9 Epic Dungeons and Dragons Cakes


Do you have a dungeon master in your home?  I’m in complete denial that my middle son’s 18th birthday is this weekend.  Man, I’m old and my boy is almost a MAN.  {denial}  All my boys are Dungeons and Dragons players and so when my Mom called to find out what cake she should make for Dylan’s birthday… I had a sad realization….

9 Epic Dungeons and Dragons Cakes

a.  I’ve never hosted a Dungeons and Dragons themed birthday party for him.
b.  I’ve never featured Dungeons and Dragons birthday parties here on Tip Junkie.

Eeek!  Talk about an epic mom fail.  {d’oh!}  So I’m rectifying that right now by posting the research I’m doing for my sons birthday in hopes one of you have a DM {dungeon master} in your home and it will save you some time planning his next birthday party.  {high fives}

dungeons and dragons birthday cake TipJunkie

So here are some Epic Dungeons and Dragons cakes your role playing gamer (RPG) will enjoy.  Open List-Click Arrows to Vote-TipJunkie

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#7 Easy D&D Sheet Cake

If you're in a time pinch or lack cake decorating skills {like I do} then this sheet cake might be for you.  Find a castle, dragon, and dice and add to white icing, chocolate syrup {for the lines}, green icing, and I'm not sure what the brown dirt is... maybe coco or cinnamon?

Sorry, I searched and searched but couldn't find the original source for this photo.  Otherwise I would have asked the cake decorator directly.

#11 Dungeons and Dragons Cake Pan

For Dylan's birthday my mom decided to buy this ThinkGeek Cooper Dragon Cake Pan on Amazon you can decorate it with icing like my Mom did or in a glaze. {affiliate link}

dungeons and dragons cake tip junkie

My mom used the dragon cake pan above and then decorated Dylan's D&D birthday cake to his specifications a red dragon with blue dragon eggs. She hand painted editable gold onto the dragon scales and used black and blue sprinkles to add depth to the cake. Sadly, my fair photography skills don't do it justice as it was so incredible.  Thank you Mom!!

#12 Dungeons & Dragons Map Cake

Apparently this Dungeons & Dragons map cake is based off an actual D&D campaign. With the right figurines I think I could probably make this cake, it looks easy enough.

I couldn't find the proper image credit for this cake, so feel free to leave a comment if you happen to know where it originated from.  I stumbled upon it on a yucky site that I'd prefer not to send you over too.  {eek}

#13 Dungeons and Dragons Birthday Party

If you have a child that loves the game Dungeons and Dragons then you will want to checkout this party for your dungeon master.  I love the simple black and white color scheme and the stationery from the party is seriously creative. Dylan would LOVE this party.

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons is a role playing game (RPG) that could be described as combining a traditional board game and using your imagination to create a world-building experience.

One of the great things about D&D is that you only really need a copy of the rules, some pencils and paper, a set of dice and your imagination.  Pair those simple tools with enthusiastic friends and you've got a recipe for success.

How to Play Dungeons and Dragons?

Happy Gaming and Party Planning!

~ Laurie

#14 Dungeon Master Gift Ideas

If you're looking for gift ideas for your D&D player or attending a birthday party for a Dungeon Master here are some D&D gifts I found on Etsy and Amazon you can order.  Dylan's grandparents are always wondering what to get him so I thought a list of gift ideas might help you as well. {knuckle bumps}

Gift Ideas

Things to Wear

#16 Dungeons and Dragons Party Supplies

If you're looking for more than D&D cakes and would like help planning a birthday party then here are some party supplies and DIY ideas.

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Printable Decorations

Party Decorations

Party Food

Party Favors:

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Clip Art Senior Parking Spot

Vinyl and SVG Files

You can use vinyl or cut your own D&D logo and dragons using a digital cutter using SVG files to make cards, party decor, or homemade gifts.

I used the D&D clip art to create a stencil for Dylan's Senior parking lot space.  It's a tradition at his High School where they get to paint their Senior parking spot.  This clip art got me some major mom cred.  {two snaps!}

dungeons and dragons birthday cake square tipjunkie
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- 13-18