17 DIY Pretty Planners for 2014

Have you made New Year resolutions and wonder how you are going to achieve them?  Here are 17 free printables on what to do in January to get yourself organized and ready for achieving your goals! These free printables include worksheets for weekly and monthly home planning, 2014 printable calendars, blogging calendar, meal plans and budget your finances!  There’s even a tutorial to make a planner cover.  {knuckle bumps}  

DIY Pretty Planners for 2014

Tip Junkie has 64 Planner and calendar all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more planner patterns with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Planners to Make

My Life Story Planner {how to organize your life}

1.  My Life Story Planner {how to organize your life} ~ Looking for a checklist on How To Organize Your Life? Wondering how can I get organized? Then this My Life Story Binder is exactly what you’ve been looking for. A quick way to gather and organize all of your important papers, documents, memorabilia, awards, and certificates and/or journaling for each child filed in one place! You’ll love this Life Story planner which you can easily print to help organize your home and each of your kids lives. I can’t wait to give it to my child on their wedding day.

Free Home Management Binder

2.  Free Home Management Binder ~ There are over 35 pages available to create a functional home management binder.  There’s even a choice of binder pages to print that include a front, back and spine.  {smiling}

Family Planner

3.  Family Planner ~ Organize your busy family schedules and important documents with this family planner.  Some of the sections include current, kids, bills and important information.  

Free Printable Planner & Calendar

4.  Free Printable Planner & Calendar ~ The ultimate way to keep track of all of your papers at a months or weeks glance!  From school, sports, menu planning, To-do’s, and anything else you need to keep track of.

DIY Fabric Planner Cover

5.  DIY Fabric Planner Cover ~ I had the hardest time finding a planner that I loved and then I found the perfect one at our local General Dollar store.  A $2 planner that was perfect needed a new cover.  The aqua plastic just would not do.

Printable Organizer

Free Printable 2014 Planners

6.  Free Printable 2014 Planners ~ Get organized for the New Year with these free printable planners available in pink or green.

2014 Day Planner

7.  2014 Day Planner {free printables} ~ Take advantage of the amazing graphic talents on the web and create a day planner for next year in an afternoon. 

2014 Free Printable Calendars

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 11-24-25 AM-png

8.  Free Printable 2014 Calendar ~ Get ready for 2014 with this free year-at-a-glance calendar. There are six months on the front and six on the back. It comes in a soft confetti design in yellow, blue, pink and green.

 "Sweet New Year" Calendar 2014 {free printables}

9.  “Sweet New Year” Calendar 2014 {free printables} ~ Download your own copy of this adorable Sweet New Year 2014 free printable calendar. If you’re a planner by trade and have upcoming weddings, birthday’s, etc. we want you to prepare stylishly!   

Printable Blog Calendar

10.  Printable Blog Calendar ~ If you’re like me and you need “pretty motivation”, I’ll share with you one of my blog tools a pretty pink and yellow blog calender;downloadable .pdf file with room in the margin for holes (in case you’d like to print your calenders and place them in a binder). 

Financial Planner

11.  Budget Organization ~ Organize your family budget with this beautiful free printable!  If you have to stick to a strict budget, it may as well be on a cute paper, right?  😉

Menu Planner

Printable Menu Plan and Shopping List {Printable Worksheets}

12.  Printable Menu Plan and Shopping List {Printable Worksheets} ~ If you are looking for something new to help you organize your menyu and shopping list each week, this just might be the trick.  Write out your menu on one side of the paper and make your shopping list on the other.  Then separate and place the menu on your fridge and the shopping list in your purse. 

Meal Planner

13.  Menu Planner {free printable} ~ A meal planner you will be proud to display.  Print it out, put it under glass and use a dry erase marker and you can use it from week to week.  And if you’re that organized, there’s even room for breakfast and lunch.

Printable Meal Planner14.  Printable Weekly Meal Planner ~ More absolutely charming eye candy on this blog! Her artwork is darling. You can download your own weekly meal planner for free. I love that this one has spots for all three meals, and not just dinners. Pretty sure I eat more than once a day! {wink}

Menu Planner {free printable}

15.  Menu Planner {free printable} ~ My mother-in-law says the worst part about cooking is having to figure out what to cook. I agree! With a Menu Planner that includes the Weekly plan, as well as an Idea section, you’ll never spend time guessing again! The blog post tells you how to create your own, tips for use, and includes free customizable printables. 

Printable Planner

Party Planning

16.  Birthday Party Planner ~ This amazing party planner will help you keep the stress down from planning the party.  The planner includes a shopping list, guests, activities, theme, budget and so much more.

Kids Daily Planner Checklist

17.  Kids Daily Planner Checklist ~ Print out this easy to use day planner to help even the youngest kiddos stay organized. They can clearly see what are their responsibilities for the day and check them off as they go. If you put the printable in a page protector, they could use a dry erase marker to check the items off and re-use it each day.

How To Get Organized:

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