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12 Easy DIY Boxes {gifts, decorating}


If you love to upcycle then you’re going to love these ways to make decorative boxes from old boxes. So, start saving those empty boxes or old storage bins to transform them into easy and beautiful decorative boxes. You’ll be blown away by these 12 easy diy box ideas. They are jewelry boxes, storage boxes, decorative boxes, gift boxes and even how to make a box.

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We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make decoratative boxes with these incredible tutorials. For even more ways to decorate your home Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 2400 tutorials. You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Laquer Lookalike Boxes DIY

Decorative Boxes

1.  Laquer Lookalike Boxes DIYLaquer accessories are all the rage right now, but can be a little pricey! Here is a great DIY to create a great look alike project! By following this great tutorial you will be able to create decorative boxes that are not only stylish but also great for organization!

Lacquer Boxes with Black Edges DIY

2.  Lacquer Boxes with Black Edges DIY ~ Inspired by a set of pricey black edged lacquer boxes this tutorial will show you how to make some yourself! Using inexpensive wood boxes from Ikea and some craft paint you’ll have some stylish new pieces to add to your home decor.

Kate Spade Inspired Boxes

3.  Kate Spade Inspired Boxes ~ Got to love when great decor meets storage and organization solutions! This is a great tutorial on how to take plain Ikea storage boxes and turn them into stylish pieces of decor. A fun and easy afternoon project!

How to Cover Boxes with Contact Paper

4.  How to Cover Boxes with Contact Paper ~ Use this post as inspiration to make your own decorative box using contact paper! Easy and inexpensive to make with the help of this tutorial!

Old Box Covered with Sweater

5.  Old Box Covered with Sweater ~ Upcycle old sweaters and boxes into decorative storage boxes. It’s an easy afternoon project.

diy box


6. DIY Mini Milk Carton Box ~ Learn how to make these quick and easy DIY Mini Milk Carton Gift Boxes. Perfect for holding sweet treats or small trinkets.

Patisserie Gift Boxes

7.  Patisserie Gift Boxes {free download} ~ Free Cut file (SVG) download for a treat or favor box. No glue is required to assemble this one-piece template.

DIY Fabric Covered Boxes


8.  DIY Fabric Covered Bins ~ No one would ever suspect these beautiful storage bins as being recycled cardboard boxes.

Chic Wood Toy Box DIY

Build a Box

9.  Chic Wood Toy Box DIY ~ Here is a beautiful solution to all those toys that need a home! You’ll learn how to create a wood box and then paint it in a chic style that will fit in with the rest of your home decor! Then, once the toys are outgrown it’ll make a lovely blanket box!

DIY Wood Box Centerpiece

10.  DIY Wood Box Centerpiece ~ This trough-style flower box is perfect for holding numerous vases of hydrangeas, fall foliage, candles or seashells! Click on the link to learn how you can make your own.

Whimsical Jewelry Box

Jewelry Boxes

11.  Whimsical Jewelry Box ~ This is a clever and unique jewelry box tutorial. Using an old book you can make a lovely small jewelry box, perfect to decorate your dresser! Follow this tutorial to make of your very own!

Jewelry Box to Trinket Box

12.  Jewelry Box to Trinket Box ~ Here is a clever way to hide ugly remote controls or just something you want out of site. Using an old jewelry box you no longer want you can create a stylish piece of decor that doubles as storage! Learn how to make a version that will work for your need with this fabulous tutorial!


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