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Finger Flowers Poem

I’ve made some May flowers
With my finger and thumb,
So you’ll have those memories
For all the years to come!

How to make:

1.  Print Poem out on cardstock.

2.  Cut in half.

3.  Paint the child’s thumb yellow and have her make three thumb prints at different places on the paper.  (Make sure there’s enough room for finger prints.)

4.  Paint the child’s index finger a different color, and have her make the “petals” around each yellow thumb print.  (it looks great if each flower is a different color.)

5.  Have the child color the pot.

6.  Draw a stem from each flower to the pot with a pen or black marker.

7.  Glue onto colored paper or frame.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$0 or Free
30 Minutes
Free Printable
Homemade Gift

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