11 EASY Face Painting Ideas


Face painting is such a fun and cheap activity for children.  Most children love getting their face painted.  That’’s why the face painting booth at carnivals is such a favorite.  Incorporate Halloween makeup in your next Halloween or birthday party.  Keep it simple and quick and it will be the hit of the party!

As always, the Tip Junkie Pattern and Halloween sites have hundreds of pictured tutorials with 115 costume ideas. You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

Face Painting Ideas

Face Painting

1.  Day of the Dead Face Paint ~ You’ll be sure to turn heads on Halloween with this Day of the Dead Face Paint.  Perfect for Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos celebrations too.

2.  Skeleton Zombie Costume ~ Learn how to paint the perfect skeleton in 8 simple steps using everyday makeup, foundation, eye shadow and eyeliner.

Easy Face Painting Ideas

Easy Face Painting Ideas

3.  Clown Face Painting ~ You won’t need the foam clown nose to complete your costume.  Watch this tutorial that shows you step by step how to paint the perfect clown face.

Face Painting

Face Drawing

4.  Fox Halloween Makeup ~ Get your foxy on with this Halloween makeup tutorial.  It blows the typical whispers and button nose out of the water.

5.  Cat Face Paint ~ A kitty cat is always a great go-to costume because you most likely already have everything you need.  Just add face paint.  The tutorial even shows you a great tip to keeping a straight cat eye line. {{wink}}

Cute Face Painting

Cute Face Painting

6.  Frozen Inspired Princess Makeup ~ Not only is this face makeup perfect for Queen Elsa, but also any princess.

7.  My Little Pony “Rainbow Dash” Makeup ~ This tutorial makes it look so easy to transform your little cutie into My Little Pony’s “Rainbow Dash”.

How to Face Paint

How to Face Paint

8.  Superhero ~ Ten easy step by step tutorial for face painting that includes this quick superhero mask.

9.  Pirate Face Paint ~ Ahoy there matey!  Follow these pictured instructions to create that perfect swashbuckler face.  

10.  Lion Cub {free template} ~ Your child will be roaring with excitement with this awesome face paint.  Basic makeup like eye shadow and eye liner is used instead of wet cakey face paint.  Accompany it with the free template and you have an step by step tutorial. 

Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup

11.  Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Makeup ~ This jack-o-lantern face is a creative and easy idea for Halloween makeup.  I love that it’s perfect for adults and children.




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