12 Fabulous Projects to Sew with Fleece


I think fleece is the easiest fabric to sew with.  You can make such fun projects, accessories, and gifts when you sew fleece. To get you inspired, here are 10 great projects you can sew with fleece {a sewing how to}.
Fleece Sew

Sew Fleece Projects

1.  A Tag-Along Lion Named Phil – A pictured tutorial on how to make a lion stuffed animal out of fleece.

2.  Make Fleece Alphabet Pillows – A great tutorial on how to make alphabet pillows which you can make for names, games, or just for fun.

3.  Counting Sheep Bean Bags – This herd of fleecy cuteness can be used for your traditional bean bag games (tosses, juggling, what have you)  or a rousing game of Hide and Sheep.  You can also use them to practice counting or for recognizing odd and even numbers.

4.  Sew Fleece iPad Cozy – How to make a cover for your iPad, Kindle, or other similar electronic device.
Make Fleece

Make Fleece Gifts

5.  Pair of ballet flats made out of Fleece – I just love how cozy these fun slippers are and the tutorial makes it look so easy.

6.  Adjustable Fleece Mitten Tutorial – She shows you how simple it would be to make some very basic adjustable mittens.

7.  Monogrammed Blanket Tutorial made out of an old fleece sweater.  A beautiful tutorial on how to make a special fleece blanket out of something old and worn.

8.  Crinkly, Taggie Baby Toy Tutorial – How to make this fun toy that makes a great  Baby Shower gift.

Fleece Sew

9.  Simple Cut Fleece Scarf – How to make this beautiful and easy scarf made out of fleece.

10.  Easiest Kids Scarf Ever – Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your kids their own scarf for the cold weather.

11.  Embellished Fleece Hat Tutorial – Don’t fret over complicated patterns for fleece hats. Here is all you need to know.

12.  Easy Buttoned Legwarmers – A flirty way to warm your legs and as well as a fabulous fashion statement.

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