11 How to Make Hand Pies {recipes}


How to make hand pies in yummy flavors.  The best thing about hand pies is that you can change them up to make almost any flavor combination that you want to from sweet to savory.  Some of the tasty flavors include strawberries and cream, salted caramel apple, blueberry, taco, chicken and even how to make your own pie crust.  There is nothing quite like hand pies with a twist, and these recipes will give you tons of ideas on how to make regular pie spectacular.  {{knuckle bumps}}

How to Make Hand Pies {recipes}

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make hand pies with these incredible tutorials. For even more pie recipes Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 229 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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Hand Pie Recipe

Strawberries and Cream Hand Pies

1.  Strawberries and Cream Hand Pies ~ A delicious blend of strawberries and cream cheese make this the perfect accompaniment to a summer dinner.

Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies

2.  Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies ~ A delicious warm apple pie that’s hand held.  How fabulous is that?!  Pillsbury pie crust stuffed with granny smith apples, caramel, cinnamon and baked to perfection.

Hand Pies

Patriotic Hand Pies

3.  Patriotic Hand Pies ~ These pies are sure to be a hit at your 4th of July party this year! Super easy to eat and not only look yummy, but with the addition of the star or flag embellishment also patriotic! Make a batch for your friends and family with this recipe and tutorial!

Nutella Banana Hand Pies 4.  Nutella Banana Hand Pies ~ Flaky and buttery hand pies bursting with bananas and gooey Nutella.

Blueberry Hand Pies 

Blueberry Hand Pies

5.  Blueberry Hand Pies ~ Make delicious homemade blueberry hand pies.  They’re perfect when you want individual portions or for gift giving.  Yumm-o!

Blueberry Pie Recipe

6.  Handheld Blueberry Pie Recipe ~ A fun twist on traditional blueberry pie, handheld.  A secret ingredient for the crust was used to make the recipe quicker and easier, puff pastry.  Perfect for on the go!

Meat Hand Pies

Homemade Chicken Hand Pies {Recipe}

7.  Homemade Chicken Hand Pies {Recipe} ~ This is a fun kid-friendly dinner, if only for the fact that kids love anything they can eat with their hands.  But what I love even more about this is they are portable, making them great picnic food.  And because they are warm, you can take them on a picnic in the middle of winter if you want, just like Sonja did.

Taco Hand Pies

8.  Taco Hand Pies ~ A savory mixture of ground beef, corn, black beans and refried beans wrapped in a corn Pillsbury biscuit crust.

Broccoli Chicken Hand Pies

9.  Broccoli Chicken Hand Pies ~ Warm hand pies stuffed with homemade alfredo sauce, chicken and broccoli.

 Savory Meat and Mushroom Hand Pies

10.  Savory Meat and Mushroom Hand Pies ~ These delicious Savory Meat and Mushroom Hand Pies make perfect snacks, appetizers or even a small meal.  You can use store bought dough for a quicker version.

Pie Crust Recipe  

Chocolate Cherry Hand Pies {pie crust}

11.  Chocolate Cherry Hand Pies {pie crust} ~ Homemade pie dough made that combines butter, flour, sugar and ice cold water.  Use a food processor for easy mixing.

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