5 First Day of School Activities and Traditions


There are many easy first day of school activities that you can turn into traditions and do with your kids.  The first day of Elementary School is the perfect time to start, but if you’re child is beyond that; it’s never to late to start something wonderful.

5 First Day of School Activities and Traditions

Going back to school is an exciting time, so here are several activities and craft ideas you can do with your children to make it even more memorable. 

First Day of School Activity and Tradition

Mama’s a Mess, makes a first day of school cake every year as a fun tradition for her daughter. Sharon quickly decorated this cake with M&M’s, simple and yummy!  What a fabulous way to celebrate the first day of school.

Back to School Crafts for Kids

  1. How to make simple backpack tags for your kids from Sisters Stuff.
  2. Make flower barrettes to match your girls outfits as a great back-to-school craft project you can do together from Store and Style.
  3. How to sew a Pencil Pouch with a zipper from Noodlehead.
  4. Reading is fun-damental fabric bookmark tutorial from The Thrifty Ba.

Going Back to School Activities

Hopefully you’ll love these previous posts and going back to school activities and crafts for kids that I have already featured here on Tip Junkie.

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  1. I love Mama’s A Mess and this year will be taking her idea and starting the first day of school cake with my eldest as she starts Kindergarten…what a fun and tasty tradition!

  2. I’m starting a discussion in the blog frog area about our next go-round of Jr High (I have 3 boys spaced about 10 years apart). My son has ADHD and I know perfectly well he got it from me, so unfortunately, I’m not as much help to him as I would like to be. Son #2 just squeeked by Jr High and High School and I had a lot of regrets at his graduation. I’d like to do a better job with #3. So feel free to chime in with ideas for organizing older kids.

  3. Thanks for all the great links Laurie!
    This year I will have a 2nd grader, 5th grader, and SENIOR (eeekkk)!
    Our 1st day of school traditions are very basic – special breakfast, pictures, etc.

  4. Great ideas. My oldest started kindergarten this year. I have taken a picture of her each day before school and blogged about her day on our family blog. I am working on compiling it into one post on my craft blog for her “Back to School Fashion Show.” This will definitely be a tradition we will continue with the rest of the kids.

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