in my Delicious file for a while.

In cleaning out the clutter fashion, here are the remaining DIY organizing tips & containerizing ideas. I hope you’ll be inspired to start a fun new project this week.

I’m loving Allison’s mesh jewelry organizer. That frame is fabulous! Here’s a wood framed jewelry organizer tutorial on Blissfully Domestic.

Mandy submitted her tip on how to organizing your scrapbook sketches. She created an organization system for the sketches that I cut out from my scrapbooking magazines.

Mandy also has a system for organizing her digital pictures, no software required.

This is Roberta’s scrap paper holder, a cardboard holder for scraps and such. She’s also made a tutorial on how you can make one too.

Katie created a beautiful board to organize her keys.

Check out Elaine’s ribbon holder. {{fabulous}} I think I would even love it if it had holes on the side to keep all the ribbon in 1 place.

Christie’s man made her a giant, wall-sized bulletin board, covered in a pretty red-checked fabric. Divided into three sections, topped with crisp white wooden letters, clearly, and oh-so-neatly, denoting each kids’ spot. {{squeal in delight!!}}

Christian submitted her post on shower stall revolution; how to keep your shower stall clean without actually scrubbing it.

Sky over at SeeryusMama keeps a toothbrush (not one for mouth use!) in her laundry room. She’s a huge fan of Shout, and when she notices her little girl has had a messy day, she’ll give her outfit a spray of shout and a bit of a scrub with the toothbrush. It works wonders!

Here is Ellie’s tip on using and storing unmounted stamps; how to store and use unmounted rubber stamps, save money and space!

Cindy sent in her inexpensive ways of organizing a classroom or homeschooling environment with items that are cheap or free.

This is Shaila’s suggestion on how to cut the kid shoes clutter.

Christy’s Bread Baking Time Saver; She gets all of her bread making for the week ready at one time and save in containers.

Lastly, Katie has some great tips for reducing clutter by going digital; no more cds, dvds, papers – make them digital.

I do the same thing, I can professional photos to go into my Shutterfly books (hard bound memory book)., I scan the boys artwork and also include them in the Shutterfly books as well. I also take pictures of the boys projects from school so I can throw it away instead of keeping it.

Thanks Ladies! If you don’t already have an “I was Featured” button, feel free to copy the code and wear it proudly on your blog. These are amazing!


There’s a little bit of everything over in the Mom-preneur Shops! They’d make amazing gifts for any occasion. You’ll also find discounts exclusively for Tip Junkie’s. {{giddy}}


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  1. Thanks for highlighting my tip on how to store unmounted stamps! I also enjoyed all the other tips as well as I’m always trying to figure out how to better organize my life with 2 little boys and a husband! 🙂

    Thanks again!

  2. There are some great ideas here this go around. I love the hanging up flip flops idea. Pure genius.

    PS- If you have time, check out the Tueday Blog Party. Enter to win ovr 50 different prizes and help kick pediatric cancer’s butt!

  3. LOVE them all! I about have used to mesh for earings for along time but never even thought about framing it! BRILLANT idea! I adore the bulletin board and the key organizer too!!

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