44 Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss Crafts to Make


Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day on Friday, March 1, 2013 at home or school by dressing up or making one of these Dr. Seuss crafts together.  Dr. Seuss Day is celebrated on {or around} Dr. Seuss’s birthday which is March Second… so Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Dr. Seuss is beloved by so many and it’s always a treat to get to celebrate Dr. Seuss and his contribution to reading while encouraging literacy for children at the same time.  Have fun crafting, snacking and dressing up on Friday but don’t let it turn into an obSEUSSion.  {{get it?  I couldn’t resist}}

Dr. Suess

Dr Suess

1.  Dr. Seuss Activity Blocks {tutorial} ~ These activity blocks are fun for all ages.  There are 6 activities including a word search, puzzle, look alike, color naming, counting fish and body part mix-up.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Craft

2.  Dr. Seuss City ~ Raid your recycle bin and items you already have around the house to make this AWESOME Dr. Seuss-inspired City!

Dr Seuss Birthday

Dr Seuss Birthday

3.  Dr Seuss Snacks ~ How fun are these Green Eggs & Ham and the Cat in the Hat Smoothie?!  Mini nutter butters were used for the Green Eggs and a strawberries and apple juice for the Cat in the Hat smoothie.

Dr Seuss Birthday Activity
4.  Dr. Seuss Marshmallow Hats {Craft Ideas for Kids} ~ Cat in the Hat treats that are easy to make and fun to eat.  A great way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday or just to enjoy while reading your favorite Cat in the Hat book.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Treats

5.  Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Cupcakes ~ Throwing a Dr. Seuss party for your little guy or gal? Then this post is perfect! These green eggs and ham topped cupcakes are adorable and look really difficult to create, but with the help of this great tutorial it’s easy!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

6.  Horton Hatches the Egg Marshmallow Pops! ~ Here is a fun way to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  Wrapped up in cellophane baggies, these would make darling party favors!

Dr. Seuss Snacks

7.  Truffula Tree Cookies ~ Make your own truffula tree cookies with this fabulous tutorial.  A scalloped circle cookie cutter was used for the base.

The Lorax Snack

8.  Dr. Seuss Lorax Party Food Ideas ~ This is a great round-up of lots of fun ways to theme a dinner party around the new Lorax movie.  Fun to host with the kids before heading to the theater, or serve up any of these yummy treats for a themed birthday party.  Includes ideas for snack, cakes, cookies and more.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Snack

9.  The Lorax Fruit Snack ~ Here is a healthy way to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss, or the Lorax movie.  This little guy made me giggle!  I have a hunch the kiddos will love it…

Dr. Seuss Edible Crafts

10.  The Lorax Bento {Edible Crafts} ~ This bento is more a work of art than an actual lunch.  If you have a little one that is a Dr. Seuss fan, I can only imagine how much they would love this colorful bento for lunch.

Dr Seuss Art Prints

Dr. Seuss Art

11.  Dr. Seuss Eye Chart ~ This adorable 8 x 10 Dr. Seuss Eye Chart printable is available in four colors, pink, orange, blue and green.

Dr Seuss Art Print

12.  The Lorax Printable ~ Download, print and frame this festive Lorax printable.  It would be a fun decoration for celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday or as an inspirational quote for everyday.

Dr. Seuss Artwork
13.  Dr. Seuss Subway Art ~ A beautiful quote by Dr. Seuss to keep you inspired.  Frame it for pretty artwork and an everyday reminder that you are in control of your life!  Don’t forget to “like” Balancing Home on Facebook when you download the file.

Dr. Seuss Quotes

Dr. Seuss Quotes

14.  30 Dr. Seuss Quotes ~ Thirty inspirational Dr. Seuss quotes that can change your life!

Dr. Seuss Quotes
15.  Dr. Seuss Quotes ~ My favorite is, “Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened”.  What’s yours?

Dr. Seuss Printables

Dr. Seuss Cupcake Toppers

16.  Dr. Seuss Lollipop and Cupcake Toppers {free printable} ~ Decorate lollipops or cupcakes with these fabulous Dr. Seuss printables.

Printable Dr. Seuss Bookmark

17.  Printable Dr. Seuss Bookmark ~ Rebecca created these free printable bookmarks to coordinate with her Back to School Reading Log.  Both are great for readers of any age.  Whether or not you use a reading log however, the bookmark is great!

Dr Seuss Printable

18.  Dr. Seuss Reading Certificate ~ After a fun filled day at school reward your students/child with this Dr. Seuss certificate.  Every child loves a certificate of accomplishment!

Dr Seuss Printable

19.  1 Fish 2 Fish Placemat ~ Not only does this adorable 1 Fish 2 Fish game keep kids entertained, but it also teaches them basic math concepts.  After their done playing they get a snack too.  {{wink}}

Dr Seuss Printable

20.  The Lorax Writing Craftivity ~ After watching The Lorax movie this would be a fun writing prompt that says, “I would help the Lorax save the Truffula trees by…”  You could also turn the printable mustache into photo props by gluing sticks to them.

Dr Seuss Printables

21.  Seussical Learning Pack ~  There are three learning packs to download and print.  That’s 30 pages of activities.  {{score}}  Some of the activity pages include addition, tracing, addition readiness, graphing, alphabetizing, colors, shapes, rhyming, patterns, making & reading words, onomatopoeia, types of homes, right/left, sizes and which one is different.

Dr. Seuss Printable

22.  Dr. Seuss Snack & Printable ~ Although you can purchase this book to fill in with your own kiddos information, this post also has a free printable option – as well as a fun Cat in the Hat treat the kids will like to make as much as they like to eat.

Dr Seuss Crafts

Dr. Seuss Crafts

23.  Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Craft {Kids Crafts} ~ Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday with this fun pipe cleaner kids crafts.  This craft is great for children of all ages, including teenagers.

Dr Seuss Crafts

24.  How to Make Truffula Tree Pencils ~ So you’ve watched Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and fell in love with the Truffula trees. You can’t bring one home from the movie theater but you can get some Truffula pencils. They are just like the Truffula trees, only better because you can make them yourself. Check out this tutorial to learn how.

Dr. Seuss Crafts

25.  DIY Dr. Seuss Hair Clips & Shirts ~ Your child will be dressed to the nines with these adorable Dr. Seuss’ birthday t-shirts!  Quick fuse fabric was used to print and iron on the images.  If you have girls you can accessorize with these cute Cat in the Hat hair clips.

Dr. Seuss Craft

26.  Cat in the Hat Pop-Up Puppet ~ If you love toilet paper roll projects then you are in luck with this fabulous Dr. Seuss puppet tutorial.  Download and print the free puppet template and transform your tp roll into this fun puppet.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Craft

27.  Thing 1 & Thing 2 ~ I just adore these Thing 1 and Thing 2 characters with their blue pom pom hair!  They’re definitely a creative way to transform wooden clothespins.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Activity

28.  Bartholomew and the Oobleck Activity ~ A fun hands-on activity for kids using cornstarch, water and food coloring.  After all, what child doesn’t like to get their hands sticky?!

Dr. Seuss Birthday Crafts

29.  “Sam I Am” Craft ~ Turn your child’s hand and footprints into a “Sam I Am” masterpiece.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Activity

30.  The Lorax Party Mask ~ These Lorax masks are perfect for party favors or as a mask for celebrating Dr. Seuss’  birthday.  A wooden frog base from Joann’s was transformed with yellow foam sheets.  You would never know it started out as a frog.  {{wink}}

Lorax Mustache Straws

31.  Lorax Mustache Straws ~ How fun are these mustache straws?!  Trace and cut out a mustache on yellow foam and tape it to a straw.  Easy peasy!

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss

32.  Dr. Seuss Ice Cream Party ~ Everybody screams for ice cream!  Right?!  Well at least kids do.  Having an ice cream bar is a fun theme for a Dr. Seuss party.  Some fun toppings include, One Fish Two Fish (Swedish Fish), truffula trees (Red Vine’s and cotton candy) and Ten Apples up on Top (maraschino cherries).

Dr Seuss Birthday

33.  The Lorax Birthday {birthday decorations} ~ In Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, he speaks for the trees. The truffula trees that is. It’s only fitting that a party have lots of them. This amazing party has many of them including tissue pom pom trees, truffula tree cupcakes and a truffula tree mantel.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

34.  The Lorax Party {Birthday Themes}“A Thneed’s a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need!”  You will “need” to re-create this party when you see how amazing it is.  It’s fun, full of color, Truffula trees, Bar-ba-Loots, and of course, the Lorax.

Dr Seuss Day Costumes

Dr. Seuss Costumes

35.  Dr. Seuss Costumes ~ “Say! I like Green Eggs and Ham! I do! I like them Sam I Am!” How adorable are these Dr. Seuss costumes?!  They are made from mostly felt.

Dr Seuss Day Costume

36.  Thing 1 & Thing 1 Costumes ~ A great Halloween and birthday costume for the kids–especially if you have twins! This Thing 1 & Thing 2 costume literally cost me a little over $2 for the two shirts. (I had the pants on hand and made the wig for $2 each in another project tutorial.) This costume is super cute, super cheap, and easy…and when the party is over, you can re-use the shirts!

Dr. Seuss Costume

37.  Dr. Seuss Hat {free printable} ~ Download and print this free file to make a Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat that kids can wear on Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  Let your child color the stripes, cut it out and an adult can attach it to a band of card stock to turn it into a fun hat!

Dr. Seuss Costume

38.  The Lorax Costume ~ Anyone can pull together this fantastic Lorax costume.  You don’t even have to sew.  If you already have a bright orange sweatshirt or hat you’re set.  If you don’t try a sporting goods store, hunting section.

The Cat in the Hat Cakes

The Cat in the Hat Cakes

39.  Cat in the Hat Cake {tutorial} ~ Dr. Seuss is an all time favorite book collection for both adults and children.  Whether your favorite is The Cat in the Hat or One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish this cake would give the party a definite WOW factor.  Follow this amazing step by step tutorial to make your own Cat in the Hat cake.

The Cat in the Hat Cake

40.  Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake Pictures ~ This is an impressive round up of over-the-top cat in the hat cakes.

Cat in the Hat Cake

41.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cake Pictures ~ This cake looks amazing!  Notice there are smaller cakes for the twins to eat.

Cat in the Hat ~ Home Birthday Party

Cat in the Hat Home Party

42.  Cat In The Hat ~ Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat Birthday Party ~ This partyhas it all withCat in the Hat coloring books for the crayon-aged guests, blue cream soda, ham and cheese sliders, and my favorite a framed button monogram as decor.

Cat in the Hat Party

43.  Cat in the Hat Dart Game ~ This Cat in the Hat balloon dart board would be perfect for a Dr. Seuss themed party.  There isn’t a tutorial for the game, but thought it was too cute not to show it to you.  {{wink}}

The Cat in the Hat Party

44.  The Cat in the Hat Party ~ Adorable party favors, invitations, decor from this fabulous party by Annie’s Eats.

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