4 Printable Easy Neighbor Christmas Gift

Do you want to give your Friend or Neighbor a unique Christmas gift that’s easy on the wallet but also something they can use?

Here are some suggestions:

Easy Neighbor Christmas Gifts

Laminate the Don’t Eat Pete game and attach the Christmas M&M poem with a bag of M&M’s. It’s a must have for Mom’s with toddlers.

Go to the $1 store and purchase a small cutting board, oven mit, and a 6-pack of candy bars then attach the instructions for this fun family game Cut the Candybar.

Give an ornament and attach the Legend or Meaning behind the popular Christmas symbol. I’ve already made the tag for you. 😉

Add Reindeer Food to the front of a gift as an embellishment.

You can also, use Candy Grams which are easy and fun or make a Christmas CD.

I really like this topic so you’ll see it again several times over the next month, stay tuned…


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  1. What an adorable set of ideas. Not so sure about reindeer food, but it’s a very cute idea. Kids will love it!

  2. These are some of the cutest ideas ever! Thank you for your websight I sure have a good time coming and seeing all the fun things you find and come up with! You are very gifted!

  3. Thanks for the tips Laurie and your compliments by email. I have so much more I wish I had time to share, as you’ve only seen the simple stuff.

    In keeping with your post today, I have one for snowman poop. I’ll email it to you or post it on my blog and you can link to it. Give me some time. I’m sloooowwww.

  4. Yes! What is executive homemaker?? You can email me at bitsyblossoms at gmail DotCOM no spaces!

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