29 Fabuloso Cinco de Mayo Activities, Recipes and Party Ideas


Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on May 5th every year. Here are the most creative Cinco de Mayo food, activities, free printables, decorations, and party ideas to celebrate this fun and festive holiday with your family!

Fabuloso Cinco de Mayo Activities, Recipes and Party Ideas

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History of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for “fifth of May”, is a celebration held every year on May 5. The date is observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, and to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

1.  Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas  ~ Lots of inspiration packed into this party, from the honeycomb and tissue flowers to the fiesta banner! Fun will be had at this stylish party!!

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

2.  Skippyjon Jones Fiesta {Cinco de Mayo Party} ~ Ole! Add some spice to your fiesta with this amazing Skippyjon Jones/Cinco de Mayo party!  Brittany has some unique party decor ideas to incorporate into your party.  Some of her ideas included a banner made from hard taco shells and sombrero’s used as a cupcake stand.  There are so many other fabulous ideas you don’t want to miss so make sure you click on the link.

3. “Buenas Noches” Cinco de Mayo Fiesta ~ Lots of pictures and party details for a Cinco de Mayo dinner party. Fun homemade decorations, recipes, and party favors you can use for any your Fiesta.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

4. DIY Papel Picado Mexican Banner ~ Papel Picado is a a traditional Mexican banner made by cutting intricate designs into tissue paper. The perfect decoration for you Cinco de Mayo celebration, you can use this DIY tutorial to create your own.


5. Cinco de Mayo Chile Pepper Pom ~ Hang several of these festive chile peppers from the ceiling and you have yourself the perfect Cinco de Mayo fiesta decor! It’s also another fun way to make a tissue paper pom. 6. Tissue Paper Streamers and Flags ~ Whether you have mariachi’s or not these adorable streamers and flags are the perfect accompaniment to your “fiesta”.


Agua Fresca

7.  Agua Fresca ~ Refreshing fruit juice that the entire family can enjoy!  Recipes for cantaloupe, strawberry and cucumber agua fresca’s are included. 

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

8.  Individual Seven-Layer  Dip Cups ~ This tasty appetizer is a fun way to serve up a seven-layer dip at your next dinner party.  Everyone gets just the right amount of each ingredient, plus it looks prettier on the table to have several of these laid out than a half-eaten tray of messy beans.

Mom's Guacamole

9.  Mom’s Guacamole ~ Learn how an easy recipe for guacamole. I call it Mom’s Guacamole because she taught me how to make it. PERFECT for both Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day.

10. Taco Salad Bar ~ This crowd-pleaser is super easy to prepare and serve. Let your guests help themselves while you sit back and marvel at how easy it was to put this all together. A tray like this feeds about 6 people.

Cinco de Mayo Recipe

11.  Mexican Lettuce Wraps ~ How to make Mexican Lettuce Wraps with a great recipe and pictured instructions on how to make this wonderful lunch or dinner. Perfect for a party or even snack or even a Mexican Lettuce Wrap Bar! You can adjust with your favorite veggies & favorite Wholly salsa!

Easiest Fish Tacos

12. Easiest Fish Tacos ~ There are two amazingly yummy recipes in this post including pineapple guacamole and easy fish tacos.  Delicioso!

13. Sweet Mexican Corn Cake ~ Doesn’t this corn cake look yummy? It is served as a side dish in some Mexican restaurants, but the combined sweetness from the cornmeal, whipping cream and corn make it the perfect dessert. I always save the best for last. This is it!

Cinco de Mayo Dessert 14.  DIY Pinata Cookies  ~ Talk about a perfect party favor for Cinco de Mayo!  These adorable little cookies break open to reveal an extra treat inside.  Check out the pictures instructions to make your own little pinatas.

Easy Lazy Churro

15.  Easy Lazy Churro ~ Churro’s are definitely a favorite in my home!  And, how fun are they on a stick?  Made with puff pastry dough.  Don’t forget to enlist in your children’s help! {wink}

Free Printables

Cinco de Mayo Printable Flags

16.  Cinco de Mayo Printable Flags ~ String the flags together for a garland or use as a centerpiece either way their festive and fun!

Cinco de Mayo Girls Night In

17. Cinco de Mayo Girls Night In ~ Quickly plan your girl’s get together celebration with this free printable invitation. Not only is the invitation a free printable, but there’s a printable cocktail recipe too.

Chevron Cupcake Flags {free printables}

18. Chevron Cupcake Flags {free printables} ~ Dress up your Cinco de Mayo party with these free printable designs. The free printables include chevron stripe cupcake flags.

Cinco de Mayo Printables

19. Cinco de Mayo Printables ~ These cute printables have your FIESTA covered! The free printables include tags that say fiesta, drink up and Cinco de Mayo.  The recipe for the easiest margarita is also included.

Cinco de Mayo Photo Booth Props

20.  Cinco de Mayo Photo Booth Props ~ If you are looking for some fun entertainment for a party full of teenagers or adults, set up a make shift photo booth and print out a set of these photo booth props.  Guest will be acting like kids as they dress up to take pictures during the celebration.

Fiesta Crafts

DIY Pinata Garland

 21. DIY Pinata Garland ~ This adorable pinata garland doubles as party favors as well as party decor.  Made with paper cups and tissue paper.  

22. Ruffled Crepe Paper Streamers ~ Dana created these gorgeous ruffled streamers to celebrate Cinco de Mayo using inexpensive crepe paper streamers in bright colors. Change up the colors and this great tutorial can turn your boring party streamers into a fabulous decoration for any party.

23. DIY Festive Mexican Paper Flowers ~ Bring some flair and joy to your party with these festive flowers. You can make them with tissue paper or recycled newspaper. Use the popular ‘poof’ method to create these flowers and adding extra colors.

Cinco de Mayo Party Favors

24.  Cinco de Mayo Candy Filled Peppers {party favors} ~ These adorable candy filled peppers are the perfect party favor for your fiesta celebration! They are simple and inexpensive to make. The only supplies that you will need is crepe paper, floral tape and candy.

Cinco de Mayo Activities

Cinco de Mayo Mini Pinatas {Cinco de Mayo Decor}

25.  Cinco de Mayo Mini Pinatas {Cinco de Mayo Decor} ~ These mini Cinco de Mayo pinatas are adorable! With this fabulous post you’ll learn how to create them from scratch. Easier than you would think, and super cute to boot! Perfect to help decorate for your Cinco de Mayo bash!


Cinco de Mayo Activities

26.  Easter Egg Maracas ~ If you have some leftover plastic Easter eggs then this is a fabulous project for you.  The project is easy peasy too!  Grab your plastic eggs, plastic spoons, popcorn kernels, tape and markers.  Your children will love decorating and shaking their maracas!

Mariachi Guitar

27.  Mariachi Guitar ~ This cute cardboard guitar will give your favorite little ones a cute way to jam out together.  They will feel like little rockstars as they strum the rubber band strings.

Cinco de Mayo Activities

28. Ojo de Dios Craft ~ These brightly colored Ojo de Dios craft is said to symbolize the eye of God. It represents the power of seeing and understanding unseen things. They are a combination of yarn and sticks. A perfect craft for kid’s 5 and older.

Lucha Libre Mask Template

29.  Lucha Libre Mask Template ~ Did someone say Nacho Libre?!  These Lucha Libre masks crack me up.  Print these free Mexican Luchadores mask templates to let your children decorate themselves.  


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